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July 24 game chat

Dodgers at Blue Jays, 4:07 p.m.


Dodgers are so beautiful in 10-9 comeback


Somehow, Dodgers find the way way forward


  1. Anonymous

    RBI Opportunities Hanley Ramirez — PA: 161; RBI: 31
    Actual Runners on Base: 101 (47-36-18)
    ML Avg. Player with PA: 161- RBI: 17; Avg. Runners on Base: 95 (48-31-16)
    Most Driven In:Self 10, Y Puig 9, M Ellis 4, A Gonzalez 4, N Punto 2, C Crawford 1, S Schumaker 1

  2. KT

    Go Blue!!!!

    • Go (Dodger) Blue! Have to be specific in this series ;)

      • KT

        Been writing the same thing at the beginning of all game threads lately…not going to change now…my change our luck…they know who I’m talking about ^_^

  3. KT


  4. KT

    DP Time

  5. KT

    Nice pickoff

  6. KT

    good inning Ricky 19 pitches

  7. KT

    AJ gets on HBP

  8. KT

    Let’s go Shoe

  9. KT

    SAC Uribear!

  10. Anonymous

    I am scared of Dodgers getting on base with some regularity.

  11. Anonymous

    Uribear is such a sweet fielder.

  12. Nolasco is looking good so far.

  13. Nice Yasiel! You could see the pitcher totally missed location there.

  14. KT

    Nice Yasiel!!

  15. Steve Lyons – “That ball wasn’t even close to going out of the ball park.” So hitting the wall isn’t close to going out? I agree he shouldn’t be admiring the hit and just running, but it was close.

  16. Anonymous

    Even if you hit it out you don’t saunter like that. He may hear some chin music.

  17. KT

    good eye Shoe
    Come on Juanito

  18. Anonymous

    Another chance to pad the lead

  19. Anonymous

    Dodger Blue is ascendant. Ahead 2-0 is great.
    after thinking about Schu and Crawford comparison in the outfield, I guess my main conclusion is that the Dodgers are not in danger of having too many outfielders if one of them is not decisively better than Skip Schumaker.

    • Anonymous

      So until Kemp returns we are actually short ofs.

    • Anonymous

      Skippy is a utility player with some value because he can play multiple position and hits from the left side putting up an almost respectable.678 against righties. He has been called upon a bit more than one might like because of injuries.

  20. Anonymous

    If I was Toronto, I would be thrilled to be only down by 2. I hope all these missed opportunities don’t come back to bite us later

  21. Injury delay? Who?

  22. Anonymous

    lets make this count!

  23. KT


  24. KT

    Dre! anyway you can

  25. Anonymous

    Carnation kicked that like a grocery bag!!

  26. Anonymous

    lets break this thing open

  27. Anonymous

    cmon, walk, single, anything

  28. Can’t seem to get that one hit that could break it wide open, too many LOB to feel comfortable.

  29. Anonymous

    Deja vu from days I’d rather soon forget.

    • Anonymous

      but unlike ‘those’ days, at least we have a lead!

  30. Jack Dawkins

    Mixed feelings about their pitcher. Everything is hit hard, so on the one hand I wish we werent running up the pitch count. Yet he seems to be getting out of jams left and right.

  31. Two of those balls could have been strikes.

  32. KT

    DP Time again

  33. Anonymous

    He needs to refind the strike zone again pretty soon

  34. And that’s why leaving all those guys on base hurts.

  35. Anonymous

    Stupid dueces wild.

  36. Anonymous

    The Dodgers are occupying some historic club heights with a 22-5 record starting on June 22.

    In doing some research to try to determine the club’s best record over 27 games I found that in 1953 the Dodgers had a period of 23-4. The club won 13 in a row from August 7 through August 20 that year, part of a stretch of 23-3. After back-to-back losses, which put them at 23-4 and then 23-5, they won six more in a row for a 29-5 streak.

    The 1947 club won 13 in a row, July 21-July 31, and had a streak of 22-5 (not counting a tie that was presumably stopped by rain). The Dodgers then lost three straight.

    The 1962 Dodgers also won 13 in a row and had a 27-game record of 22-5.

    The losing winning streak in club history was 15 in Brooklyn in 1924, from August 25 though the first game of a doubleheader on Sept. 6. They were 22-3 at one point during a torrid period, but they then lost a pair in succession for a 22-5 mark. Three more wins then followed for a 25-5 period.

    The Dodgers began the 1955 season — the only one in which they won a World Series in Brooklyn — with 10 straight wins. They then lost two of three before winning 11 more in succession for a season-opening mark of 22-2. Two straight losses followed and then came a win for a 23-4 start. A pair of wins in a row put them at 25-4. However, they had won their final four games of 1954. When you add those to the scintillating start in 1955, they actually had a 27-game period of 25-2 that went on to 26-2.

    The was not a scientific study, but just an examination of some prior seasons that included long winning streaks. Someone else may be able to come up with something more definitive.

  37. Nolasco was never going to go the distance today anyways given that he has thrown 87 pitches through 5.

  38. Almost like Ethier’s shot last night!

    • Anonymous

      That missed being a homer by about two feet.

  39. Anonymous

    A little earlier than usual for Paco, but it is a critical situation. Hopefully he keeps him in for a bit.

  40. KT

    good game Ricky!!!!

  41. KT

    Nice Paco!!

  42. KT

    fan reached into field of play

    • Anonymous

      Looked like it was headed into the stands in any event.

  43. Blue Jay’s fans sure like grabbing live balls, I think that’s the third time this series. Hosers.

  44. Anonymous

    All I can get is BJ announcers. Right now they are ragging about how Ethier got more than a single because their stadium is so wierd!

  45. Rough day for Hanley on both sides of the ball.

  46. Anonymous

    Pitching to righties Paco has a better OPS against .433 than Jansen at .552 (Withrow is .705).

  47. KT

    You can see the Hudson thing here, but… you are warned.

  48. Anonymous

    Wopw—-:: another K for Schumaker.!!

    • Anonymous

      I left the game for a while, came back to your comment and thought, ‘is he pitching again!’

  49. KT


  50. KT

    came off the bag…out

  51. Anonymous


  52. The last five games have led me to believe we can overcome this!

  53. KT

    he is where he came off the bag:

  54. Anonymous

    First things first, we need to keep the gap to only 1

  55. KT

    DP Time

  56. Anonymous

    gives the term ‘we are out of options’ a whole new meaning

  57. Anonymous

    The Jays almost kick things open. But a one run lead is not so great unless against a wimpy offensive team.

  58. KT

    Let’s get that bad call run back!!

  59. KT

    Puig…way to get on!

  60. KT

    Close Gonzo

  61. Anonymous

    Whoa!! The high priced players choke rith rapid consistancy. Oh well. It is just quantum randomness now!! And Wierdness!

  62. Anonymous


  63. KT


  64. Wow a screamer from Rasmus!

  65. Anonymous

    And quantum wierdness saves the Dodgers for a while!!

  66. What did Rasmus do?

  67. Anonymous

    and somehow we remain in the game

  68. Anonymous

    Puig was running at the crack of the bat with two outs and might have tried to score even had the single been fielded cleanly. I think that influenced and/or befuddled Rasmus.

  69. Best case scenario for me personally as I believe that run is unearned and Janssen is on my fantasy team…

  70. KT

    DP guys let’s go…been ordering them all night

  71. KT

    Free Baseball

  72. League survived a “non-League safe” situation! Even with the error.

  73. Anonymous

    we are trying very hard to lose this game

  74. Jack Dawkins

    Is this the rehabilitation of BL?

  75. Anonymous

    I see a big top of the 10th coming up in which the Dodgers shake off the frustration of a mostly frustrating game at the plate.

    • Anonymous

      good call

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. What a night, series and post-All-Star game streak! Bring on Cincy.

  76. KT

    I hope League gets 2 wins in this Series!

  77. KT

    Nice at bat Juanito

  78. KT


  79. Anonymous

    My, my Mellis!

  80. Anonymous

    Yo! (the precise opposite of my earlier Oy). And on an 0-2 count against a pitcher who hadn’t given up an earned run this season.

    • Anonymous

      34yo Juan Perez, who played for AAA Albuquerque in the Dodger minor league system in 2010, has split time this year between AAA Buffalo and Toronto. He gave up 2 runs in 17 games in AAA and 0 runs before tonight in 14 games in the majors.

  81. KT


  82. Anonymous

    Mr. Puig!

  83. Anonymous

    Now I’ve seen everything!!

  84. Anonymous

    Blue Jay announcer: “It looked like he [Puig] got jammed, but he is so strong…”

  85. Anonymous

    There’s just something going on right now, isn’t there?

    Finding a way to win, instead of looking for ways to lose.

  86. Anonymous

    Now let’s get on that plane.

  87. Anonymous

    Take 2, now I’ve seen everything

  88. KT


  89. That will make Hanley feel a lot better.

  90. KT


  91. Kenley, you can go sit down now.

  92. Anonymous

    Turn out the lights.
    6-0 after the break.

  93. KT

    So does my prediction before this series look good now

  94. KT

    Ball Game…Dodgers Win!!!!

    23-5 since 6/22

    6 game winning streak…6 games over .500

    Called the sweep before the series…This team has me on a natural high!!!!

  95. Glad that was a quick inning.

  96. Anonymous

    Lyon’s is too quick to say Dodgers are playing the best in MLB, Tampa Bay has a case as well. They are 19-3 last 22.

  97. KT

    41 runs and 61 hits in just the last 4 games!!!!!

  98. KT

    Sure glad this call didn’t bite us in the ass:

    he is where he came off the bag:

  99. Anonymous

    Mattingly on Beli from
    Mattingly said the difference in Belisario when he’s good from when he’s not is the movement of his pitches.
    “All spring it was sideways,” Mattingly said. “But Rick [Honeycutt,
    pitching coach] kept working with him. The velocity was always there, he
    was throwing hard but it was just sideways. Now it goes down and that’s
    the difference. He threw two balls [Tuesday] night to Bautista that
    were just filthy.”

  100. Jack Dawkins

    Is this 4 games in a row where we have batted around in an inning? If so, the natural question is whats the longest Dodger streak of such games?

  101. Ian Kennedy has given up another 6 runs tonight, Cubs lead 6-2.

    • Anonymous

      The Reds have also scored 6 against Gaudin and the Gnats

  102. Anonymous

    Ariz. ties Cubs; game goes to 10th. Kevin Gregg BS

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