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Dodgers at Cubs, 1:05 p.m.

If the Dodgers win today, they’ll have started the season 30-42 and followed that by going 30-7.

Happiest of birthdays to Young Master Weisman, who is 9 today!


August 2 game chat


Phenomenal bullpen key to Dodgers’ revival


  1. Anonymous

    Happy birthday to your son, Jon. Hope his day is special. For the rest of us, let’s hope for good Cappy.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s hoping Cappy makes us ALL happy . . . but also that your son enjoys his Day, Jon, regardless of the game’s outcome.

  2. Anonymous

    So that means that they would have to go 0-35 to match that terrible performance they had earlier…

  3. Anonymous

    Cubs manager Dale Sveum said that Julio Borbon was designated for assignment because of his baserunning error yesterday. He apparently has done that before. And if you’re a fringe player, it doesn’t help to do stupid things. Because teams can always find another guy to play like you who isn’t going to make that mistake.

  4. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to your son, Jon.

  5. Anonymous

    Some Puig numbers:
    He has started 49 games. In those games:
    0 hits — 10 times
    1 hit — 15 times
    2 hits — 15 times
    3 hits — 8 times
    4 hits — 1 time

    (In the three games in which he played but did not start, he had 1 hit twice, no hits once. In the game in which he got no hits, he did not come to the plate.)

  6. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford LF
    Puig RF
    Ramirez SS
    Ethier CF
    Hairston 3B
    Schumaker 2B
    Van Slyke 1B
    Federowicz C
    Capuano P

    • Anonymous

      No Gonzo? I take it this is just a routine off day.

      • KT

        Yea it isn’t like he’s had a whole lot of time off this season…basically only when he got hurt and about 3 other days

  7. Anonymous

    Capuano has had 6 starts during our current 29-7 run. In three of them he allowed 5 earned runs; in three of them he allowed 0 earned runs.

  8. Anonymous

    Kershaw’s rankings among NL pitchers on pace to have sufficient innings to qualify for ERA title:
    ERA — First
    WHIP — First
    Batting average against — First
    Strikeouts — Second
    Innings Pitched — Second
    Shutouts — Tied for first
    Complete Games — Tied for second
    Pickoffs — Tied for third

  9. Anonymous

    Was that a bunt-and-run? If so, it seems like an odd call on a 2-0 pitch to Puig.

  10. Spence

    I dont think I’ve ever seen two teammates be this hot over 2 months as Hanley and Puig.

  11. KT

    DP Time

  12. KT

    Good inning cappy

  13. Anonymous

    Fox is the only source to watch the game, correct?
    Is that Karros doing the “color”
    Who is the “play-by-play” person?

  14. KT

    Good eye JH jr

  15. KT

    good eye SVS

  16. Spence

    SVS has had a really nice year.

    • KT

      limited sample size…but I like they way he has learned to be patient at the plate

  17. KT

    gonzo would have had it

  18. KT

    DP Time

  19. KT

    two infield errors caused cappy to throw more pitches…Another good inning Cappy!

  20. Spence

    Puig doing it all!

  21. Anonymous

    C’mon, Jerry!

  22. Anonymous

    Yea! . . . and shoot!

  23. Spence

    Rizzo probably should have tried to get that one

  24. Spence


  25. Spence

    yeah thats not a catch aw…nice try though

  26. KT

    What a catch!!!…actually off the wall

  27. Spence

    Puig is the most fearless OF’er I have ever seen. He just doesnt care about his body.

    • Anonymous

      He plays with a reckless abandon, but so did Pete Reiser.

  28. KT

    Here’s my version of chillin Puig:

  29. Anonymous

    Enjoying the Kid on Fox . . .

    • foul tip

      When you live in the Braves footprint, not much point in hoping like I did that Fox would pick up LAD-CHC for the Nashville area.

      Got Braves-Phils, of course.

  30. Anonymous

    Since we can’t pad the walls . . . let’s pad the lead!

  31. KT

    Good eye Shoe!

  32. Anonymous

    Yeah! Break it open, Carl!

  33. KT

    Way to get on SVS
    Nice Cappy!!

  34. Spence

    That was really dumb Shark

  35. Anonymous

    Can’t let these chances get away . . .

  36. Spence

    Alright Puig, bases loaded!

  37. Anonymous

    Unscientific observation: Crawford doesn’t seem to come through that much lately in the clutch.

    • Anonymous

      He is batting 234 in high leverage situations for the seaso according to baseball-reference.
      Also, batting 165 innings 7-9 plus is 1 for 5 in extras.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for providing the scientific back-up to my observation.

  38. Anonymous

    For those watching, was Capuano’s bunt on the safety squeeze good enough that Shumaker should have taken off for home or was staying at third the right decision?

  39. Anonymous

    Early-season hitters so far . . .

  40. Spence

    Dang that was a nasty pitch

  41. Anonymous

    Ten baserunners through our first four at bats — 5 hits, 3 walks, 1 on an error, 1 hit by pitch.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like the Cubs yesterday . . . or the Dodgers April – mid-June

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but are clinging to a lead, and Capuano is in his Dr. Jekyll mode thus far.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. So would that have been an out in Arena Baseball?

    • foul tip

      Incredible. Has anyone EVER had this many spectacular plays in so short a time?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, couldn’t see down that line today.

      • KT

        Glad to help…Hope you had a great time with your daughter today…any plans for taking in tomorrow’s game?

        • Anonymous

          Thought I would spare her. Now I am wondering why.

          • KT

            I always have a good time bonding with my daughter at the games

  42. Anonymous

    Just when I was going to say “at least he’s had to make 77 pitches through 4” he has a 7 pitch inning.

    • Anonymous

      Even so, Samardzija has made 84 pitches through five innings. I expect we will see old friend Guerrier today.

  43. Anonymous

    Lucky Cappy didn’t touch it!

  44. Spence

    3 DPS in 5 innings

  45. Great play by Schumaker to end the fifth.

  46. Anonymous

    Now let’s get at least one!

  47. Anonymous

    Another squeeze chance for Capuano.

  48. Anonymous

    C’mon, Carl — beat the stats!

  49. Anonymous


  50. Anonymous

    I owe Carl an apology.

  51. Eight walks for Yasiel Puig in past 11 games. Seven walks in 42 games before that.

  52. Anonymous

    I’m liking this new found plate discipline of Puig. That was the one thing that worried me even when he was hitting over .400.

    • Anonymous

      He may be taking walks, but I don’t think he likes them.

      • Who would, unless you’re Eddie Yost? They’re boring for the fan, so imagine how boring they are for batters.

        • Anonymous

          I remember Bill North beating the Gnats with a walk-off walk, which he certainly thought was exciting. I did mind it either.

  53. In past 11 games, Yasiel Puig is hitting .425/.540/.725 (1.165 OPS) w/8 walks (1 IBB), three 2B, three HR in 50 PA.

  54. KT

    Way to go Cappy!

  55. Anonymous

    So Sveum lets Samardzija, trailing 3-0 and already having thrown 112 pitches, lead off the bottom of the 6th with his approximately .100 batting average, and then puts in a reliever anyway in the top of the 7th. If Donnie did something like that, I think many of us would be howling.

  56. KT

    earl ‏@mayhem7163m
    Turn the page. “@truebluela: Really kicking myself for not using “Night Moves” in last night’s Seager headline.”

  57. Anonymous says there is an “injury delay.” Can you someone please explain?

    • KT

      Puig made a diving catch and his glove caught in the turf and bent back…they checked him out and he’s ok

    • Puig dove, caught the ball but bent his left wrist awkwardly when it hit the ground.

  58. Puig hit his hand/wrist hard on the ground while making diving catch. He has stayed in the game but not sure if he’s totally okay.

  59. Anonymous

    I know he’s pitched well of late, but League still scares me.

    • Anonymous

      Well that was a fast response to my doubt. :)

    • foul tip

      Agreed. But inducing another DP deserves props.

  60. Anonymous

    Thanks, all, for the Puig injury report. I love his play, but it sometimes scares me.

  61. foul tip

    Whoever said we should expect to see old friend Guerrier today nailed it.

    • foul tip

      And, a 9-pitch inning later, we wish we hadn’t….at least so far.

  62. Anonymous

    That was League’s seventh straight appearance, covering 9 innings, in which he has not allowed a run.

  63. KT

    Puig out of game…no sure if hurt bad or just precautionary

  64. foul tip

    Wonder if DM went to Beli because he’s managing by formula and Beli is his setup guy?

    Or is he still a bit queasy about League despite his recent performance….League threw only 4 pitches in his 2/3 inning…

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been unhappy with Belli all season. Today is no different.

  65. foul tip

    Old acquaintance (ST probably doesn’t qualify you as an old friend) Kevin Gregg. A few old friends both sides last couple days.

  66. KT


  67. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela3m
    Apologies for looking ahead, but last time the Dodgers swept a series at Wrigley of 4 or more games was 1988 (5 games, July 14-18)

    • Anonymous

      How often have we had series of at least four games in Wrigley since?

    • Anonymous

      Something is wrong in this 1988 information. Dodgers had 7 games scheduled at Wrigley in 1988 if I understand B-R correctly. But the scheduling was very unusual. There was a 1 game series on Tuesday May 10 which looks carefully planned as the Dodgers played on Sunday in St. Louis and were off on Monday then played on Wednesday in Pittsburgh. Dodgers won in 14 with Hershiser getting a save.which was his 5th and last regular season save. Next, the team had a 6 game series scheduled for right after the All-Star game with DH on both Thursday and Sunday that is July 14-July 17. Dodgers won 5 games but the Saturday game ended with one out in the top of the 9th tied 2-2 but was never finished.
      Thus dates above should end on July 17. Dodgers play St. Louis on the 18th.
      !988 was th year Wriglet field had lights installed, first lit on August 8. Perhaps that had something to do with the strange schedule.

  68. Anonymous

    Any talk on the radio or TV broadcast about Puig’s wrist? Is he going for precautionary X-rays?

  69. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!!

    11 games over .500

    13-2 since ASB, 30-7 since 6/22

    4 gms ahead of the Dbags,

    5 back of the #1 seed

    3 gm winning streak, 13 consecutive road wins (new club record)

    13 straight series win or tie 9-0-4, Streaking Still!!!!

  70. Anonymous


    As I live on the Monterey Peninsula, the A’s-Rangers game was on Fox, not the Dodgers-Cubs contest. So, I followed the action on and by reading your comments. Thanks, one and all.

  71. KT

    Dodgers PR ‏@DodgersPR8m
    The last team to win 13 in a row on the road was the Mariners from May 15-June 5, 2003

    • Anonymous

      they went 16-3 during those dates; 3-3 at home

  72. Puig is day to day.

    • KT

      did they decide if it was a thumb bruise or a wrist bruise?

      • Anonymous

        thumb according to Gurnick

      • Anonymous

        Are we really so gullible as to believe what Mattingly says about injuries?

  73. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 21s

    #Dodgers have won 13 consecutive series posting an 9-0-4 mark. The Boys in Blue will look to sweep the Cubs tomorrow at 11:20am

  74. Anonymous

    Hopefully Puig’s wrist did not bend like Kemp’s ankle did

  75. KT

    Ken Gurnick ‏@kengurnick3m

    Puig said the injury is in the same area he hurt this year in Chattanooga and missed 15 games, but this isn’t as bad. He’s wearing a brace.

    • Anonymous

      Gurnick also says in game write-up: Puig has worn a protective brace on his left wrist since making a dangerous head-first dive into first base on June 8 against the Braves

  76. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers11m
    RECAP: Chris Capuano throws 6 1/3 scoreless innings in #Dodgers’ 3-0 win over Cubs. RECAP.

  77. Anonymous

    With other teams players appear to be injured but then are back in the lineup the very next day. Dodgers never have such luck. The smallest injury usually sends their players to the DL. And if it’s anything more than that, you’re out for months. Expect Puig to be out for a while.

    • Anonymous

      because the past always predicts the future

      • foul tip

        History repeats itself. Except when it doesn’t.

  78. Anonymous

    Just back from the park. What a thrill. First time in Wrigley. A great experience. Second time in my life seeing them play the Cubs. With the first time being Sept. 9, 1965, I have never actually seen a Cubbie cross the plate. Sat a few rows up from Tommy, who slept through much of the game.

  79. Anonymous

    Dominican Summer League (DSL) Dodgers tied their longest winning streak of the season, (2 games) in a 2-1 victory over the Mariners. The winning run scored on a single to cf after 3 consecutive errors had loaded the bases for the Dodgers. The man on second was thrown out at third. Let’s hope he had to wait to see if the ball dropped in. The win moved the Dodgers to 3 games behind the Mariners for 6th place in their 8 team division with 18 games to go.

  80. Anonymous

    In other minor league news 2 relief pitchers in Rockies’ system accused of rape:

  81. Anonymous

    Capuano — who pitched 6 1/3 scoreless innings after pitching 6 2/3 scoreless innings against the Reds on Sunday — …. In five of Capuano’s last eight starts, he hasn’t allowed a run.

    And he’s headed to the bullpen to be a long reliever?
    Aaah – here’s the glut of starting pitchers we were hearing about at the start of the season, huh ?

    Bosox up 3-1 on Dirty Snakes after 7.

    • foul tip

      Maybe Cap has changed their minds. You’d think he has more than earned the chance to keep taking turns.

      No one throws up zeroes every time out. But if he can pitch anywhere near this level most of the time, he’d be the top #4 or #5 starter in the majors.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed – good baseball day all around – Snakes lose and Gnats lose as well – Dodgers up four and and a half. Some “defense” of the crown by the NoCal team, huh?

      • Anonymous

        Too many good players is a nice problem to have.

  82. KT

    Dodgers now in 4th place in the NL standings by .0054 over the reds. 4 games behind the cards. 5.0 games behind the Barves and 5.5 behind the Bucs…very obtainable…Go BLUE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      with 4 head to head with the Cards coming up

  83. KT

    We are closer to the number 3 seed than the Dbags are to us

  84. Anonymous

    113 Wins or Bust!!!
    Happy Birthday to the Young Master Weisman.

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