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Yasiel Puig at sea

The beauty of this Jeff Passan story at Yahoo! Sports on Yasiel Puig’s intersection with the U.S. Coast Guard in April 2012 takes many forms — the drama, the intrigue, the introspection, and perhaps most of all, the open acknowledgement of conflicting moral values.

Humanity is a complicated, fascinating thing.



In honor of the Arizona fallen


One a day


  1. john galt

    Great story1

  2. KT

    just read it on Facebook and came to post it here and Jon already has a post on it

  3. Anonymous

    Nice story. Don’t want to venture into Rule 5 territory, but the writing is a bit muddled on those aspects.

  4. “The
    Los Angeles Dodgers today acquired right-handed reliever Carlos Marmol
    and cash considerations from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for
    right-hander Matt Guerrier. The Dodgers also acquired international
    signing bonus slot No. 92 valued at $209,700 from the Cubs as part of
    the deal.”

    • Anonymous

      I’ll trade you my liverwurst sandwich for your sardine surprise. Garbage in, garbage out. I was ready to hate this move, but since the Dodgers gave up nothing other than Guggenheim’s money, what harm could it cause? Marmol will have to accept a minor league assignment just to get back into game shape. then the team can call him up if he still has anything left.

      Just please don’t let Ned sign him to a three-year deal.

      • KT

        Actually lost only 1/2 mil and gained another international slot

    • The curiouser and curiouser line in that story is the one that says getting that $209k in international space was reason enough to do the deal. Perhaps the Blue’s “middling” interest in the Cuban pitcher (the name escapes me just now) is more than middling?

    • DXMachina

      It seems like a pretty good deal from the Dodgers’ point of view. Not much money added to the payroll, and a lot of that offset by the addition to the international signing cap. Which is good news in itself. The Dodgers let the international side of player development slide badly under McCourt, so it’s nice to see renewed interest in that.

      Marmol has a better upside than Guerrier. Pity his downside is so much worse.

    • KT

      Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst 32m

      Also hearing #Cubs will take on all of $2.375 million that Matt Guerrier will earn over rest of this season. For more

      Interesting wrinkle to Marmol deal for #Dodgers: If Marmol doesn’t work out, LA releases him & he signs elsewhere they get more $ from #Cubs

  5. john galt

    Whatever happened to Nolasco/Garza? We know Capuano/Lilly can’t be trusted and Fife may yet turn into a pumpkin…

    • foul tip

      Capuano actually has been solid outside of a couple starts, his last highly visible disaster maybe kinda understandable given changes in his routine. The short-rest one and the one v NYY were great. But yeah, he’s entirely capable of bombing, even on regular rest.

      He’d fill the missing long man in the pen role very well, depending on what goes down.

      Think it was Jon who said the Dodgers would be happy to pay Lilly to stay on the DL. But he won’t. He has turned in only a couple decent starts, and getting some from him isn’t something you want to bet on.

      The starting pitcher stuff may be mostly media speculation by folks who have to write something.

      Now that I’ve said that, the Dodgers will trade for both in the next hour. ;-])

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps I paint with a broad brush, but Cap is that much better than Lilly? Cap has been bombed in 4 of his 9 starts and Lilly in 2 of his 5.

        • foul tip

          4 of Cap’s last 5 pretty decent, however much aided by being healthier. Let’s hope the trend is his friend.

  6. foul tip

    Very good story. Related, from LA Times : “Puig’s parents, Omar and Maritza, were engineers in Cuba before moving to Miami in January. They are college graduates and hoped their son would be too.”

    So, how did his parents just up and “move to Miami”?

  7. foul tip

    Also, this headline today at “Streaking Hanley leading Dodgers’ resurgence/

    Veteran third baseman hitting .477 during 12-game hit streak to boost club”

    So, how long will it take some of the nutso commenters there to launch a conspiracy theory that because this came from the official Dodger site, the team plans to move HanRam to 3b?

  8. KT

    Dodgers Lineup:
    M. Ellis 2B

    Puig RF

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Ethier LF

    Kemp CF

    A. Ellis C

    Uribe 3B

    Kershaw P

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