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Cavalcade of crushing continues in 14-5 victory

Majestically merciless are these Dodgers of late.

Los Angeles knocked out an opposing starting pitcher after six outs for the second game in a row, delivering a trio of four-run innings in a 14-5 victory over Toronto.

A.J. Ellis had career highs of four hits and five RBI, two of the latter coming on a booming home run to dead center in the second inning that put the Dodgers ahead – to stay, to say the least.

Toronto had 13 hits of its own, but allowed 21 baserunners while also making five errors.

As was the case Sunday, the Dodgers ended tonight’s game tied for first place, pending the result of Arizona’s game later.

The Dodgers have won four consecutive games after the All-Star Break for the first time since 2007. That year, the streak put the Dodgers 13 games above .500, but the team finished 82-80.

Dodgers’ first four games after All-Star Break
2013: 4-0
2012: 1-3
2011: 1-3
2010: 0-4
2009: 2-2
2008: 1-3
2007: 4-0


July 22 game chat


When season was a disaster, these Dodgers held together


  1. KT

    Nice Like to see that 4-0

  2. Anonymous

    A Tale of Two Teams. What a turnaround!

  3. KT

    linkmaster…Here’s the photo:

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, noticed that during the Washington series and imagined as KT says that it is to protect his fingers when sliding.

  4. The Dodgers were 9-10, then went 21-32, then went 21-5.

  5. Vail Beach

    That is one wacky clip from Kids in the Hall. I love Canadian humor. It’s probably tough for the Dodgers to keep a straight face, surrounded by all the funny people in Canada.

  6. Arizona cuts Chicago lead to 3-2 in the sixth.

  7. Anonymous

    A true all around team victory!

  8. Casey Barker

    Best skit ever.

  9. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela4m
    Just like we thought during spring training, the Dodgers turn to Kevin Gregg on July 22 to pitch them into first place

  10. KT

    Insurance run 4-2 cubbies

  11. KT

    1ST PLACE BABY!!!!

    • foul tip

      For me, a much better kind of “first place baby” than the one across the Pond they’re going on about so much over there. Much more interested in baseball royalty.

  12. KT

  13. We … are the champions … for now …

    • And we’ll, keep on fighting, ’til the end …

      • foul tip

        At least now it’s possible to think the 4-0 second half start might be mirrored after the World Series–Dodgers’ favor!

        Before, an absurd fantasy. Now, a realistic possibility.

  14. KT

    Link here’s a better shot of Hanley’s guard:

  15. Great game, AJ was a stud today. Now that first is ours, let’s pad that lead!

    Also the gnats got smashed, which is always fun.

  16. Anonymous

    If the International Olympic Committee can strip athletes who cheat of their medals, and the NCAA can vacate titles won by teams that are later proven to have cheated, why is it that baseball can’t strip accolades like MVP awards, batting titles (Melky Cabrera), and home run crowns from players who are found guilty of cheating?

    I really don’t see any difference. You should not be allowed to profit from your transgressions.

    You can argue about which seasons Bonds was using PEDs, and which home run crowns he should therefore have to abdicate (including the all-time record). But in Brauns’ case, the PED use was in the same year for which he won the award. Even if it weren’t Kemp who finished second, I’d feel the same way. Mike Piazza deserves Ken Caminiti’s 1996 award too.

    • Anonymous

      So why was it when Brian Cushing tested positive for an illegal substance and the AP held a revote for his AFC Rookie Defensive Player of the Year award, Cushing won a second time?

      Why isn’t Vince Young walking around with a Heisman Trophy? Besides the fact that they are sort of unwieldy to walk around with.

      I don’t know if using the IOC or the NCAA as an exemplar of consistent rule application is the way to go. Those organizations are even more hypocritical than a 2012 Ryan Braun proclaiming his innocence.

    • They all *can* do it. I just don’t agree with it. Partly because I don’t agree with rewriting history, partly because it’s almost never as clean a tit-for-tat as you suggest. The fact that you even admit that the Bonds situation is murky shows how problematic it is.

      • Anonymous

        I agree the Bonds situation is murky, but in clear-cut cases, I think organizing bodies have a responsibility to act.

        If I had a Heisman trophy, I would walk around with it all the time. Same with Jim Thorpe’s gold medals.

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