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Vin Scully talks about his return

Red Sox at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Quotes from Vin Scully this afternoon, via The Associated Press:

‘I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have always felt that I am the most ordinary of men who was given an extraordinary break of doing what I love to do at a very early age. I pray that I’ll be allowed to do it for at least one more year.

”As far as I’m concerned, it could have been one line in the note sheet tonight. But I don’t take any of it for granted in any way, shape or form. I know that this miracle was given to me, and I could lose it in 30 seconds between the time I leave here and go up to the booth. I’m just so blessed to be doing what I love to do and full of thanks.

”I do think that the success of the team had something to do with it. These last 50 games, coming to the ballpark and watching them pull out some miraculous victories, it was so thrilling – even for someone who had seen however many games I’ve seen before.

”It became so much exciting again and so much fun. I don’t really know how I would have felt had they stayed in last place with 30 some-odd games left. I probably would have come back, anyway, because I love it so much, but this made it pretty easy. And as long as I feel the emotion, I feel like I should be here.

”The thought of just suddenly walking away from all these friends in the ballpark, and this great game, and this very exciting team, and this fandom that’s so thrilled with what’s going on, I thought there’s just no way. The best way that I could describe it was the night of the bobblehead, a couple of weeks ago, and they played that little tribute on the screen. And the ovation was overwhelming. I was as close to crying as I’ve been in a long long time.”


The Class of 65: Vin Scully to return for 65th year with Dodgers in 2014


Ex-Marlins 2, Red Sox 0: Dodgers win behind Nolasc00000000


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. LADodgersFan88

    Great stuff! I’m so happy he’s coming back.

  3. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    The Boston Dog available with the Red Sox in town: Beef hot dog, brown sugar sweetened baked beans and smoked bacon:

  4. ASW1

    Since the All Star Break, the Dodgers’ pitching staff ranks:

    Wins – 28 (1st)
    ERA – 2.17 (1st)
    SO – 7 (1st)
    ER – 72 (1st)
    Runs – 82 (1st)
    BB- 71 – (1st)
    BAA – .225 (1st)

  5. KT

    Tim Brown ‏@TBrownYahoo4m
    So, just witnessed this: Puig is asked by a sick young boy’s mom to pose with her son for a pic. He does. They thank him and walk away (1)

  6. KT

    Tim Brown ‏@TBrownYahoo4m
    A couple minutes later, Puig comes out of dugout with a game-used bat, scans foul ground, runs over and gives the little boy the bat. (2)

  7. KT

    1-0 Cards

  8. KT

    tied in Philly at 3

  9. ASW1

    I’m not a big fan of interleague play, but I’m really looking forward to this series. While I’m only in my 40’s, I’ve always been reluctant to embrace changes in baseball. I detest the DH, don’t much care for the AL brand of hardball, and have always considered the NL to be the only *true* form of baseball.
    That said, I don’t mind the fact that instant replay is going to be expanded, as long as it’s implemented correctly, I’m all for it. One thing I do see happening is a decline in the more flamboyant and emphatic punch-outs by umpires in the future – they will now know, in the back of their minds, that it very well could be going to replay – why leave yourself open to being embarrassed for making such an emphatic call when you might turn out to be wrong by a millimeter? IDK we’ll see.
    Bring on the BoSox!

  10. DS1981

    So basically we have Puig to thank for Vin coming back.

    “He said the team’s historically good summer certainly made his decision easier.
    “[Yaisel] Puig arrived and the crowd went bananas,” Scully told
    reporters Friday afternoon before the Dodgers started a three-game
    series with the Boston Red Sox. “It was just thrilling.”

  11. Bob_in_Vegas

    Sounds like lots of BoSox fans there.

  12. KT

    Good inning

  13. ASW1

    Like the start for Nolasco.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I’ve been pleasantly surprised by him. If Bills can come back next year anything like he was at the end of his ’12, this best pitching staff will be even better!

  14. KT

    Barves lose…Dodgers are now 1.5 games back

  15. KT

    Good Hustle Gonzo!

  16. KT

    Ricky’s pitching great

  17. KT

    Ok want to scratch here

  18. Bob_in_Vegas


    My brother just sent me this tweet from Seth Meyers — I apologize if it was already posted here.

    Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers)

    8/23/13, 10:14 PM

    My favorite thing about Interleague play is Vin Scully calling a Red Sox game. #AmericanTreasure

  19. KT


  20. Bob_in_Vegas

    Hanley! Baker’s dozen!

  21. Bob_Hendley

    Steiner surprised me on that one.

  22. KT


  23. foul tip

    And I was about to ask if anyone was hitting the ball hard off Lackey.

    Um, never mind. I see at least one Dodger is. What was the distance on that thing?

  24. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    There is no place like home! Remember to tag your Dodger Stadium sunset photos with #LADsunset:

  25. KT

    another good inning Ricky!!

  26. ASW1


  27. Bob_Hendley

    Dre always went back well on balls as a rightfielder.

  28. John_from_Aus

    We are doing well so far

  29. foul tip

    So, Nolasco’s full name is Clayton Zack Nolasco, right? ;-])

  30. KT

    Chad Moriyama ‏@ChadMoriyama12m
    Since May 22, Carl Crawford only had two stolen bases. He has two against the Red Sox today.

  31. KT

    Paco and Beli up

  32. btimmer

    The Pirates took a 3-1 lead on the Giants on a 3-run homer off of Madison Bumgarner, by none other than … Clint Barmes.

  33. KT


  34. KT

    Fine Game Ricky!!

  35. KT


  36. foul tip

    What would be the logic not letting him try for a CG? 101 pitches, in no trouble best I can tell.

    At least let him start the 9th, short leash due to narrow lead.

    • Bob_Hendley

      The thought is that you have your closer up anyway, so why not have him just start the inning.

  37. foul tip

    Kenley ERA now 1.97.

  38. Bob_Hendley

    Gameday has SV batting from the right side.

  39. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!! Still Streaking!!!!

    24 games over .500, 4 straight wins

    26 consecutive scoreless inning streak

    won 19 of last 22 gms (.864), 29-5 since ASB (.853) , 46-10 since 6/22 (.821),

    10.5 gms ahead of the Dbags, 2nd largest lead by a division leader

    Dodgers 1 game back of the Barves for MLB’s best record

    18 straight series win or tie 14-0-4, going for series win tomorrow

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