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One a day

This week, the Dodgers could be in a different place in the National League West standings for five consecutive days.

They went to bed last night in fifth place and could conceivably pass San Francisco tonight, San Diego on Wednesday, Colorado on Thursday and Arizona on Friday.

We’ll see. In the meantime, Mike Petriello runs down the Carlos Marmol acquisition at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness.

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40 p.m.
Kershaw CLXVII: Kershawnder the Dome


Yasiel Puig at sea


Dodgers livin’ the dream, 8-0


  1. KT

    3 hours and 10 minutes to game time

  2. Anonymous

    Cool story on Puig in last post – crazy how someone can go from having nothing to more than anyone would ever need in the blink of an eye like that.

    Marmol deal is a good one – he has actually been good in non-save situations (2.66 ERA I believe I heard) so far – so he should prove to be a good addition to the front end of the ‘pen, hopefully.

  3. Anonymous

    Btimmer is not going to like this Marmol thing. IIRC he didn’t perform up to expectations for his fantasy team a couple of years ago. He is on the obelisk, as it were.

    • Anonymous

      I’m cool. I think I just released him from my fantasy team last year. I was going to lose anyway that year.

  4. Anonymous

    Is anything going down with Cruz? I have heard some speculation that he will be traded as well.

    • KT

      taking the AAA route to ALB

      • Anonymous

        It was just announced that Cruz turned down the AAA assignment and opted for free agency.

        • KT

          next to be given away…maybe the Nolasco deal ^_^

        • KT

          I didn’t see anything on twitter yet…ok now I do…twitter slow to refresh

  5. foul tip having clarity issues today: “But Coors Field is unforgivable to even the best pitcher,” from today’s advance story.

    Many, many pitchers would agree that Coors is unforgivable, let alone unforgiving. Even Clayton.

  6. Today, the Dodgers signed the following international prospects:

    -RHP Alvaro Trillo, 16, from Sucre, Venezuela
    -OF Daniel Padilla, 16, from Anzoategui, Venezuela
    -RHP Sven Schuller, 17, from Regensburg, Germany

  7. foul tip

    Wonder if the club could get Marmol and Jonathan Sanchez together and prevail on S. Koufax to make one of his club duties working with them. They might listen.

    Especially since he harnessed control issues well enough to do what he did.

  8. Anonymous

    AP is reporting that Brian Runge is the first umpire ever to be fired for failing a drug test.

  9. KT

    2 execs who spoke with #Marlins say Ricky Nolasco chase is down to 3 teams, believed to be Rangers, Dodgers & Rockies

  10. KT

    Parra looked like someone beat him up…Face Plant

    • Anonymous

      Is this related to KT’s comment below?

  11. foul tip

    Cubs actually made 3 trades. Jay Jaffe looks at them and how they tie into bonus pool perspectives.

  12. Jack Dawkins

    Puig at Coors could be fun, as long as he doesnt run into the wall.

  13. KT

    Turn two

  14. Errors, errors, errors.

  15. Its 3-0 Cinci against the gnats. Homer Bailey having an interesting night.

  16. KT


  17. KT

    Let’s go Matty get them home

  18. KT

    got him home…yes!

  19. KT

    Good Eye AJ!

  20. KT


  21. Not a bad inning, manufactured a few runs.

  22. KT

    good inning….now for some more runs

  23. KT


  24. That one is gone.

  25. KT

    Just missed by 3 feet


  26. Anonymous

    I still would like to see the Dodgers break the 10 run mark. These three games are the best chance in a while.

  27. KT


  28. Can’t spell Uribe without RBI.

  29. Anonymous

    I guess you go were they will take you, but pitching in Coors? Oswalt needs to find a new agent.

    • Anonymous

      He appears to have aged about 10 years since he last pitched, both in appearance and ability.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, historically he has actually performed well at Coors with 2.25 ERA in 5 starts. ( guess that was part of the thinking)

  30. KT

    Nice K Cargo

  31. Anonymous

    2 out left for Homer Baily

  32. KT


  33. Anonymous

    Rox announcers think that Puig in the ASG would be unfair to those that have had to work all season long. I think they would be happy with an outfiled of Gonzalez, Fowler and Cuddyer.

  34. Homer Bailey throws his second no hitter in as many seasons. More importantly, giants lose.

    • Anonymous

      Kudos to Homer for doing the unmentionable.

  35. KT

    Looking for tied for third at the end of the night

  36. Anonymous

    Rox announcers won’t stop talking about Puig. (you know, the guy who doesn’t deserve to be in the ASG).

  37. KT


  38. KT

    SD game is final…looking better for that 3rd place tie

  39. We should start a twitter campaign, #LetClaytonSwing.

  40. Anonymous

    Cuddyer is having a great season, 2nd in the NL in BA at .341. He has 244 ABs. In order to match that, Puig would have to hit .265 over his next 143 ABs.

  41. KT

    That was very close to Kershaw’s head

  42. Anonymous

    Nice glove work by the Kid.

  43. KT


  44. He knew it right away. Though I was a bit worried it wouldn’t go out and he’d look foolish.

  45. Puig doesn’t stop! Keep ripping it!

    • foul tip

      Not sure you’re the one, but you may have identified yourself on DT as Cuban and said soon after Puig was called up that he wasn’t Cuba’s best. If not, who do you think is?

      Really want to know who; no intent to be snarky.

      • I think you have a mistaken ID. Not sure what you are referencing. But I do think Puig will continue and have a great career.

  46. Anonymous

    Good God, Collins. Tone. It. Down.

  47. KT

    RC Quakes Baseball ‏@Quakes_Baseball 2m

    BOOM. A bases-clearing double for Carl Crawford! #Quakes lead the @66ersBaseball, 3-0, in the 2nd. #CrawfordCrush

  48. KT

    Amazing 8 Snakes 1

  49. KT


  50. KT

    Time for the 3 bagger

  51. KT


  52. KT

    A couple of my recent tweets:
    Kevin Taylor ‏@KMT59 26s

    @truebluela @Dodgers Eric they are saying over on MSTI that over a week ago (actually 5/19) you said the season was over…Is it still over?

    Kevin Taylor ‏@KMT59 37s

    @truebluela I agree with you but in the opposite way…the season is over for the rest of the NL West

  53. KT

    BALL GAME…Tied for 3rd…Soon to be 2.5 games back…See you Gnats and Padres….We are coming for you next Roxs!!!

  54. Kershaw was masterful.

  55. KT

    Bill Shaikin ‏@BillShaikin 49s

    #Dodgers tonight: 8 R in 9 innings. Rest of NL West: 2 R in 36 innings.

  56. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 11m

    1.93, best in NL RT @fbihop: What’s Kershaw’s ERA now?

  57. Anonymous

    Missed a great game — hasn’t the Kid had trouble in Coors in years gone by?
    Really disappointed to hear Matt didn’t have a hit — did he at least look good?

    • KT

      foot shy of hitting one out to the deepest part of the park

      • Anonymous

        That’s encouraging — thanks!
        BTW, KT — we remember that you were there when this streak started. On behalf of the Boys in Blue and all us fans — thanks!

        • KT

          One guy over at MSTI is trying to take credit because he got married that day…I told him to share the credit even though I know that he, along with a lot of other MSTI’ers, had given up on the season

    • Anonymous

      An ERA of over 5, if I recall.

  58. Anonymous

    Really loving this hot streak by the Dodgers – and having the rest of the West go into the tank at the same time is a sweet double-whammy.

  59. Anonymous

    Another great game! Can’t believe the speed of this turnaround.

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