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Dodgers need only 12 runs in final three innings to preserve win streak

The Dodgers just aren’t the same without Luis Cruz.

Hours after the struggling infielder was, as expected, designated for assignment, the Dodgers were absolutely pounded by the Phillies.

Los Angeles surrendered 12 runs on 15 hits in the first six innings tonight before scoring their first run, trailing 12-1 at press time. Now, you want me to believe that’s a coincidence? You must think me quite naive, sir.

Philadelphia had 29 hits in their first 15 innings in Los Angeles.


June 28 game chat


June 29 game chat


  1. Jack Dawkins

    Vin is amazing in these kinds of games. He seems to be enjoying the absurdity of it.

  2. Anonymous

    You and Vin always do make me feel better, Jon.

  3. Jack Dawkins

    Do we keep them under 20?

  4. Jack Dawkins

    The fireworks must really be good for everyone to stick around.

  5. So, yeah, I’m OK if they remove Ramirez and Kemp now.

  6. Anonymous

    Havoc is being wreaked!

  7. Anonymous

    League! League!

  8. Anonymous

    Its funny how in baseball a game like this is considered to be forgetable and shrugged off. I find this to be an appealing aspect of the sport. For the fillies, you get the feeling that they are actually more embarrassed than the Dodgers.

  9. Anonymous

    Vin’s comments on League are priceless.

  10. Anonymous

    Pads at .500 move to 2.5 games back. They could take the West with 82 wins, unless someone stops them.

  11. Jack Dawkins

    So…in a non pressure sitution, unless you count the pressure of keeping your job, League is not eye watering so far.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, HBP, WP…he can do whatever. I don’t care.

  12. Anonymous

    Can’t believe that someone is bothering to boo (Get a life!).

  13. Anonymous

    Skippy hits the ump.

  14. Anonymous

    Ump with payback on that call.

  15. Anonymous

    Well, he has some idea of what he needs to do out there.

  16. Jack Dawkins

    A chance for 20!

  17. Anonymous

    The most effective member of today’s bullpen!

  18. Anonymous

    Nice that Matt showed the patience — especially in this game! — to work the walk.

  19. Anonymous

    ‘The Specter of Cruz’…..
    ‘The Blair Cruz Project’
    ‘Nightmare at Chavez Ravine’ – starring Freddy Cruz-ger
    You may be correct, Jon.
    Perhaps he haunted Dodger Stadium tonight.
    The Dodgers sure looked scared of those bases… :-)

    PS – I had a friend actually walk out of a movie today. He had gone to the movies, in part, to beat the heat….. but ended walking out of…. Wait for it!…. “Heat”…. starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy… Pretty ironic, don’t ya think?

    • If it had been “Body Heat” with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt I’ll bet he would have stayed in the theater.

  20. Anonymous

    Best. Lede. Ever.

  21. Onlyatriple

    and my car blew out its water pump as we pulled into parking lot D so we had to be towed all the way home after the game. At least Roger the ageless peanut man threw us strikes tonight.

  22. Anonymous

    All our mainland minor league teams won (6) This is unusual, but not as unusual as a loss of this magnitude.

  23. KT

    I missed out on Skippy pitching again…though I can always resume my DVR, I don’t think I will

    • Anonymous

      Cuz you have already seen enough of effective bullpen pitching by the Dodgers this year?

    • foul tip

      Two innings, so far so good. Pitched in college. FB was faster than some in MLB, mixed in curve and cutter, and (Gameday says) a knuckler. Worse than League?

      Wonder if a position player has ever been used intentionally for occasional relief?

  24. foul tip

    My Sat. AM 2.5 cents==

    1) Think I’ve noticed that after a blowout, the team blown out tends to win next time out, no matter the sport and not much matter the opponent. Immediate regression to the mean, maybe. Dunno if there’s some statistical way to verify this. IF it holds, prospects are good tonight. At the very least, the Dodgers will be mad…..or at least better be.

    2) Think maybe the Dodgers are holding off on Nolasco in hopes of landing the Cuban Gonzalez.
    He may be the better pitcher–no way to know until he faces ML hitters–but he would cost the Dodgers only money, no prospects, and be signed for several years, not be just a rental/possible re-sign.

    There may be some thought that getting Nolasco would block his possibly going to a division competitor. But that’s an expensive way to do that, insofar as it’s even possible. His career numbers say he’s not much if any upgrade. Some say he has figured some things out. Humph.

    3) Mike T. thinks this makes Ned more likely to pull a Neddy. Probably. But he probably will anyway, unless, as someone said yesterday, he now has adult supervision. Ned will be Ned.

    4) I couldn’t follow much last night, proven later to be a good thing. Checked in at 6-0, thought it wouldn’t end well. Seeing the final made me think the Dodgers may have had a worse day yesterday than even I did. Mine was capped off by a procedure involving our cat and dingleberry removal, of which he strongly disapproved. This happens often enough that I’ve thought we missed out not naming him Dingle.

    Guess the Dodgers and I both faced a bunch of it last night…

  25. foul tip

    Gameday thinks Schumaker threw a knuckleball to Mayberry, first pitch. Izzat so?

  26. KT

    Dodgers Lineup
    M Ellis 2B

    Puig RF

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Kemp CF

    Van Slyke LF

    A Ellis C

    Uribe 3B

    Ryu P

  27. KT

    Ken Gurnick ‏@kengurnick 16m

    Dodgers optioned Peter Moylan and promoted 100-mph reliever Jose Dominguez.

    Sorry John_in_AUS…no more Aussies

  28. KT

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez 18m

    Jose Dominguez has touched 103 mph this year.

  29. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 19m

    Jose Dominguez served 25-gm suspension for violation of minor league drug program this yr. AA & AAA in ’13: 1.78 ERA, 40 K/13 BB in 25.1 IP

  30. KT


    Josh Beckett experienced some tingling in his fingers after throwing yesterday.

  31. KT

    Go Barves

  32. KT

    Braves coming from behind now 8-5

  33. KT

    Now 10-5 Barves and a runner on third

  34. Anonymous

    In an 11-5 loss at Atlanta today, the D’backs’ Ian Kennedy hit his ninth batter of the season, taking over the National League lead.

    • Anonymous

      He lead the NL last season too

      • Anonymous

        Kennedy also led the league in wild pitches in 2010 with 16.

  35. KT

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez33s

    Josh Beckett’s season is over. Surgery.

  36. KT

    Josh Beckett surgery. Here are the details:

  37. Anonymous

    Padres down 7-1, top of the 8th.

  38. Anonymous

    Verlander, who ranks 4th in the AL in K/9, is only 3rd on his own team the Tigers, behind Sanchez and Sherzer.

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