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The Dodgers might be the hot team, but the Mets have the starting pitcher with the lower ERA in all three games of their series, beginning tonight with Jennry Mejia (1.96) against Ricky Nolasco (3.65).

Mets ace Matt Harvey (2.09) takes the mound Tuesday against Hyun-Jin Ryu (2.99), while Dillon Gee (3.82) will try to best Chris Capuano (4.50) on Wednesday.

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.


Dodgers sweep Rays: Up next, the ’71-’72 Lakers


August 13 game chat


  1. John_from_Aus

    normally I would look at those pitching matchups and be a bit worried, but not anymore

  2. mike_tink

    I have some LATed comments.
    First on Lambo:
    he was 25 yesterday. I assume he was available to any team at one time based on the following from the Pirates web-site:
    “The production marks a rush back into the Bucs’ plans by Lambo, who went on the team’s 40-man roster upon his 2010 acquisition from the Dodgers in the deal that also landed James McDonald, then played himself out of that status.
    In 2011 and ’12, Lambo hit a combined 16 homers in 164 games.”
    Pirates to bring him up Tuesday but have not announced 25 and 40-man roster moves yet
    I noticed IDJjr was Lambo’s teammate in AAA during part of this season. He had good stats but only 294 PA in 88 games. Others Dodger-connected players on the team were Jerry Sands and Lucas May

  3. mike_tink

    Also, This article “MLB Notebook: LA’s story becoming historic” has some interesting stats at

  4. mike_tink

    Dodgers ranked 6th in MLB but 2nd in NL at the subjective
    however they are 13th, 5th in NL in the objective but only 2 factor “Simple Rating System” at baseball-reference

  5. KT

    Baseball Tonight ‏@BBTN 6m

    Who is your NL MVP? Best comments air on #BBTN following

  6. Very un-Ellis like.

  7. Too many hits Ricky.

  8. KT

    Now let’s get those back

  9. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  10. ASW1

    mike – cool link you left at the top of the last post and down below on this one – love the Kershaw stats – he really is something special and stats like those remind me to appreciate his dominance.

  11. Bob_in_Vegas

    No no-no. Now let’s get some runs!

  12. Bob_in_Vegas

    If the Dodgers don’t have the best hitting starters, they’ve gotta be close.

  13. KT

    Nice a 1-2-3 inning

    Now let’s score

  14. KT

    Nice hustle MEllis!

  15. KT

    Way to settle down Ricky!

  16. KT

    Let’s scratch

  17. John_from_Aus

    This is the time to get something on the board

  18. WinnipegDave

    Ricky pitching fairly smoothly – but getting Kershaw’ed by the offense thus far.

  19. ASW1

    Uh-hunh – here we go

  20. ASW1


  21. Take what you can get… let’s go!

  22. ASW1


  23. KT

    tie game!!!!

  24. ASW1

    That whole scenario that led up to those 2 runs – you could see it comin’ from the get-go

  25. Definitely better than the first two at bats.

  26. WinnipegDave

    Nice to have a mostly rested bullpen for tonight’s game.

  27. KT

    Now that the Braves have lost and the cards and Bucs didn’t play time to gain ground on everyone ahead of us

  28. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers1m
    “The #Dodgers lead 3-2, here in the Magic Castle.” -Vin Scully following @YasielPuig’s sacrifice fly. Watch:

  29. ASW1

    Caught the edge, Vin, relax.

  30. Jack Dawkins

    Nice lingering shot of Bellisario loading up the chew now that he is out of the game. Methinks the director would like a do over.

  31. KT


  32. The little pony that could!

  33. KT

    good insurance run

  34. scooplew says Murphy lined out to Puig to end the top of the 7th. Can someone describe the catch?

  35. WinnipegDave

    Absolutely rolling.

  36. scooplew

    Arizona took a 5-4 lead over Baltimore with three in the bottom of the 7th. Chris Davis tied it for Baltimore with a homer, his 43rd, in the top of the 8th.

  37. WBBsAs

    Orioles give lead back to Dbags on first Wil Nieves homer of season.

  38. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers5h
    A win tonight would give the #Dodgers the franchise’s best 46-game run in the modern era (since 1900).

    • mike_tink

      That is because the ’53 team lost a game after their 38-7. After that loss they went 10-3. Thus, for me the interesting question now is whether this team can better the 48-11 run of the ’53 Dodgers.

  39. Bob_in_Vegas


  40. Spence

    38-8 is just silly.

  41. KT

    tie game in AZ

  42. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!!

    18 games over .500

    won 11 of last 12 gms, 21-3 since ASB

    38-8 since 6/22 Franchise best record for 46 games since

    8 gms ahead of the Dbags,

    #3 seed, 3.5 gms back of the #1 seed

    15 straight series win or tie 11-0-4 win one of the next two for series win

    Still Streaking!!!!

  43. Another magical evening.

  44. Bob_in_Vegas

    Wow! Can we put some of this magic in escrow and draw on it in October?

  45. Spence

    Well the dbax won. But 38-8 is insane. Every argument regarding future struggling Dodger teams will revert back to this season. Never seen anything like it ever.

  46. Danny Devito! Haha that was great.

  47. scooplew

    This is a big stretch, but for some reason KJ’s relief performances brought to mind the 1965 hit by Len Barry that includes the lyrics:
    “1-2-3, oh, that’s how elementary it’s gonna be
    C’mon, let’s fall in love, it’s easy (it’s so easy)
    Like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy) from a baby.”

  48. scooplew

    Does anyone know what is the best 46-game streak in MLB history?

    • mike_tink

      the 1906 Cubs went 116-36. Must have a good 46 game period in there somewhere

  49. KT

    I know some of you
    don’t care about the #1 seed in the NL or think it’s too soon but here it is:

    Dodgers in 3rd place in the NL standings.

    2.5 games behind the Bucs.

    3.5 games behind the Barves….very obtainable…Go BLUE!!!!

  50. WinnipegDave

    The Dodgers get the Chuck Norris treatment:
    The Dodgers are so good that their win probabilty starts at one hundred and only goes up throughout the game.

  51. ASW1

    Man, this winning never gets old – funnest Dodger team in years – Thank God the McCourt era is in the past – Thank the Baseball Gods for the Guggenheimers!

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Definitely a cause-effect relationship in there: McCourt out, fun in!

  52. scooplew

    The best winning percentage over a full season in major league history since 1900 was .763 by the Cubs in 1906 when they went 116-36. Over the past 46 games the Dodgers have been playing at a .826 clip (38-8).

    • mike_tink

      The 1906 Cubs were 61-28 after losing 3 out of 4 to Brooklyn in Chicago. After that they went 55-8!

  53. Bob_in_Vegas

    They were on fire before, but winning Friday’s game — against Price — sent them to a new level of hot.

  54. John_from_Aus

    another everyday win!

  55. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers5mView translation
    RECAP: @Shredderpunto homers in #Dodgers 4-2 win over Mets.

  56. Spence

    That 6th inning was evidence of the magic. All those dunkers for hits, then Belisaro gets a gift call in the 7th. I’m a little surprised Donnie hasnt been extended. And Devito was hilarious. Love Frank on Always Sunny.

    • SaMoDodger

      No more magical than the four straight punch and judy singles the Mets got to score their two runs. their hardest-hit balls of the game were outs, especially the one Puig ran down.

  57. Onlyatriple

    If you listen to Vinnie’s call of the Punto homer, the words he uses may bring back some pleasant memories of a certain home run of 25 years ago. You can watch the clip with the link that KT posted 20 minutes ago.

  58. KT

    I like how animated Uribe is

    • Bob_Hendley

      They should tell him no need to stand on the bag when he is on defense.

  59. ASW1

    Yes, the 3rd strike call with the bases loaded for the Mets last night was borderline and could have gone either way, but enough already. Most games have a call here or there that could potentially change the course of a game. Earlier in the season, the Dodgers had their fair share of close calls that went against them. These types of calls tend to even out over the course of the 162 game season. Deal with it Mets fan.

    The Dodgers remind me of those hilarious “Honey Badger” videos on You Tube :
    Dodgers don’t care, they take what they want…

  60. DodgerFaninNY

    Hi. I would like to ask a question: in the top of the 7th the Mets had a man on first with either one or no outs (I can’t remember) and Mike Baxter (left hander) was announced and sent up as a pinch hitter. In my opinion Nolasco was starting to fade. Why did DM leave him in to face Baxter (whom Nolasco walked) when he had Howell ready in the bullpen? Thanks.

    • KT

      I guess that’s a question only Donnie can answer

    • ASW1

      Well, Nolasco only threw 93 pitches in his outing and Baxter is a .207 hitter for the season. Nolasco had been going real good since his hiccup in the 2nd inning. My guess is Donnie figured Nolasco could handle him.

  61. ASW1

    I actually don’t mind the Dirty Snakes and the Rocks winning now and then (both teams 5-5 in their last 10) – it’s good for the division and I don’t want the Dodgers to start feeling like this is going to be a cakewalk the rest of the way. Way back when Yogi Berra and the Yanks used to routinely pretty much wrap up the division in late August Berra said, “It gets late early around here”. Going to be how the rest of the west will soon start to feel.

  62. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford LF
    Ellis 2B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Puig RF
    Ethier CF
    Ellis C
    Uribe 3B
    Punto SS
    Ryu P

  63. KT

    Bill Shaikin ‏@BillShaikin1m
    Hanley Ramirez not starting today, unlikely til Friday. #Dodgers saved at best 3 days by playing short-handed rather than put him on DL.

  64. KT

    Ethier scratched from the lineup

  65. KT

    Updated lineup vs. Mets:
    Crawford LF
    M Ellis 2B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Puig RF
    Schumaker CF
    AJ Ellis C
    Uribe 3B
    Punto SS
    Ryu P

    • SaMoDodger

      Maybe the Twins will throw in Justin Morneau, if he clears waivers.

    • thescrounger

      Ned made the deal just to keep his string going. He has made at least one deal each year during the July no waiver period, I think. Something a kid would do… Tell me he doesn’t have something on Kasten…

  66. KT

    David Vassegh ‏@THEREAL_DV5m
    Don Mattingly said Ramirez will start tomorrow

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