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July 14 game chat

Rockies at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.


Greinke shuts down Rockies, two-thirds of the outfield


We were on a break?


  1. KT

    Go Blue…Win this one to stay above .500 and ahead of the Nats at ASB

  2. Joc Pederson had a nice single off a lefty today in the second inning of the futures game, then scored from first on a double.

  3. KT

    Good pitch Ricky

  4. Adam Luther

    Puig held out again.

  5. Adam Luther

    Bochy named Romo to the roster…

  6. KT

    DP time

  7. KT

    Let’s get that one back and more

  8. Good hustle Schu!

  9. KT

    Good hustle from SHOE!!

  10. KT

    Lucky we did that or it would have been two

  11. Just saw Brewers are up 3-0 on AZ.

  12. KT

    Come on Hanley…bring him home

    • Adam Luther

      Hanley should be a NL All-Star roster addition over Puig. That would make sense to me if Bochy wants to win.

      • Same argument against him, though; not enough games played.

        • Adam Luther

          Yes but he’s a “previous veteran All-Star” which is supposedly the two-fold argument against Puig.

  13. KT

    MLB Trade Rumors ‏@mlbtraderumors 1m

    Garza Informed He’ll Likely Will Be Traded #mlb

  14. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  15. Anonymous

    Ricky Nolasco looks like Jason Schmidt to me.

  16. Anonymous

    Brian McCann is the replacement for Freddie Freeman.

    • He of 179 at bats. Puig’s 148 at bats are just not enough for an all-star, you guys.

      • Anonymous

        while your point is well-taken, it is traditional to replace players with teammates when possible; in this case Freeman with McCann.

  17. Adrian saved that play.

  18. KT

    Nice play Gonzo!!

  19. KT

    ~Nikki~ ‏@Dodgers_Diva 6s

    “@ladybea1979: Gonzalez showing Dodger fans he uses his legs for splits on first, and not for running.

  20. KT

    Nice SVS!

  21. Ricky Nolasco will start two consecutive regular-season games for the Dodgers.

  22. CarGo is too good out there.

  23. Anonymous

    Anybody know why Uribe isn’t playing? Following on Gameday so not much info.

  24. KT

    swing the bat

  25. Adam Luther

    IDK maybe the additional Dodger named to the All-Star roster should be A-Gon.

  26. KT

    DP time

  27. johnniebbaker

    regarding the picture – anyone who says the dodgers need a downtown stadium obviously has never been to dodger stadium! looks pretty downtown to me!

  28. CarGo ran right into that pitch, don’t like the call.

  29. Dodgers fall behind 3-0, and the recently hot offense has one run in past 21 innings.

    • foul tip

      Scoring one run the first 2 games of a series=2 losses most of the time.

      Thanks to Greinke’s brilliance, it didn’t.

  30. Rosario’s infield hit is the 12th baserunner off Nolasco against 14 outs.

  31. Anonymous

    Good to see the Padres rebounding after yesterday

  32. KT

    Singles hitter now

  33. Anonymous

    Rally time!

  34. We need you A-Gon! Only 1 for his last 10.

  35. KT

    Come on Gonzo make sure Hanley gets up

  36. KT


  37. KT

    Why wasn’t hanley behind the plate…he needed to remove the bat…Puig could have hurt himself there

  38. Wouldn’t it be better for Puig to go right back into the dugout and not play in the field? I thought that was the plan before the pinch-hit appearance. I wonder why Mattingly changed his mind. Maybe Puig’s a good lobbyist.

  39. Anonymous

    injury delay? – has Puig hurt himself on the single to him?

  40. Wow – Mattingly gets Fowler called out after he was called safe.

  41. Anonymous

    Lets make this count

  42. Anonymous

    The Rockies sure do steal a lot.

  43. KT

    I feel a come from behind victory coming on

  44. That’s at least the third foul pop out for the Dodgers today.

  45. Anonymous

    Wish we could get something going here.

  46. Anonymous

    Last chance, guys.

  47. KT

    Have a good ASB everyone

  48. Disappointing afternoon. But going in to the break at .500 ain’t bad.

  49. Anonymous

    For whatever reason, I found this game incredibly frustrating. All those almost long balls.

    • I think it was Game Six of the 1975 WS which Roger Angell described as “being played at the base of the center field wall.”

    • Anonymous

      Yeah – Dodgers displayed warning track power over and over today…. frustrating, indeed.

  50. Anonymous

    I enjoyed this article at which highlights both Pederson and an Angels prospect. The article pays more attention to C.J.Cron than to Joc.

  51. Anonymous

    Isotopes have best record in PCL for, maybe, first time this season before a 3 day break and after a 5-1 18 inning win today.

  52. Anonymous

    Perhaps Jon has written on this subject before, but what’s up with Dodger Stadium being the longest since having an All-Star game (1980). Is it MLB or the Dodgers?

    • KT

      I heard it wasn’t given to us because of New stadiums, McCourts issues and alternating between NL and AL

      • Anonymous

        Many franchises don’t want the All-Star Game. It’s a headache and it doesn’t really make you any money unless you’ve got a new stadium that you’re trying to market to out-of-town fans.

        Plus McCourt is a d-bag, so MLB wanted no part of him.

  53. KT

    Here are a couple cool pics from the All Star game…

    soon no more 42’s

    • Anonymous

      I wondered why Rivera chose to keep 42 when MLB retired it . . . after all, the # is already retired at Yankee Stadium for Jackie. I’m sure they’ll retire it for Rivera, but it doesn’t have the same feel since it already is guaranteed to not be worn again.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t think of a better guy to be the last to wear #42. A student of the game, a humanitarian, and a Hall of Famer for sure.

    • Anonymous

      The little stars they put on the back of the uniforms and caps for the ASG are super-tacky.

      • KT

        I sort of like the stars on the back of the Kershaw Jersey I own…especially since it’s signed

  54. Anonymous

    Derek Lowe calls it quits. I think his comments are spot on as he assesses the way he goes out.

  55. Anonymous

    Hey Jon, was that you I heard on NPR this morning talking about Emmy nominations? I wish it was a piece on the second half for the Dodgers, but it brought a little smile to my face when I realized it was you. It’s great to be recognized as an authority on one of your passions and thanks again for all the level headed insight you give to us fans on this site…. especially after that roller coaster of a first half!

  56. I did an interview on Good Day LA about the Emmys yesterday morning. At the very end, with about 10 seconds left, Steve Edwards asked me my predictions. I didn’t have enough time to formulate a coherent answer, so I said, “Hopefully the Dodgers in the NL West.”

  57. KT

    Crawford LF

    Puig RF

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Ethier CF

    Ellis C

    Uribe 3B

    Ellis 2B

    Nolasco P

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