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Kershaw CLXXI: Kershawrd Day’s Night

Reds at Dodgers 7:10 p.m.


Breaks beat the boys, 5-2


July 27 game chat


  1. KT

    Go Blue!!!!

  2. The stadium organ should try to replicate the opening chord for that song before game time.

  3. KT

    No harm no foul…now let’s scratch

  4. The benefits of having Mark Ellis at second base.

  5. KT

    small lead, bad jump

  6. KT

    bad pitch blue

  7. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who pays a couple hundy every year for the Extra Innings package, and they refuse to start the West Coast games on the open channels when – say, for example – the Yankees/Rays game goes long?

    I’m sick of it.

    • KT


    • Anonymous

      MLB.TV on the web I think is a better deal, provided you have decent internet speed. There are two frustrations, however (I’m assuming you are not in LA): 1) they block the in-market games, which means that you miss Vinny and have to rely on the local team for games in your area; and 2) they block the Fox Saturday games completely, which is maddening.
      I don’t like Number 1 (I am in the DC area for now, so why do I want to hear some schmo and FP Santangelo when Vin Scully is broadcasting? But it is better than Number 2, because even if I have to listen to lame DC broadcasters, I can get the game. For the Fox Saturday games, I’m willing to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (which is actually painful), but even then I can’t, as they will broadcast the local game and block the Dodgers. Maddening.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the only real drawback to MLBTV. I live in Oakland, and can’t watch the Dodgers when they’re playing the Gnats (unless the game is on the most basic local cable, as I refuse to pay for the “package” that Comcast demands for the privilege of watching all the Gnats game, though I would like to see the A’s once in a while.

      • Anonymous

        Also in the DC area. 1) I don’t regularly catch FPS, but I really didn’t mind him for those three games, as he did spin some tales of his time with the Dodgers and seemed to appreciate them. As I recall as well, (I may be faulty here) Vin was available for some innings through the radio. 2) I do get some enjoyment out of listening to how bad they are, makes me feel knowledgeable.

    • Anonymous

      I dumped Extra Innings and went with MLBTV, which never has that problem and always gives you a choice of which broadcast team you wish to hear.

      • Anonymous

        IF you buy the Premium package–otherwise it’s just the home broadcast. But Vinny calls enough games in SF, SD, and Arizona to make it worthwhile, and the Premium package apparently gets you the At Bat mobile App (I think you need Premium for it), and that’s been pretty cool–I’ve seen video on my iPhone and get the radio feed in the car. It’s almost like being at home in LA. I am stunned that you have to get an extra cable package just to get the Giants local cable broadcasts in the Bay Area. It’s one thing to need cable, but an additional package.
        Bob_Hendley–I agree. And Vinny is on the radio the first 3 innings (which I listen to). I am probably being overly critical of FPS and the Nats announcers. Like most (including Collins and Lyons), they’re passable, just not anything special. And we’re spoiled.
        But there seems to be a basic fact that MLB should follow, given the means that exist today to distribute ballgames–if the Dodgers are on TV, I should be able to watch the game. Moreover, if Vin Scully is broadcasting a game, I should be able to get his broadcast. I’m not demanding it free–just the ability to buy it. And I can’t. I get almost every outlet available to me (MLB.TV, MLBNetwork, and a local cable package that carries 2 or 3 regional sports networks and some MLB Extra Innings games). In other words, I am pretty much willing to pay for anything, and still cannot get it.
        This of course becomes a concern in the post-season. When I live back home in LA, I’ll turn on the radio and mute the TV–I’m not sure what I can do in DC. You would think, if it comes to pass that the Dodgers make the post-season, that the ad wizards at TNT, MLBNetwork, and Fox would realize “hey, the best broadcaster in the history of the medium is already going to be calling the game, he’s not a homer like Hawk Harrelson, why don’t we just tune into him?” But they have not done that so far.

  8. KT


  9. KT

    Here you go Vinny, stats of Ryu:

    He was born in Inchon not Pusan which is at the extreme opposite end of the country

  10. Public Enemy No. 1.

  11. KT


  12. KT

    Nice Hanley…perfect 7 for 7

  13. KT

    great throw…nice hustle Hanley

  14. KT

    Let’s go AJ

  15. KT

    Come on WP

  16. Oh Hanley… get down and get a hand on the plate!

  17. KT

    Let’s go Mellis

  18. KT


  19. KT

    DP Time

  20. Clayton has got Uncle Charlie working tonight.

  21. KT

    Who’s on the bench who is a better hitter than Clayton…Oh that’s right Greinke

    Good Game Clayton

  22. KT

    4 more outs…Come on Guys

  23. Great game Clayton! Now get some insurance for Kenley!

  24. KT

    3 more guys

    Standing O Clayton

  25. KT

    no way Clayton was going to let his ERA go back over 2.00

  26. Anonymous

    Ethier needs to calm Puig down.

  27. KT

    Ball Game…Dodgers Win!!!!

    1/2 a game ahead of AZ despite them playing SD

    Gained ground on 3 of the 4 teams ahead of us

    Starting a new winning streak!!!!

  28. CK to KJ, we love it!

  29. KT

  30. KT

    Chad Moriyama ‏@ChadMoriyama6m
    [GIF] Kenley Jansen embarrassing Brandon Phillips:

  31. KT

  32. Anonymous

    nice close win!

  33. Anonymous

    Gnats lose!

    • Anonymous

      on a 2-run error by their first baseman Belt in the top of the 9th; Guerrier with the win, Gregg with the save, Dionner Navarro caught Gregg in the bottom of the 9th. Cubs starter was Edwin Jackson.

      • Anonymous

        Dodgers deja vu.

      • Anonymous

        Belt is simply terrible, offensively and defensively.

        • Anonymous

          But he does run (his mouth) well

          • Anonymous

            He’s not particularly bright either, tweeting a young student to stay up all night with Adderall.

  34. bluegeorge

    Wish I could celebrate this night with some frozen beer foam!

  35. Anonymous

    From the AP:

    “Kershaw’s career ERA is 2.67, the lowest since 1920 by any pitcher with at least 100 starts and 1,000 innings. Whitey Ford and Sandy Koufax are second and third”

  36. foul tip

    Surprise, surprise. Dodgers among teams maybe in on C. Lee.

    Also, Philies landed Cuban pitcher Gonzalez, $50 mil.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t scare me like that! I thought you meant Carlos.

      • foul tip

        If that happened, I think it would answer any questions about Ned’s future in LA.

    • Listen, I love the Cliff Lee. However, I’m afraid our Dodgers are getting pulled into every trade rumor thanks to our Billion Dollar Sugar Daddies.

      • foul tip

        Yup. But it is nice to know that if getting him were competitive, the Dodger$ wouldn’t have to worry about part or maybe all his contract. Even if it is a whopper, and even if Lee’s 34.

        Such is life in the land of milk and honey and Guggenheimer$.

        Lee was pulled from his start tonight. Phillies say it’s a stiff neck. Is Ted Lilly contagious?

  37. KT

    Friendly reminder the game starts today at 6:10 PDT

  38. KT

    Dodgers Lineup:
    Schumaker LF

    Puig RF

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Ethier CF

    A Ellis C

    Uribe 3B

    M Ellis 2B

    Ryu P

    • I don’t get all the time Schumaker gets…. I mean, injuries and all that, but I’d thought he was a bench dude. Then I got to wondering if he was +/- Jamey Carroll.

    • foul tip

      Not too sure CC will be very understanding. He’s said a couple times he sees himself as an everyday player, so now he’s rewarded for a 3/4 night and recent hot streak with a seat on the pine, or maple, or whatever it is.

      I know DM thinks he’s fragile. Maybe he is. But with all the time he’s missed on the DL, he should be plenty fresh and not need a break.

      DM said he wanted to mix and match among Kemp, Ethier, Puig, and Crawford–when all are healthy. Don’t see the name Schumaker in that group, and Kemp’s out, as usual this year.
      CC may think if he can’t play over Schumaker, what’s it going to be like when Kemp returns?

      This isn’t even a RH bat against a LHP. Both CC and Schu are LHH.

      Maybe there’s some good reason, other than a DM hunch or whim. Hope so.

  39. Carl Crawford taken to ER for precautionary reasons with a fever, says @dylanohernandez

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