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Bums aim to garner another victory

As you can see at left, the Dodgers have momentum since June 21, particularly against the Giants, but they’ll be tested tonight.

They face Madison “Don’t Call Me James” Bumgarner, who has a 3.08 ERA this year and a 2.54 career ERA when facing Los Angeles. In two starts this year against the Dodgers, Bumgarner has pitched 15 innings and allowed two runs on seven hits and a walk, while striking out 11.

For his part, Bumgarner might well be looking forward to his rematch with Yasiel Puig who homered and singled in a 3-1 Dodger victory June 24.

Since June 21, the Dodgers and Giants have each allowed 53 runs. But Los Angeles has scored 72, while San Francisco has tallied 24.

In the Dodgers’ two losses, they have allowed a total of 25 runs. In their 11 wins, they have allowed 28 runs.

* * *

Here’s an update on the Dodgers’ apparently nearly completed pursuit of Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco, from MLB Trade Rumors.

* * *

Clayton Kershaw is an National League All-Star. Yasiel Puig was not named to the NL reserves, but we’ll see if he (or teammate Adrian Gonzalez) can make it in via the final fan vote. Personally, I’m perfectly happy to have Puig chill for the All-Star break.

Dodgers at Giants, 4:15 p.m.


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  1. All-star selection hosts going on about how Harvey is by far the best pitcher in baseball right now, saying even at one point that nobody was close. I guess it’s because he has 15 more k’s than Kershaw. It can’t be his 2.27 ERA while Kershaw sits at 1.93. Or his 7 wins, as many as Kid K.

    • It was silly. You can praise the guy – and even root for him to start the game – without making such a big claim.

      • Agreed. I’m fine with Harvey starting the game but they were being a bit ridiculous.

        • Anonymous

          But Matt Harvey dates a supermodel. While Clayton Kershaw is married to his high school sweetheart.

          And the people at Citi Field won’t show up for the All-Star Game if they don’t like the starting pitcher!

          I showed up at Dodger Stadium in 1980 even though J.R. Richard got the start for the NL over Bob Welch.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with your last comment about being happy if Puig rests during the all star break

  3. How boring is that AL final vote? I hardly know who any of those guys are.

    • Somebody disliked this? Really? If you get excited about voting for relievers most of America has never heard of, more power to you.

  4. Wow, that’s odd. Nice catch Donnie.

  5. All-Star manager Bruce Bochy has All-Star Marco Scutaro bunt than has All-Star Buster Posey bat out of order.

  6. The line still said two hits going to break, shouldn’t that hit not count now?

    • Anonymous

      The only hit should be the Blanco hit. Sandoval was out 2U.

  7. Anonymous

    Jon Miller calls it payback for the time Boch got Donny for going to the mound “twice” and made him relieve Broxton..

    Can’t believe that happened.

  8. Surprised they didn’t give Hanley that out at second.

  9. Umps don’t give the Dodgers neighborhood play on DP attempt, and the bases are loaded. E-4.

  10. Ugly inning getting uglier…

  11. Turns out Nick Punto is not Meadowlark Lemon. 2-0 Giants. Dodgers have been hitting, but w/Bumgarner pitching, they’re in trouble.

  12. It occurs to me that if the Dodgers had a catcher named Drum they could have started Fife and Drum on the 4th of July.

  13. Anonymous

    Tim McCarver makes me miss Steve Lyons

  14. KT isn’t here so I can say it, FedEx delivers!

  15. foul tip

    Can someone tell me if it’s still 3-0, or has anything significant happened since it was?

    Gameday acts drunk, again. But then it is Saturday night, even if a bit early. It can’t seem to pass a sobriety test, and it was all over the place earlier.

  16. Wonderful play from Mark to Adrian!

  17. foul tip

    Most here watch games live, I think. But aren’t or weren’t there a couple Gameday competitors, maybe from Yahoo and CBS? Anyone know what they’re called?

    Have GameChannel from yahoo now, which is better than nothing, which is to say better than Gameday tonight, at least.

  18. Anonymous

    While McCarver’s reference to Belt’s splits were worth noting, it would have been better if he had also noted LHH hitting 186 vs Howell before the AB.
    Obviously, his comment that Howell might be coming in to walk Belt was ridiculous in the extreme.

  19. I wonder if Puig’s hip/thigh is still bothering him, possibly not allowing him to plant as he normally would. His swing looks really bad today and different than normal.

  20. foul tip

    Many of us, including me, dump on Ned for some of his moves. But Howell seems like a good one…so far at least.

    • Anonymous

      It’s very nice of you to make this comment but, I would like to note, Ned doesn’t acknowledge his mistakes iirc

      • foul tip

        No, that’d never happen, not for any GM. But I try to be fair.

  21. You can’t run there Hanley…

  22. Nolasco deal is official. Dodgers send Ames, Wall, and Sanchez to Miami. Dodgers also receive international signing bonus slot valued at $197,000.

  23. Ouch. Golden sombrero.

  24. Once again the national TV curse bites us. Rats.

  25. Anonymous

    During the game, I believe it was McCarver who said that Kershaw would be pitching the Sunday before the All-Star game and, thus, would have to be replaced on the NL roster. Buck and McCarver then had a conversation on the fall-out from this “fact”. However, Kershaw is pitching tomorrow and then his next day would be Friday. unless the Dodgers go to a 7-man rotation of CK, ZG, HJR, Nolasco, Fife, Capuano, and Lilly which would make the 2 fox announcers correct.

    • I believe they were talking about Harvey as I’ve heard others suggest they skip a start so he can start the ASG at Citi Field. Which is ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        no they quite clearly said Kershaw and said when (not if) he was replaced the Dodgers would have no representative at the game. McCarver said Kershaw, although not on the roster, would still be the Dodgers rep. while Buck pointed out that one of the Dodgers in the fan vote for the 34th-man might win

  26. foul tip

    Bullpen, which has been known to, um, falter, posted these numbers tonight–

    3.2 IP, 0 H, 1 BB, 8 Ks. After Fife did not get a K.

  27. Anonymous

    Didn’t get to see/hear the game but what I heard on the radio on the way home and by looking at the box score looks like the Dodgers gave one away – if you count just the EARNED RUNS, Dodgers win 2-1.

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