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July 22 game chat

Dodgers at Blue Jays, 4:07 p.m.

Dodger Thoughts, December 10, 2011:

Major League Baseball doesn’t rewrite history, so there’s no changing the fact that Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun is the 2011 National League Most Valuable Player and not Matt Kemp. However, Braun’s trophy might be getting a little less gleamy.

Braun is currently challenging a positive test for a performance-enhancing drug, report Mark Fainaru-Wada and T.J. Quinn of

If the finding is upheld, Braun won’t have to give back his trophy, but he will have to give away 50 games of the 2012 baseball season to a suspension.

My opinion: A positive drug test doesn’t make Braun’s 2011 season less valuable.  He still did what he did. It does call into question how he achieved that value and open the door for you and me to judge him how we will. But my view of history is that it chronicles what happened, for better or worse. History isn’t what we’d like things to be – it’s what was, like it or not.

Whenever I consider baseball’s long, plentiful history of misbehavior, I’ve never been in favor of bringing an eraser to the record books, and I’m not going to start now. If Braun is guilty, his punishment will be his suspension and his tainted reputation. I’m not excusing his behavior. I’m just not pretending that he didn’t deliver on the field, illicitly or not.

The fact that my MVP vote would have been for Kemp regardless is a separate issue.


Kemp stars – then stumbles – as Dodgers win again


Cavalcade of crushing continues in 14-5 victory


  1. Anonymous

    I am glad that Braun is finally being held accountable for his actions. I also do not think the MVP trophy should be returned. Kemp knows he was the real MVP and so do we.

  2. KT

    Go Blue!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Have the Dodgers formally thanked the Yankees for removing Luis Cruz from the system?

  4. Anonymous

    Shame that Kemp’s incredible 2011 season didn’t earn him that MVP. With his body now in full break down mode, he won’t even sniff that kind of season ever again. At least he’d have some awards to look back to. Oh well.

    • Anonymous

      He’ll always have $200 mil to look back on…

  5. Anonymous

    Gold hand?

  6. Anonymous

    Knowing what he knew, I think that Braun would have been wiser not to say anything all along. Simply refused comment. He is now a liar in addition to being a cheater.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree, scooplew. I can understand using peds. They could mean the difference between tons of money and adulation or a failed career. Hell, guys Braun’s age who work out at my gym use HGH just to pull chicks. I just wish once a player is caught, he would just admit it. Earn a lot more respect that way than vehemently denying it until it’s irrefutable.

      • Anonymous

        I suppose he felt he was going to get away with it. Forever. And he likely knows others who used PEDs and haven’t been detected.

  7. KT

    Let’s go Hanley

  8. KT


  9. Anonymous

    Go AJ! I am crazy about that guy.

  10. Anonymous

    Nice Jack, AJ!

  11. KT

    Way to get on Juanito

  12. KT


  13. I’m just now noticing Crawford’s neck tattoo.

  14. Puig hits a humble RBI single :)

  15. KT

    way to get on Gonzo!

  16. Anonymous

    I like owning the second inning.

  17. Anonymous

    C’mon, Hanley — reruns are good!

  18. KT

    Not again Hanley

  19. Anonymous

    No eyes right now. What is the injury?

    • KT

      foul ball off the back of the knee then a foul ball off the same leg but lower

  20. KT

    DP Time

  21. Anonymous

    I have an avatar! (Me and my Casey Blake bobble head…) Meanwhile, the Boys in Blue put up some runs. Go Dodgers.

    • Anonymous

      Shake ‘n Blake!

    • KT

      good to see you’ve come over to the dark side and finally got an avatar…and a good one at that

      • Anonymous

        Took me a while to work up the courage. Thanks. I feel less anonymous, for sure!

  22. Sweet backhand by Hanley to end the inning.

    • Anonymous

      He has really improved defensively. Nice to see.

  23. Anonymous

    Wow. After a slow first inning, we be on fire!

  24. KT

    way to “steal” second AJ

  25. My goodness, what a nice surprise to find after getting home from the bookstore run. 5-0 so far.

  26. KT

    Nice catchers interference

  27. As well as he hits, I wonder what Ryu thinks of the DH rule. For that matter, I imagine neither Kershaw nor Greinke like it much either.

  28. Anonymous

    B-Jays announcers are all I can get. They aren’t that bad homers, but I had to laugh as they tried to line up Dodgers for shots and each hit it down their throat before the set-up was complete.

  29. Anonymous

    By the -jays announcers critical comments–one would assume the Jays had the lead.

  30. If Gameday’s right that was three straight changeups to Puig and he swung and missed at all three. Son, a little time and patience is a good thing.

  31. Crawford hit the wall hard on that catch but seems ok.

  32. Anonymous

    Woah, I think someone is going to have to help Puig adjust to ML pitching. But I fully believe his defense and other attributes is going to justify keeping him here.

  33. Almost, Hanley.

  34. Maybe Puig just throws so hard that the catcher is his cutoff man.

  35. C’mon, Ryu, settle down and throw strikes. So saith Honeycutt.

  36. KT

    inning over

  37. See? Go back to the fastball.

  38. Anonymous

    I’m not quite sure why a team with the Dodger’s payroll has to have a guy like Schu—who can maybe play both infield and outfield

    • I don’t understand the comment.

      • KT

        i missed it also

        • Anonymous

          imo, maybe=’t, both=either, and and=or in the post that started this. Hope this is clear.

    • Having the highest-paid team in baseball doesn’t mean you won’t have role players. The ’98 Yankees for example, who won 114 games and had a payroll to match, gave their third-most at-bats off the bench to utility man Luis Sojo and his .515 OPS.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a good thing, no? Being able to play in various positions.

  39. KT

    Time to get those runs back

  40. KT


  41. A-Gon went from 1st to 3rd on a single to left? Will wonders never cease?

  42. KT

    Hanley turn that long single into a double

  43. Anonymous

    Oui! do we really want an almost perfect test of the Dodger’s Bull-pen—–Well here it comes!!!
    But I am wrong if Ryu stays in.

  44. KT

    Nice DP

  45. Anonymous

    Great DP!

  46. One more inning for the win, Ryu.

  47. KT


  48. KT

    Nice we’ll take it

  49. As one-sided as this game has been, it doesn’t really feel in hand. We’re due for a road bullpen meltdown. I’m being partly paranoid, but law of averages …

  50. foul tip

    You guys who see games regularly….is this typical of Ryu’s starts lately? IIRC, he hasn’t exactly dominated in a while.

    • KT

      I think he’s been hit or miss…he has been good lately

  51. Anonymous

    I guess it feels fairly typical of Ryu. I guess he doesn’t always seem to dominate. But he is solid. If he is a bit better than the opposing pitcher, it seems like he will be better for 9 innings, or even twelve!

  52. KT

    Dre!! Hanley’s grimacing while running

  53. foul tip

    What’s the blue tube-looking thing on Hanley’s right arm? Noticed it one of the few other times I’ve seen the team.

  54. KT


  55. KT


  56. KT

    Hitting is contagious…get infected Puig

  57. Okay, how about this to protect the hands.

  58. There was the four-run outburst that could have tied the game – good thing it was for the Dodgers!

  59. Anonymous

    Just tuned in. Wow, if this is a dream, I hope it never ends!

  60. KT

    Nice Ryu

  61. KT

    why didn’t he go to third on that one

  62. KT

    Nice play Juan

  63. KT

    Domiguez is walking gingerly

    • Anonymous

      At least he is walking. With our injuries, I think just owning the edges is winning us the lead!!!

  64. KT


  65. KT


  66. Okay, this is getting to be unbelievable.

  67. Anonymous

    These annoucers (whoever they are for) seem like they are the reason it is 14-4. Please—it is only the seventh inning. Do something different. These guys could make this feel like forever.

  68. Let Schumaker close this! Three-run HR and three-inning save!

  69. Anonymous

    This game is free at if that info helps any of you.

    • Not if you’re subject to blackout restrictions for every West Coast team including the Dodgers. But thanks for trying.

      • foul tip

        Makes absolutely perfect sense for someone in Hawaii not to be able to see an away game in Toronto, Canada, doesn’t it? The system is what should be blacked out.

        • Couldn’t see yesterday’s game on TBS either. It’s infuriating but it’s pretty hopeless to get MLB to rethink its policy. Look how much trouble the As are having getting a stadium in San Jose.

  70. Anonymous

    Delabar won the AL vote to be the last player on ASG roster.

  71. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela6m
    To be fair, given the exchange rate, this is only like 9 runs tonight

  72. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela1m
    Nice pull RT @JALaymance: The #dodgers have 14 runs tonight, or, more than they’ve totaled in 22 series

  73. Jeepers. Look at the line score. Three 4-run innings!

  74. KT

    Puig gets on again

  75. Last time #dodgers allowed at least 10 hits and won by at least 10 runs was 9/19/09… Has happened 4 times since ’95.

  76. KT

    Hanley drills the ball but caught

  77. KT


  78. foul tip

    That shot of Puig reveals his secret. He munches on gold necklaces while in the outfield…

  79. Puig’s catch and throw is on Gameday’s video. Wow.

  80. Anonymous

    A League lead, but he must be tuckered out.

  81. Anonymous

    and on that one he bounces of Skippy.

  82. foul tip

    If Puig had just a few more steps momentum there, however much was left of Schu would be yet another Dodger on the DL.

  83. KT

    BALL GAME!!!!!

    4 games over .500

    21-5 since Puig signed my jersey

    tied for 1st

    4 game winning streak!!!!

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