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July 5 game chat

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 p.m.

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The Hanley Ramirez trade: How does it look so far?


The redemption of Juan Uribe reaches new levels


  1. Bases loaded walk and the game is tied with one out.

  2. Jack Dawkins

    Dwight Howard to houston…..seems to me this will only continue the ascendancy of the Dodgers in the towns affections if they continue to do well.

  3. Wells singles to left and the Yankees and Nova win.

  4. Anonymous

    For the season, he is now at a blistering .140.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Loud outs!

  7. First two batters ripped balls but right at Sandoval.

  8. And the Giants’ first batter gets a 50-foot single.

  9. Four-pitch walk. This is not a first inning like we’ve been used to seeing lately – so far.

  10. Anonymous

    Newly svelte Panda tries to bunt for a base hit. (Vin taken aback by how much weight he has gained since we last played the giants).

  11. Jammed for a pop up. If that had fallen …

  12. Jack Dawkins

    Vin with a discussion about the incredible expanding Panda.

  13. This ump was really tough on Ryu vs. Posey, in my opinion.

  14. One of those patented Ryu DP’s would be nice right here..

  15. Anonymous

    Squeezy McUmp!

  16. Slow grounder to Ramirez’s right. Couldn’t quite turn the 6-4-3. Giants get their fourth baserunner and first run without a ball leaving the infield.

  17. Well, could have been worse. Liked that three-pitch strikeout of Belt.

  18. Man I think Hanley could have scored there.

  19. Guy on Twitter complaining about Ryu, saying he never has an easy inning. Harsh criticism of a guy having a great rookie season.

  20. Ethier rips it! But Ramirez is stopped at third.

  21. Nice to see Matt lay off the opening low-and-outside pitch.

  22. Anonymous

    Grabbed his shoulder!

  23. Matt swings at an outside pitch and favors his left shoulder. Walking around home.

  24. Nothing against Kemp, but 1-2 count and bad shoulder spells strikeout.

  25. Keep taking those bad pitches, Matt. 3-2 count.

  26. Yes. Big walk.

  27. He didn’t even have to swing!

  28. Can’t believe Cain threw three straight balls to a sore-shouldered Kemp.

  29. RT @TBrownYahoo: According to Angels, Jered Weaver has named his first child “Aden,” after Nick Adenhart.

  30. A.J. …sigh.

  31. Arizona 2, Colorado 0, third inning.

  32. Anonymous

    Cain 13 strikes and 13 balls, now 14.

  33. And now Uribe taking the outside pitches … 2-1 count.

  34. Uribear taking it to his old friends!

  35. Anonymous


  36. Ryu took quite a cut at an 0-2 high inside pitch – and hit it foul the opposite way.

  37. Tough ump both ways. I thought Cain had Ryu struck out there.

  38. But thats a strike?

  39. Called strike three. Similar to the 0-2 pitch. I accept it.

  40. 32 pitches in second inning for Cain, Dodgers settle for two runs

  41. Anonymous

    Could have been better.

  42. 10th pitch coming to Brandon Crawford.

  43. Anonymous

    A minuscule strike zone. Hard on the pitchers.

  44. There’s that DP!

  45. Uribe doing it all! Nice play to start the 5-4-3.

  46. There it is – Puig double down the line.

  47. Anonymous

    Lays out Panda.

  48. Anonymous

    Bochy’s gotta want this guy on his bench for the ASG.

  49. Anonymous

    Almost a check swing double for Hanley.

  50. Up the middle! Hanley still on fire.

  51. 16 game hitting streak!

  52. 52 pitches, three runs, six outs for Cain so far.

  53. Kontos warming up in the bullpen.

  54. Crawford on deck to hit for Kemp.

  55. This could be precautionary – after all, if you’re ever going to be careful with Kemp, this is the time. Let’s hope so.

  56. A.J. missed an opportunity first time up. Now he has bases loaded, one out – chance to do real damage. And he knows how to take a pitch. But he, of all people, swings and misses at the first pitch.

  57. Way to go, A.J.!

  58. Anonymous


  59. Cain doesn’t seem long for this game.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Bochy going a bit far with him. Fairly obvious that its not his night.

  60. Anonymous


  61. That’s gonna hurt!

  62. Bases-loaded triple for Uribe! Carlos Gonzalez gets that one, but not the Giants!

  63. Anonymous

    Is the bases-loaded curse over? . . . If Juanito is the hitter, it is!

  64. Anonymous

    Leftfielder making Uribe run!

  65. Juan Uribe on pace for 15 RBI tonight!

  66. Jack Dawkins

    Talk about all or nothing on that attempted catch!

  67. Anonymous

    I’ve seen it, but I don’t believe it!

  68. That was Juan Uribe’s first triple since July 28, 2010.

    • Jack Dawkins

      The left fielder should get an assist on that one. Turned a single into a triple.

  69. Anonymous

    not that long ago, I couldn’t wait for the all-star break. Now I really hope it doesn’t stop our momentum.

  70. Anonymous

    Great inning!

  71. Anonymous

    do they wear those prison jump suit uniforms only on Friday nights?

    • Anonymous

      They have always looked like Halloween trash bags to me.

  72. Puig is lucky the runner stopped at third.

  73. Anonymous

    Vin calls it a million dollar pitch!

  74. Great pitch. Wasn’t sure this ump would agree, glad he did.

  75. Hanley Ramirez has passed Yasiel Puig in 2013 OBP.

  76. Anonymous

    Chris Reed struck out 9 in a game suspended after 4 innings tonight

  77. Jack Dawkins

    Took 90 minutes to play 3 innings. Its turning into a Test cricket match.

    • Anonymous

      speaking of such, the Ashes is not too far away (translation – Test cricket between Australia and England)

  78. This game makes me so so so happy.

  79. Jack Dawkins

    Is this lead League proof?

    • No lead is League proof.

    • Bringing up that name should be a Rule #13 violation.

      • Jack Dawkins

        You know the brain trust is thinking that with this big lead its a chance to get him some work, let him try and fix things.

        • They should let him warm up for the next three innings. Maybe he’ll figure something out in the bullpen.

          • Anonymous

            who do you think should relieve Ryu? I would think this is his last inning.

          • Anonymous

            because he has thrown 92 pitches; that inning went so well DM might use him for 1 more but that leaves 2 innings to cover.

          • I hear you. I’d throw the two kids out there. Rather they have the experience than League.

          • Anonymous

            Withrow threw 35 pitches yesterday; the only way he comes in this game is if he is going back to AAA to make room for a roster addition.

          • I don’t know, Mike. I’m a copywriter, not a manager. Put the other kid out there and then Schumaker.

          • He’s thrown 92 pitchers after retiring 11 in a row. He’s got at least another inning him, maybe two if he continues to cruise.

          • Anonymous

            i posted my comment at 80 pitches before that easy 12 pitch 6th.
            This game will need relief pitching and League is the obvious first choice.

          • You’re right, he probably gets one more inning. Well definitely now that he bat.

  80. Jack Dawkins

    Thats basically an IBB. Nothing was close.

  81. I am so disappointed that Puig didn’t tag up on Hanley’s deep fly and get to third.

    • Anonymous

      He was set to score on that tap back to the pitcher, says Vin.

  82. FYI: Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers

    Update: Matt Kemp left tonight’s ballgame with left shoulder AC joint irritation. Kemp is listed day to day.

  83. Unreal. Uribear likes ATT park.

  84. Uribe is a single away from the cycle. Crazy.

    • Jack Dawkins

      I believe in Bob’s system thats a red alert.

  85. Anonymous

    we’ve hit the magic 10 again!

  86. I have not been a Uribe supporter over the years, but man it’s fun to watch a player get on fire like this…

  87. Anonymous

    Uribear rbi pace trending downward.

  88. Anonymous

    That run-differential ratio starting to even out now.

  89. Good start for Ryu, wish Donnie would let him try and get the third out.

  90. Anonymous

    Was Abreu originally drafted by the Dodgers or did he come over from another team?

  91. Anonymous

    Singleminded crowd.

  92. Anonymous

    Way to start Nick!

  93. Anonymous

    Nice catch, Dre.

  94. Anonymous

    Glad for the night air on that Pence fly ball. Let’s go, Dominguez.

  95. Anonymous

    Okay, Uribear. It’s your night.

  96. If this were Uribe circa 2011 he’d be swinging for the 7 run home run. Curious to see how he approached it tonight.

  97. That’s a tough way to go down.

  98. League sighting, put the children to bed.

  99. Anonymous

    1 to go

  100. Anonymous

    That fellow Burns that Vin mentioned as hitting for the cycle way back when, was Oyster Burns, I believe.

  101. Four in a row against the gnats! Let’s keep it going tomorrow.

  102. Well, awesome. Simply great.

  103. Anonymous

    and that’s that!

  104. It’s amazing how likable Uribear is now that he is hitting.

  105. Anonymous

    One for KT! Great game.

  106. Anonymous

    Loving it

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