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Kershaw CLXVIII: Kershawn Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Dodgers at Giants, 1:05 p.m.


Glancing at the Dodger starting rotation of 2014 and beyond (Hola, Julio)


Kemp, Fife return to disabled list


  1. KT

    Still reeling and rolling from this the past two days..Just sat down at the laptop and have had no chance to catch up on the comments
    Did you guys see Romo do the I See You mock:

    • I think the giants are incapable of having a likable closer. Not that I’d like anybody in that uniform anyways.

      • Anonymous

        They are incapable of having anything other than an obnoxious one.

  2. Anonymous

    Kid has a lot of starts under his belt (in any language). With at least 30 a years since 2009, he is as constant as the Northern Star.

  3. foul tip

    At, Cliff Corcoran doesn’t think Nolasco is any upgrade over Harang.

    • He uses Harang’s last 11 starts to make it look like their ERA’s are close, but on the year Harang is at 4.92. I’m pretty sure Nolasco is an upgrade.

  4. Dave Fleming on the Giants radio team said in Kershaw’s 19 starts against the Giants he’s got a 1.33 ERA. Fleming and Miller both admire the kid.

  5. Wonder if Romo saw that triple? Second in as many days for HanRam.

  6. KT

    Damn wild pitch

  7. KT

    Let’s get that run back and more

  8. Looks foul. Though very hard to see the ball.

    • KT

      took the final shot to show the ball in front of the pole

  9. KT

    ball disappears…HR

  10. Davey, teach the kid situational running, willya?

  11. KT


  12. Ump isn’t giving any of those low pitches to Clayton.

  13. Walking the 0-34 pitcher? Ouch.

  14. KT

    Nice Hanley!!

  15. KT

    Let’s go Juanito

  16. KT

    Turn two guys

  17. Now that the “ace” Gaudin is out maybe they can get another run..

  18. Anonymous

    tried to post this on another Dodger site where there had been a discussion of today’s line-up but I could not log-in:
    last year Mark Ellis was so bad against rhp that using him as much as
    Mattingly did was not the best roster management but this year MEllis is
    doing better 80 sOPS+ vs 77 sOPS+ that seems sarcastic but it’s not
    because the raw stats are 228/313/299 last season; 256/301/343 this
    season. In addition, both Punto and Schumaker are right around MEllis
    against RHP this year. But what about Hairston? He hasn’t played second
    at all this year but started 26 games there last year. He is 305/323/458
    against rhp. Is Hairston’s fielding at second so bad that he should no
    longer be used there?

  19. KT

    cc’s due

  20. KT


  21. Easy inning for Kid K, with a little help from Puig. Now get him a run so he can finish this thing!

  22. KT

    Nice easy inning Clayton!

    Come on Yasiel…make them pay for hating

  23. Thank you Buster! Run you wild horse!

  24. KT

    As if Scuturo was going to beat Puig to third!!! Ha HA

  25. Make sure Romo sees you this time Hanley!

  26. KT

    Come on Juan

    • Anonymous

      Think I would have squeezed with Punto there

      • Anonymous

        Mattingly never saw a bunt he didn’t like – except for the squeeze.

  27. Anonymous

    is Kemp available to PH?

  28. We see you giving up bases loaded doubles Romo!

  29. Aw come on let Clayton finish. He’s at 100 exactly.

  30. Anonymous

    Bang. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, Sergio.

  31. KT

    Sandoval almost sent Wallach to the DL after that play…He would have flattened him…Lucky for us Eli was paying attention

  32. Anonymous

    I had foolishly assumed Romo was not born in the U.S. When Vin said he was from Brawley I looked him up to discover he was drafted 852nd in 2005. I am very impressed but continue to dislike him in spite of that low draft spot.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a jerk, but he has some talent.

  33. KT

    Ball Game!!!!! Another series win….Sole possession of 2nd place…Here we come AZ…WATCH OUT!!!!

  34. Anonymous

    The Dodgers will hold All-Star viewing and voting parties Monday,
    Tuesday and Wednesday at the three Barney’s Beanery locations to promote
    All-Star Final Vote candidates Yasiel Puig and Adrian Gonzalez.
    more at

  35. Anonymous

    Good series – good win for Kershaw – just keep winnin’ series, that’s all it will take – 2 out of every 3 and I’m happy :)

    • KT

      and an occasional sweep to ensure post season play and good positioning

  36. Belated thanks for your pitching 2014 preview Jon–very excited about the prospects moving forward, especially given the potential help soon of Lee, Stripling, et al. And maybe Billingsley! (Though I’m choosing to be pleasantly surprised on that one.)

    Speaking of Kershaw, too, they were appropriately reverent of his accomplishments vs Giants on SF sports radio this morning. Given he’s got the best numbers of any Dodger starter vs SF with min. 100 ip, how could they not? He’s a boss and a half.

    I like also hearing that Uribe (along with Lopes) called Puig out in the clubhouse about a thing or two. I’m no anti-trash-can-moving Jeff Kent but I think it’s good for the wild hoss’s development to be reigned in when appropriate.,0,7399667.story

  37. Also, interesting Fangraphs piece on Nolasco.
    Though I am wondering if it’s true that Dodger stadium is more HR friendly than Miami?

  38. Brian Prince

    I was yesterdays game and the best part besides the Dodgers winning was when the band wagoners started to chat “beat LA” and AJ just shut em’ up with that bases clearing double.

    • Anonymous

      Well hello yesterday’s game – nice of you to check in here – didn’t know games of days past could communicate with us mere mortals here on Earth. Seeing as how you are a Dodgers fan, it’s no wonder they won the (your) game.

      • Brian Prince

        so your going to give me crap for a typo…sounds about right for a gnats fan.

  39. Anonymous

    Can’t believe Freddie Freeman is ahead of Puig in the Final vote right now. Come on, people! Time to do some mass-clicking!

    • Anonymous

      I’m worried he’ll get hurt in the AS game. Probably silly, but there it is.

  40. Anonymous

    Scott Hairston dealt to the Nats. Too bad for him it’s a team that his brother has already played for. Currently, the Hairston family (Sam, Jerry Sr., Jerry Jr., and Scott) has played for 14 different franchises, or one more than Octavio Dotel alone.

  41. Anonymous

    Still no Kemp in line-up? I hope today is the day Crawford remembers how to hit.

    • Lyons just suggested on twitter Kemp may be going back to DL. Terrible. Seems like he was just getting his swing back.

      • Anonymous

        I hope that’s not the case. I can’t believe how vulnerable/injury-prone his body has turned out to be.

      • Anonymous

        Never mind. Just saw that he’s definitely on the DL again.

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