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No, no no no

No losses for the Dodgers in their past 14 games on the road.

No runs for the Cubs in their past 24 innings against the Dodgers.

No baserunners against Kenley Jansen in his past 25 batters (with 13 strikeouts).

But no relief from the injuries for Los Angeles.

The Dodgers lost yet another top hitter today when Hanley Ramirez toppled into the stands at Wrigley Field at the end of a long run to catch a foul ball. Ramirez left the Dodgers’ 1-0 victory with his arm in a sling and an MRI scheduled for his shoulder Monday.

No matter what consoling or optimistic messages come from the Dodger clubhouse, Ramirez is a prime candidate to join Matt Kemp in making a third trip to the disabled list this season. Hopefully, Yasiel Puig will be back to cushion the blow after his day off today, but the Dodgers are far less equipped to deal with Ramirez’ absence at shortstop.

At least the Dodgers made hay while the sun shined. Winning their 31st game in their past 38, the Dodgers moved 5 1/2 games ahead of Arizona in the National League West, a gain of 15 games against their top rivals in the division in six weeks. Eight weeks and 52 games remain.


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  1. Anonymous

    From the L.A. Times: “[Updated at 2:38 p.m. Aug. 4: The Dodgers announced after the game that Ramirez had suffered a jammed shoulder. They said it was not dislocated and he would have an MRI for more thorough examination Monday. After the game, Ramirez had the shoulder in a sling.]”

    This is not the shoulder he had surgery on.

  2. Anonymous

    While the sun shined? A little over dramatic Jon, no?

  3. KT

    We’ll be ok no matter what happens in StL…we got a good team

  4. Gary Chomiak

    Its not just 52 games if the Dodgers want to have a run for the World Series in the post-season. Its a long season and the Dodgers need to keep healthy.

  5. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers44s
    RECAP: #Dodgers blank Cubs, 1-0, to extend road winning streak to 14 games:

  6. Anonymous

    AL record streak for road wins from 1916 on is 21; Tigers the team, don’t know year

  7. Daniel Zappala

    Mama mia, mama mia!

  8. KT

    Bob here are the photos from your game…maybe you are in a background shot…I’ve found myself and daughter before:

    Jon SooHoo ‏@JonSooHoo18h

    8/3/13-LAD-3,CHC-0 by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2013

    • Anonymous

      Very nice of you KT.
      Among the pictures is one with Sandy Koufax in the dressing room sitting at a table while others watch the Mets game among other activities.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Thanks KT. In the shot of Tommy, we are right behind the guy standing up with the glove.

      • KT

        good …Hopefully it’s good enough to add to your photo collection like I did

        • Anonymous

          Nope, you’ll just have to believe me that we are right behind him.

  9. Spence

    The only team that comes to mind that had this big of turn around in season as the Dodgers was the 2003 Marlins that won the World Series. They started out 19-29, and then finished the year 91-71.

  10. Anonymous

    BTW, hopefully the dodgers won’t be hoodwinked into signing hanley to a huge extension like they were with Kemp. One made of glass albatross is enough.

    • And I’m dramatic …

      I agree that they should be wary of a long-term deal for Ramirez, though.

  11. Anonymous

    Kudos to management for going with Fife today and lining up the “A” team vs. the Cards . . . of course, Fife shut out the Cubs for 5.1 (even with 7 hits), so that’s icing on the cake.

  12. KT

    Oh forgot to mention that I bought my tickets to the 9/22 game here in SD. It’ll be the last game of the season that I attend.

    Seat location: Section 8, row 3. seats 1 & 2. 3rd bases Coaches box right next to the camera well, great seats.

    They are the same seats I sat in for the 6/22 game which by the way was the game we started on this tear!!

    Also just now bought an authentic Hanley Ramirez Jersey to get signed at this game

    • Anonymous

      KT, where do you usually get your tix from?

      • KT

        I look between stub hub and ticket master usually to see which has better seats and if the price is better

        • Anonymous

 usually has Padres — and even Dodger — home games. I’m hoping to be in SD for that series as well and will give them a shot. Of course, there’s no guarantee to get specific seats — and we all know what a season-changing event it was for KT to get Puig’s autograph in June, so it’s VITAL as the Dodgers are hopefully facing the postseason, for him to have those same seats!

  13. Anonymous

    Report on ESPN just a bit ago said Hanley stated after the game, “I can’t feel the back of my shoulder.”

    Not nearlt as encouraging as his instragram message KT provided below – man, I sure hope it’s not serious – didn’t look too bad on the replay I saw but you never can judge from just a replay.

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