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August 25 game chat

Red Sox at Dodgers, 5:05 p.m.


Oldtimers Day


Ross Porter to throw first pitch Saturday at Dodger Stadium


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. dalegribel

    Wow, ESPN just played a clip including “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball”

  3. KT

    Nice Cappy

  4. Bob_Hendley


  5. RBI

    Bad call followed by bad pitch.

  6. scooplew

    Capuano’s pitching cannot afford a blown call by the umpire, and the play wasn’t even that close.

  7. RBI

    C’mon Cappy. Get two here with the rookie.

  8. Bumsrap

    Uribe is really making up for his first two years.

  9. KT

    good inning Cappy…Now let’s scratch

  10. btimmer

    Seeing Jake Peavey still makes me think of 2006

  11. Bob_in_Vegas

    Either all three Sox starters are great, or the Blue are using their April, May, and early-June bats.

    • Bumsrap

      The good Kemp is needed.

      • DS1981

        Dodger fans would do well to forget that Matt Kemp of 2011 ever existed, because that guy is never coming back. Kemp is yesterday’s news.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          That’s what we said about Uribe.

          • Bob_Hendley


          • DS1981

            Ok, remind me if there ever was a player in mlb history that missed 2 years with injuries and then after coming was just as good as before the injuries.

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Not being “just as good as before” is different than being written off as “yesterday’s news.” For a few games this year, Matt DID show flashes of what he did in ’11.
            I’m not ready to write him off, whether he reaches that peak again or not.

          • DS1981

            Doesn’t really matter. I think he’ll be the one OF to get traded this off season.

          • Given the size of his contract and his injuries, I doubt it.

          • DS1981

            General managers are all ego maniacs and think that their organization will be the one able to “fix” any player, especially the one with a 2011 season under his belt like Kemp. He is also a “name” player, so a fanbase will certainly be more excited about him than Ethier or Crawford.

        • Bumsrap

          That would be bad for baseball.

    • btimmer

      With one more road game than home game played, the Dodgers have scored 81 more runs on the road. They have allowed two fewer runs at home than the road. And right now that difference is one.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Wow! Dorothy was wrong — there IS someplace better than home!

  12. Bumsrap

    Peavey saving the down and away slider to Puig for his next at bat?

  13. btimmer

    Cubs broke open a scoreless tie in the 13th in San Diego and took a 2-0. Then the Padres tied the game with two outs on a double, triple, and a wild pitch.

  14. scooplew

    Regardless of whoever is umpiring first base, Ramirez is taking too long to get rid of the ball.

    • Bumsrap

      He was on the second one for sure.

      • scooplew

        I thought that he was on the first one as well, but I haven’t watched it a second time.

  15. That is just crazy that you bunt there.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      The proof is in the pudding — which tastes good to the Sox now.

    • btimmer

      That was just the 18th sacrifice all season for Boston.

    • btimmer

      Victorino leads the team now with 7.

  16. Bob_in_Vegas

    Speed gave that one, including Hanley taking too long.

  17. KT

    Come on guys can’t win without scoring…Let’s go

  18. btimmer

    Eric Stults pinch hitting for the Padres in the 14th with two on and one out.

  19. btimmer

    Stults struck out.

  20. KT

    Good Eye AJ!!

  21. btimmer

    “Peavey frustrated…” And it’s not Mariano Duncan doing it!

  22. scooplew

    I heard that Ethier didn’t start tonight because he is 5-for-33 lifetime vs. Peavy. However, 29 of those at bats were prior to 2009.

  23. KT

    going to 15th in SD…use up all the bullpen cubbies

  24. scooplew

    The Dodgers are now 8-for-64 (.125) vs. the Red Sox in this series — six singles, a double and Ramirez’ Friday night homer.

    • Bumsrap

      That is exactly how it feels.

      • DS1981

        Law of averages at work here. They were way overdue to lose a series. Nothing to worry about.

  25. Bob_in_Vegas

    Cap is holding up his end of the bargain . . . hitters gotta start living up to their designation.

  26. JHT

    Wish Puig’s arm was in center right now.

  27. scooplew

    Should be an error on Schumaker on that.

  28. das411

    DTers, i’ve said it before and will again, enjoy every game you have with Vin and maybe tape/DVR/record a few…because we found out the hard way with Kalas that you may not know when he’ll call his last game until it’s too late :(

    man does that ballpark look nice tonight too!

  29. Bob_in_Vegas

    Agon– again!

  30. KT


  31. RBI

    Go Gonzo!!!

  32. foul tip

    Dodgers are lead subject for Joe Lemire’s Inside Baseball at

    Following that, further down, under playoff odds–

    “Also of note: The three favorites to win the World Series are the Tigers at 25.2 percent, the Braves at 13.0 percent and the Dodgers at 12.1 percent.”

    So only half as good odds as Detroit, huh?

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Last I heard, the Vegas odds-makers favor LA.

  33. Jack Dawkins

    Schilling is kind of fun to listen to…….for one game. He’d drive me crazy every day.

  34. John_from_Aus

    I hope that sparks us into life

  35. btimmer

    Padres win 3-2 in 15 innings.

  36. Bob_in_Vegas

    Cap doesn’t allow them to answer . . . now let’s keep whittling away!

  37. Bob_in_Vegas

    No bottom of the 9th for the Dodgers in these next 7 games!*
    * Unless it’s a walkoff.

  38. Bob_in_Vegas

    I don’t remember Victorino playing FOR us as well as he’s always played AGAINST us.

  39. Kruk cleared to go back to hotel, the word is:

    Get rest and drink fluids, he’s advised.

  40. btimmer

    If the Dodgers lose tonight, I will get the same feeling I have when a Pac-12 team loses a football game to an SEC team. I can picture Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson telling me that i root for an inferior team.

  41. WinnipegDave

    Will the short bench catch up with them tonight?

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Lack of hitting will be the problem . . . whether it’s by the starters or the bench.

      • WinnipegDave

        But come on – sit Ethier because he doesn’t hit well against Peavy – and then decided to use Andre as a pinch hitter against him regardless. Seems inconsistent to me.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          I agree — but must admit I didn’t catch the inconsistency until Steiner pointed out Andre’s consistent futility. (I agreed that SOMEONE needed to take pinch-hit.

  42. Spence

    That was a blast!

  43. scooplew

    Slip sliding away tonight.

  44. RBI


  45. Two Three freakin’ hits off this guy in five innings. That ain’t gonna cut it in any game anytime.

  46. Bob_in_Vegas

    CC! . . . At least getting runners on now.

  47. RBI

    Peavy seems to have our number.

    • TAFKA_Gagne55

      He certainly did in his Padre days.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      That doesn’t bother me as much as the fact the other two starters did as well. It’s true that the Blue were due for a lost series . . . but they seem soo flat, at least at the plate.

  48. RBI

    Is Peavy the Red Sox’ number 5?

  49. scooplew

    Schilling is too hard and caustic about Puig.

    • RBI

      Borderline offensive.

    • Spence

      Yeah, I like how concerns over Puig hitting a cutoff man has now transitioned into whether he can manage his money and not get caught up in the hollywood culture….smh.

      • btimmer

        That was the concern about Russell Martin. And now Martin is the respected elder statesman leading the Pirates to the playoffs.

        Schilling? Money management? That’s rich.

      • DS1981

        What would a howdy doody like schilling know about hollywood culture?

        • Spence

          He certainly doesnt know much about managing his portfolio either.

  50. scooplew

    Do you think the Dodgers will skip Capuano’s spot in the rotation with the off day on Thursday? I hope so because I am taking my mother, who is 92, to next Sunday’s game, and I would love for her to see Kershaw pitch.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Then for your sake, I hope they do! :) . . . . I remember realizing I would miss Kersh by one game when I went the end of July . . . but I would see Zack. But they lost to the Reds. But (final and biggest) it was Vin Scully bobblehead night and the video tribute which moved him so much, so it was definitely worth it all!

      • scooplew

        Thanks for your good thoughts….My mother saw her first game in Ebbets Field about 80 years ago. I last took her to a game two years ago and we had a great time. We live about 350 miles north of her; she lives in L.A….My parents took me to the Dodgers’ first home in L.A. in 1958, at the Coliseum, pulling my sister and me out of school. They always had their priorities right.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          What great memories you have . . . and will make!

          • scooplew

            I was 10 in 1958. I went to 22 games that year and, remarkably, the Dodgers went something like 15-7. My dad was the managing editor of a small weekly, and the owner often gave us his box seats. I remember once, between games of a twinight doubleheader, spotting Vin Scully. He was talking to someone in the stands, not far from the makeshift broadcaster’s booth at the Coliseum. Timidly, I approached him with a small slip of paper and asked him to autograph it for me. Fifty-five years later, I can still remember how gracious and warm he was. Somewhere over time I lost the slip of paper but not the memory.

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Nice! IMO, the memory of Vin’s attitude is worth far more than his signature.

          • scooplew

            There is no question that his attitude is truly remarkable. It is a key reason why he is still so vibrant as a person and an announcer.

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Stephen Sondheim, who was close to both of them, is reported to have said Richard Rodgers was a man of infinite talent but finite humanity . . . while Oscar Hammerstein II was a man of finite talent but infinity humanity.

            I believe Vin Scully is a man of infinity talent AND humanity.

          • RBI

            There”s a woman who sits next to me in our reserve level seats who has the same mini plan. She is 85, and just a lovely person. Inspiring, really!

        • RBI

          I hope my son takes me to a game when I’m 92! What a great thought.

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            I hope you get to see Kersh pitch in that game when you’re 92 . . . and that the Dodgers have won many World Championships by then. :)

    • Spence

      I hope when rosters expand that Fife gets his spot back from Capuano.

    • I’m going Saturday so I’m hoping for this as well. I’d get to see Greinke instead of Capuano. Though they are giving away Kershaw jerseys so it’s unfortunate he isn’t pitching…

  51. RBI

    I can’t bear it. Victorino again.

  52. Spence

    Withrow is getting dinged tonight

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      The Dodgers got dinged all weekend . . . even Friday was barely enough.

  53. RBI

    According to Schilling, the Red Sox are already flying home winning this game. I would so love to prove him wrong.

  54. RBI

    Well, we may be losing, but we are a much better-looking team.

    • The Red Sox beards are really ugly.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I’m only listening today, but after seeing him yesterday, seeing Wilson pitch to Gomes would be interesting visually. If Brian gets the K, do the Dodgers pull on his beard?

  55. Bob_in_Vegas

    It’s a shame that the haters got the last two games on national TV and not Ricky’s gem. Oh well, hopefully national audiences will get the chance to be impressed by the Dodgers come October . . . throughout the month!

    • DS1981

      Why so much concern about the “national” audience? Judging by the ratings the nation doesn’t really watch baseball anymore anyway. It’s a regional sport at this point.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        How about “viewers” — whoever they are?

        • DS1981

          I don’t quite get what you are getting at. Anyway, i don’t look for validation from the rest of the nation. Hey, that rhymes!

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            There is a different audience when it’s a nationally-televised game, regardless of the numbers or geography.

            If you’ve done something good, you want others to see you doing it when they are looking in. You don’t want them seeing you being ineffective.

          • DS1981

            Sorry man, but that doesn’t make much sense to me. The giants recent world series victories were the lowest rated ever, but do you think any of them or their fans care that nobody saw them do it?

          • John_from_Aus

            I’d rather we sneak up and surprise people on how good we are :)

  56. Bob_in_Vegas

    Silver Lining: AZ already lost . . . standings won’t change, one more day goes by.

  57. RBI

    Let the Peavy meltdown begin…?

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      What came to mind was the Sundance Kid’s response: ‘You just keep thinking those thoughts, Butch, that’s what you’re good at.’

  58. ASW1

    What’s this?
    Peavy outpitched Capuano?
    What a surprise.

  59. Jack Dawkins

    That went a long way.

  60. ASW1

    What a great game for ESPN to cover!

  61. RBI

    League being League.

  62. Bob_in_Vegas

    Okay — let’s get it out of the system and be done with it!

    Does anyone have handy the # of teams on the remaining schedule who are above .500?

    • scooplew

      Examining the schedule, the only games remaining with teams about .500 are the Reds (three games) and the DBacks (seven games).

  63. RBI

    Ready for the ESPN Peavy-love to be over.

  64. Spence

    That was a beatdown.

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