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We were on a break?

It might have been four days off for the Dodgers, but it wasn’t for me, otherwise you might have seen a post here since last weekend. I have watched the first nine episodes of Orange Is the New Black, though. And spent a lot of time with the Primetime Emmy nominations.

Tons could have been written about the Dodgers during this time, but it all boils down to this: Team health is clearly paramount to the Dodgers’ fate, yet mostly — despite what we’d like to believe — out of the team’s control.

This team could be awesome. Or it could revisit the depths that marked most of the season. As much as any year, we just need to see them play the games.

Good thing we have Vin Scully around for most of the ride (though not this weekend).

Dodgers at Nationals, 4:05 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Yasiel Puig, RF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, CF
A.J. Ellis, C
Juan Uribe, 3B
Mark Ellis, 2B
Ricky Nolasco, P


July 14 game chat


Joe Friday recaps Dodger victory over Nationals


  1. Orange is the New Black: the story of the San Francisco Giants’ uniforms, from Willie Mays to Buster Posey.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, it does not appear that B*nds will actually go to prison.

      • Anonymous

        That is indeed unfortunate.

        • Anonymous

          In a just world, he would be sharing a cell with Selig for crimes against baseball.

    • Anonymous

      Post of the Week!

  2. Anonymous

    Have my Bums in town this weekend. A hot and steamy one. For this game, will be sitting above the Dodgers pen with Blue Demon luchador mask to welcome them.

    • KT

      Glad you get to see our Boys in Blue

    • Anonymous

      Man, I hope you’re kidding. If you wore that mask for the whole game at this time of year, that might be your last DT post ever.

  3. Anonymous

    Welcome back, Jon. You clearly are a man for all seasons.

    • Anonymous

      What a great article. As a fan of the game, let me say how much I appreciate both Puig and Harper (and Trout) for their hustle and flair. Reminds me of Pete Rose and how much fun this game is to watch.

      • Anonymous

        To bad these two balls-of-fire won’t meet on the field, but perhaps Puig can try to throw out Harper at first!

        • Anonymous

          or throw him out a third (really, he did)

  4. Anonymous

    With Nolasco starting today after starting last Sunday, does anyone know when the Dodgers last used the same starting pitcher in consecutive games? (I realize that there was a four-day break in this case.)

    • KT

      good question

      • Anonymous

        Trying to answer my own question, I did some research and found that Don Newcombe started both games of a doubleheader for the Dodgers at Philadelphia on Sept. 6, 1950. He pitched a three-hit shutout in the first game, won by the Dodgers, 2-0. He allowed two runs in seven innings in the second game, leaving with the Dodgers losing, 2-0. The Dodgers won, 3-2, with three runs in the 9th inning. But I don’t know if someone has been the starting pitcher in consecutive games for the Dodgers since then.

  5. Anonymous

    Man, this is the most I’ve looked forward to watching the second half in years. And now that article Bob provided the link to below has added to my anticipation for this series – thanks, Bob.

    I love the look of today’s lineup – sure hope we get to see this regularly the rest of the way.
    (Besides Kemp subbing for Ethier and Craw when appropriate).

  6. Anonymous

    I recall that way back when Don Newcombe started both games of a doubleheader.

  7. KT


  8. Anonymous

    Wonder if these “ones that got away” from opposing pitchers heading towards Hanley’s head are designed to get him uncomfortable at the plate ?

  9. KT

    Nice Juanito and Mellis!

  10. KT

    definitely out

    • Anonymous

      Not watching. What happened?

      • KT

        Long fly ball directly to Puig about 5 feet from the warning track…Harper tags on the catch. Uribe comes off third to catch the throw on a line and tags Harper on the leg before his hand reaches the bag…Harper scores on the wild pitch

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the explanation…..The broadcast is going in and out on my computer, but one of the Nats’ announcers said that the Nats got a break on the call at third base.

      • Anonymous

        Puig made a great throw from right as Harper advanced on flyout, and Uribe appeared to tag him on back foot as he slide into third. Ump was in position, but simply made wrong call.

  11. KT


    • Jack Dawkins

      Good to see hes not letting the humidity get to him and is saving himself on that trot. I think the moon orbits us faster.

  12. KT

    For those of you who didn’t see the harper miss call:

  13. Anonymous

    Including his two at bats tonight, Crawford is now 2-for-28 since returning.

  14. KT

    Uribe shouldn’t have gone for the tag

  15. KT

    Here’s the Puig throw to not get harper as per 3rd base ump:

  16. KT

    1-2-3 DP

  17. KT

    Terrible throw CC

  18. KT

    way to get out of it Ricky!!

  19. Man, I’ve missed the Dodgers.

  20. KT

    Time for a crocked number

  21. KT

    DP Time

  22. KT

    still awaiting my DP…come on Ricky serve it up

  23. KT

    Well my DP came a little late

  24. KT

    Turn two Paco

  25. KT

    Fantastic catch by Puig!!!!

  26. Paco- “Oh My God!”

  27. Can’t watch any more, but hoping for a comeback. Go Dodgers!

  28. KT

    Come on Hanley

  29. KT

    for those of you who missed the Puig catch: …

  30. KT

    double switch and Puig is coming out for Shoe?

  31. KT


    • Anonymous

      back to the good old days!

      • Jack Dawkins

        Unless you are the australia Test side. Ugly day for them.

        • Anonymous

          It wasn’t very good, was it ?!?

          • Anonymous

            I missed baseball so much during the All-Star Break that I was watching cricket today. And I’m starting to understand it. Australia had a terrible day. But they don’t appear to have a very good team, kind of young.

          • Anonymous

            They were the best about 5 years ago, then some of our best players all retired around the same time. We still have pretty good bowlers, just not good batsman

  32. KT

    1-2-3 Kenley

  33. KT

    1 down

  34. KT

    2 down

  35. Anonymous

    C’mon, Kenley!

  36. Anonymous

    Get the K, KJ!

  37. KT

    Ball Game!!!!

    1 game over .500

    Now ahead of the Nats in the standings

  38. Anonymous


  39. Anonymous

    nice clutch win!

  40. Anonymous

    Getting some HRs AND an awesome bullpen once again! (Not to mention getting a good start after the ASB — something not common for the Blue.)

  41. Anonymous

    Classless Ian Kennedy already down 0-2 after 1.5 innings in SF.

  42. Anonymous

    Giants, with the bright orange jerseys, have THE ugliest uniforms in MLB, by far – it’s not even close.

  43. Anonymous

    For some reason I’m getting FSAZ right now – kinda weird rooting for both teams to lose – guess I can’t lose either way.

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