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Kemp, Fife return to disabled list

And you thought the team would stay healthy … silly thinkers.

Scott Van Slyke and Ricky Nolasco will replace Matt Kemp and Stephen Fife on the active roster.

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.


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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    Presuming that Kemp is on for the minimum 15 days (a big presumption, I know), at least that includes the All-Star break, so he could miss relatively few games.

  3. Fife has to be a convenience DL move, surely? I mean, he pitched the other day and didn’t indicate any discomfort we were told about.

    • Anonymous

      I thought he looked awkward (though, in fairness, he’s never looked smooth).

      • Second bout with bursitis this year for Fife, and I don’t think they wanted him out of the rotation at this point.

  4. Anonymous

    there is an article by Gurnick at which gives some details I did ot see elsewhere and strikes me as optimistic under the circumstances.

  5. Jack Dawkins

    Hopefully the current outfield helps us forget hes on the DL.

  6. KT

    Let’s go CC break on through

  7. Anonymous

    While it is statistically negligible that the team might need an extra player tonight, I can think of no reason to activate Nolasco before tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      What is the downside?

      • Anonymous

        that we get into a long game where an extra relief pitcher or a 3rd catcher or even a pinch runner might help

        • Anonymous

          Someone take the bus from Albuquerque?

          • KT

            SVS couldn’t get out of SFO until today and as soon as he arrived in ALQ…He had to take a flight to PHX

          • Anonymous

            How hard was he trying to get back? He was send down on Friday, or was it Thursday? Or did they want him to hang around (for what did eventually happen)?

  8. KT


  9. KT

    Good bunt Zack

  10. Anonymous

    Good job, Zack — gotta do the fundamentals.

  11. Anonymous

    Would be nice for Zach to get into a groove pitching-wise. We won he last two starts (the last three actually, but he pitched well in that one), but we would be able to always bail him out with runs.

  12. KT

    DP time

  13. KT

    1 moar zack

  14. Uribear saves the day!

    • KT

      and he was very graceful while doing it

      • Looked like the ball unexpectedly skipped to his left and he had to lunge to catch it. Whatever works.

  15. KT


  16. KT


    • Anonymous

      Based on OPS+, Uribear is hitting better now than he did in SF.

  17. Anonymous

    Nice sequence of hits!

  18. KT

    Nice DP!!

  19. KT


  20. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 34s

    Zack Greinke: .320/.414/.360

  21. KT


  22. Anonymous

    My favorite pre-Puig mantra: Agon again!

  23. KT


    • KT

      ok…took a good throw…too bad he didn’t run hard all the way

  24. KT

    Bill Plunkett ‏@billplunkettocr 5m

    According to SABR, Yasiel Puig is only 2d player since 1950 to maintain .400 avg thru 1st 130 big-league ABs. That was AB 130. Avg at .415

  25. KT

    Numbers Never Lie ‏@ESPN_Numbers 3m

    Yasiel Puig has 2 hits tonight, giving him 17 multi-hit games on the season. Did we mention he’s only played in 33 games?

  26. KT

    Good inning!

  27. KT

    Great catch…Butt head

  28. KT

    Juanito…now hitting .275

  29. KT

    Zack!! 2 fer 2

    • Anonymous

      He might have had a chance if he had thrown him a 3-2 change up!

  30. KT

    SVS in the dugout

  31. KT

    Come on CC you are due

  32. KT

    Did you guys notice Zack’s modified bat flip

  33. KT

    Ryan Walton ‏@RyanWaltonMLB 3m

    Zack Greinke now with a .346 batting average and .433 OBP. Dude can rake. #Dodgers

  34. KT

    Another good inning Zack!!

  35. KT

    Uribe the NL West killer:

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 3m

    Juan Uribe vs. NL West in 2013: .295/.348/.514, 5 HR, 23 RBI in 36 games (29 starts);
    vs. others: .246/.346/.304, 0 HR, 5 RBI in 30g (18s)

  36. KT

    Come on Dre put it in the pool

  37. Anonymous

    Yahoo — I feel a LOT better with those two!

  38. Anonymous

    Awesome, boys!

  39. Anonymous

    Loved seeing Agon put his head down and charge, scoring from first.

  40. Anonymous

    Nice job, Greinke!

  41. Anonymous

    Mets just tied up game with the Giants.

  42. Anonymous

    Mets up 3-2 now – Nice 3 for 3 for Greinke

  43. Anonymous

    When you’re hot, you’re hot, Zack!

  44. Anonymous

    I would have never thought Crawford would look so terrible coming back – man it’s like he’s completely lost at the plate now – too bad considering he was looking so good before going down with the bad hammy.

  45. Anonymous

    Fingers crossed, bullpen.

  46. Anonymous

    Where is everybody?

  47. Anonymous

    Parra oh for four. Sweet.

  48. Anonymous

    One more, Jose. You can do it!

  49. KT

    Ball Game!!! 3.5 back good start to the .500 record I want at the end of this series!!!!

  50. Anonymous

    Yea! — The D’Backs CAN be beat!

  51. Anonymous

    Alright! Snapped their winning streak!

  52. Anonymous

    Ethier so much happier these days.

  53. KT

    Night all…Nolasco for win two tomorrow

  54. Great win tonight, love beating up on the dbacks. Hoping new boy Nolasco can keep it going tomorrow night!

  55. Anonymous

    MSTI links to a two-part interview with Dodger director of player development De Jon Watson.

  56. foul tip

    Couple questions:

    1) Was the 17 hits last night–all but one a single–a season high? Six runs is nice, and a total the Dodgers couldn’t dream of much of the year, but not a lot for that many hits.

    2) RE Cruz, Luis. Wonder if any other player as marginal as he has been historically has played like he might belong–however temporarily like he might–with probably the two most storied franchises, the Dodgers and Yankees, back-to-back?

    Two more hits last game for NYY, one more error.

    But then they signed him for his bat anyway, right? Just have to allow for his fielding, looks like.

    • Anonymous

      Dodgers had 17 hits just last week on the 3rd in a 10-8 victory over the Rockies. 7 men left on base in that game, 11 last night.

      • Anonymous

        10 of those hits were for extra bases!

  57. Anonymous

    So I stayed up very late to listen to the Giants lose to the Mets in 16 innings. And I woke up to news that the Giants signed Jeff Francouer too.

    • Anonymous

      Giants used every position player and all their relief pitchers in that game.

      • Anonymous

        They shoulda signed Rick Ankiel so he could play the field and pitch in relief in a pinch.

  58. Anonymous

    The Giants are on as bad a bad streak as the Dodgers are good on a good streak.
    Love it when they coincide like that.

    • Anonymous

      Finding new and interesting ways to lose…

  59. john galt

    I hate to bring it up, but when is Crawford scheduled for his next DL stint?

    • Anonymous

      Imagine how many runs Dodgers could score if Crawford could get on base every once in a while. I know he’ll turn it around eventually, but has he even reached base once since his return from the DL ? I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling that Garfinkel’s resignation is probably related to some front office power play and not his statements about Greinke, which I thought he did an admirable job of apologizing for.

      • KT

        oh I was a joke. like last night someone said no one was hit during the game and I replied Grienke hit 3 pitchers…also a joke

        • Anonymous

          Well tonight we face Kennedy, who hits a batter once about every nine innings this year.

  60. Anonymous

    Ty Wigginton was DFA’d by the Cardinals. He could add to the Dodgers collection of utility men! You can’t have enough! Right?

    • Anonymous

      I can’t keep him and Josh Willingham straight.

      • Anonymous

        Josh Willingham is a lot better. And younger.

  61. Anonymous

    Not that I’m lamenting the fact that Puig is trailing Freeman in the “Final Vote” for the ASG, but including 2 Dodgers in the vote effectively split some of the votes away from Puig towards Gonzalez. I’m not saying Gonzo didn’t deserve to be included in the vote, just an observation that including 2 players from the same team was bound to take some votes away from each.

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