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June 28 game chat

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.



If he keeps playing like this, Yasiel Puig will earn much more than $42 million


Dodgers need only 12 runs in final three innings to preserve win streak


  1. KT

    Let’s go Blue…time for Number 7

  2. KT

    turn two guys

    • Anonymous

      One of those players that Vin seemed to love to talk about. Obviously young at 35, but I hadn’t realized he was that old.

  3. KT

    come on Cappy field your position

  4. Anonymous

    Cap and the first 25 pitches.

  5. Anonymous

    Is Mr. Capuano up to his hips in alligators?

  6. KT

    need the old 1-2-3 DP

  7. Anonymous

    Oh, man!

  8. KT


  9. Anonymous

    Not the best of starts, mind you the White Sox started with 5 today and got soundly beaten

    • Anonymous

      Aussie warming up.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, we’ll have to do better than the Indians did now

    • Anonymous

      17 of the 18 starting players had hits in that game

      • Anonymous

        I feel sorry for Rios then (although he did get an RBI)

  10. Anonymous

    Ahhhhh…. The importance of pitching!
    Come on ‘Cap!’….
    At approximately 7:10PM on this beautiful Friday evening, Chris Capuano put a glove on his right had, gripped the ball in his left hand, took the hill….. stood 60 feet 6 inches from home plate… and, has been single-handedly losing this game for his team since pitch #1….

    YANK HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  11. KT

    need to get a couple here to get back into this one

  12. KT

    Let’s go Hanley

  13. Anonymous

    John Lannan, Dodger killer. Who knew?

  14. Anonymous

    While I was looking up that we came back from 3 down on June 4th we fell 6 down.

  15. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Chris Capuano had to personally give refunds to each fan in attendance who wishes to leave Chavez Ravine right now, and do something productive with their evening?
    You can read about this, and other interesting questions in my new book, entitled….
    “Stuff I Wished Really Happened”…. by JonnyTAFKAJ.


  16. Anonymous

    At least we can safely insert League into the game later on

  17. Anonymous

    Let the Phils get all the hits for this series out of their system in this game . . . no mater what the run differential, 1 or 8, it’s still just one L.
    And let the Dodger offense get all their ineptitude for the series out of their system tonight.

  18. KT

    good night all…let them score 20 then none for the next two games

  19. Anonymous

    Wow. Glad I was there last night!

  20. Anonymous

    This will cause Ned to do something which we may not like

  21. Anonymous

    A little RH power off the bench.

  22. Anonymous

    “Do not go gently into that good night . . . “

  23. Anonymous

    Van Slyke, emulating Puig.

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