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Breaks beat the boys, 5-2

A bases-empty, two-out, 0-2 hit batter by Zack Greinke, followed by a home run, and suddenly a 2-1 deficit was a 4-1 deficit.

It was the kind of ill-timed event the Dodgers corralled and conquered during their 23 victories out of 28 games since June 22, but the sequence was the key difference tonight in a 5-2 defeat at the hands of Cincinnati, ending the team’s six-game winning streak.

Unlike Wednesday, there was no happy bounce leading to a miracle comeback for Los Angeles. It was Cincinnati’s night. The Reds got their fifth run on a pinball single up the middle by Shin-Soo Choo, their second on an RBI blooper by .201-hitting ex-Dodger Cesar Izturis. (For good measure, their first run came on the 11th career home run by another ex-Dodger, Xavier Paul, in his 700th career plate appearance.)

Not even two errors by Choo – one throwing, one baserunning – could bail out Los Angeles. The Dodgers scraped two RBI groundouts by Adrian Gonzalez, but again waited all game for the big blow. Tonight – in a rarity for the past month – it didn’t come. A hard lineout to left field by Carl Crawford with two runners on ended the game.


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  1. KT

    Night all we’ll get them tomorrow

  2. Anonymous

    As well as the Dodgers have played lately, it’s hard to get too upset about one game.

  3. Anonymous

    I would hope the Mármol Experiment ends soon. He is simply awful, and getting worse.

    • KT

      his own defense let him down…should have been out of the inning without a run scored

  4. Man Crawford was so close to making it a 5-4 game with Puig coming up as the winning run…. Oh well. Tomorrow we get Kid K!

  5. Anonymous

    I’ll take the blame — this was my annual game at Chavez Ravine and the Dodgers record when I’m there hasn’t been so hot (tho I WAS there for the Padilla game in the NLCS which was the only LA win). Unfortunately I witnessed the offense of “if you waste, you will want” — not the one which has awakened of late. But even the drive in (which took three times as long as the one leaving) was worth it to be part of the standing ovation for Vinny. And I will always treasure the bobblehead. How appropriate for Vin, because a bobblehead in motion always seems to be nodding — affirming . . . and life always seems just a bit better, more affirming, when Vin’s voice is in the background.

  6. Anonymous

    The name Alex Guerrero reminds me a lot of the name Alex Rodriguez, except for the Guerrero part.

    • I was wondering what’s going on with him after hearing he had already signed. Apparently he played in a game and had a work out this week which went well. Jesse Sanchez says he may not be cleared to sign for another two weeks.

  7. “Hanley Ramirez went
    2-for-4 last night and has safely in all seven of the Dodgers’
    second-half games, batting .375 (12-for-32) with three doubles, two
    homers and six RBI since July 19. In fact, Ramirez has reached base in
    33 consecutive games since June 19, which is the fifth-longest streak by
    a Major Leaguer this season and the second-longest active streak behind
    Joey Votto’s 37-game run (Source: Elias Sports Bureau).”-Dodger press notes

    • Anonymous

      and Kid K is just the guy to stop Votto in his tracks!

      • Anonymous

        Though with slash of .235/.350/.588 against Kershaw he puts a ride into it when he gets hold of one

    • Anonymous

      funny that Handley has no hit in the first sentence

  8. KT

    Dodgers lineup: Crawford LF
    Puig RF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ramirez SS
    Ethier CF
    Ellis C
    Uribe 3B
    Ellis 2B
    Kershaw P

    • Anonymous

      Schumaker 8 for 23 vs Baily; Hanley, Eithier, and AJ a combined 1 for 30, 3 BB and 11 K

    • Anonymous

      Until Kemp returns, this is my favorite lineup.

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