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It’s another new day for Matt Kemp

Once again, Matt Kemp has been activated from the disabled list. Will this be the charm?

Kemp is in center field and batting sixth today, behind right fielder Andre Ethier. Carl Crawford is leading off in left field, and Yasiel Puig will be available off the bench. Scott Van Slyke has gone back to the minors.

Dodgers at Nationals, 10:35 a.m.
Kershaw CLXX: Kershawperation Petticoat


Moving right along … something to see here: Dodgers outlast Nationals in 10


Kemp stars – then stumbles – as Dodgers win again


  1. KT

    Go Blue!!

  2. KT

    Dodger lineup at Washington:

    Crawford LF

    Punto 3B

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Ethier RF

    Kemp CF

    AJ Ellis C

    M Ellis 2B

    Kershaw P

  3. Anonymous

    Not a bad idea to let Puig watch other batters.

  4. Anonymous

    Among position players currently on the roster excluding Fedex:
    worst in BA YTD: Punto 247
    OBP YTD: Kemp 309
    SLG YTD: Punto 303
    OPS YTD: Punto 621
    Last 30 days including Fedex worst 2:
    BA: Crawford 094, Punto 182
    OBP: Crawford 147, Punto 229
    SLG: Crawford 094, Punto 212
    Against RHP YTD excluding Fedex worst 3:
    BA: Punto 216, Kemp 237, MEllis 248
    OBP: Punto 289, Kemp 292, Hairston 295
    SLG: Punto 276, MEllis 298, Schumaker 325

  5. Anonymous

    NL West, June 22-July 20
    Dodgers 19-5
    Rockies 10-13
    Diamondbacks 10-14
    Giants 8-15
    Padres 5-19
    During that period, games the Dodgers have gained against each: Rockies 8.5, Diamondbacks 9, Giants 10.5, Padres 14.

    • Anonymous

      Crazy numbers. Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        I’d be hard-pressed to find something similar over a four-week period during which one team did so well and all the other clubs in its division did so poorly.

  6. Anonymous

    NL West vs. NL West (June 22-July 20), or games within the division:
    Dodgers 14-4
    Giants 7-8
    Rockies 7-9
    Diamondbacks 3-5
    Padres 2-7

  7. Anonymous

    Just registered the Kershaw title reference. Hilarious, Jon!

  8. KT

    Nice Nicky!

  9. KT


  10. KT

    Sit down contestants 1 & 2 and #3
    Easy inning

  11. KT


  12. KT

    it was way out of there no cheapy

  13. KT


  14. KT

    Kersh with the rbi

  15. peter drysdale

    Nice homer by Kemp. Hope he’s back for good.

  16. peter drysdale

    Great offense so far

  17. KT

    good eye Nicky!

  18. KT


  19. What an inning! Finally giving Kershaw the support he needs, and more.

  20. KT

    What a game Bob is experiencing…wish I was there

  21. KT

    Good at bat Dre

  22. KT


  23. peter drysdale

    I’m loving this but I feel sorry for poor Zimmerman. These are all no doubt hits.

    • KT

      not me

    • peter drysdale

      He gets a short day at least. Hardly had a chance to break a sweat.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a great pitcher, but he may not be 100% today. It happens. Our new version of Dodgers take advantage.

  24. peter drysdale

    Booo Werth

  25. Can’t get lazy Clayton, even with a 7 run lead.

  26. foul tip


    ” According to ESPN Stats & Info, Ethier now has hit at least one
    homer to tie a game or put the Dodgers ahead in the ninth inning or
    later in each of the past seven seasons. He hit four in 2009, and one in
    each of the other six years.

    Ethier’s seven go-ahead shots in the ninth inning or later over the
    past five seasons tie him for the most in the Majors with Kemp, the
    Orioles’ Adam Jones, the A’s Chris Young and the Reds’ Jay Bruce.”

  27. peter drysdale

    Dang it Carl

  28. KT


  29. KT


  30. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  31. KT

    productive outs!!

  32. KT


  33. Does Matty have a triple in him today??

  34. peter drysdale

    What the heck Hanley!

  35. #@!% MLB! I’m blocked from TBS on one of the best hitting days of the year for the Dodgers. Because it’s SO likely I’d have gotten on a plane last night and flown to DC to see this game in person.

    The blackout rules are idiotic and meant solely to augment the overflowing coffers of the league and the teams.

  36. peter drysdale

    Nice play there

  37. Just happened to notice this: after Hairston’s out Kershaw has 58 pitches. 42 strikes, 16 balls. That’s amazing.

  38. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 6m

    There were a few 20-5 stretches jumbled together for the Dodgers in 2004. The last one was July 3-30 that year

  39. KT

    Maybe a rain delay in the future

  40. Werth has his number.

  41. Is it time to start believing in this team?

    • Jack Dawkins

      I thought we were told to dont stop believing by the powers that be.

    • KT

      when did we stop

      • Perhaps I should rephrase: Is it time to stop biting my nails at the beginning of every single inning, especially ones where the team takes a lead or falls behind, or when the ball gets put into play or ….

  42. Anonymous

    Ya gotta love the Kid’s competitive nature!

  43. KT

    Nice play Nicky!

  44. peter drysdale

    Another nice play there

  45. KT

    good inning Brandon

  46. Jack Dawkins

    Have we gotten an official ruling on what a League proof lead is?

  47. Anonymous

    Just woke up, very nice!

    • Jack Dawkins

      Eases the pain of the loss at Lord’s? Whitewash seems in the cards now.

  48. Well the last Dodger to hit for the cycle will remain the O-Dawg for now.

  49. Oh great… I hope Matty is ok. If he had ran the whole way he’d be safe easily.

  50. peter drysdale

    Lordy I hope he’s not hurt again.

  51. KT

    Kemp rolled his ankle because he was dogging it home

    • Anonymous

      That may be exactly what just happened.

      • Anonymous

        Besides the storm, that’s another reason to have wished it had been a quick inning.

  52. KT

    Ball Game!!!

    Tied for 1st place

    3 games over .500

    depending on outcome of Dbags game either .5 ahead or behind and 4 or 5 teams ahead of us in NL

    20-5 since Puig signed my jersey!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Gained a game on the Reds for the 2nd wild-card. They are 4.5 ahead now.

    • Anonymous

      KT, maybe you should sign Puig’s jersey. Give some of that mana back.

      • KT

        I didn’t take it away…It was the Coors wall that did that several weeks later

      • Anonymous

        bluespop: Great comment!

  53. peter drysdale

    Nice win. Hard to believe this is the same team that was so bad in May.

    • KT

      it’s not…totally different cast members

      • peter drysdale

        Some are different. On the other hand, it’s surprising what the team has gone through this year and has finally recovered from. One hopes anyway.

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