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Dodgers’ former Spring Training home renamed ‘Historic Dodgertown’

Peter O’Malley today said he has signed a licensing agreement enabling the Dodgers’ former Spring Training home, in recent years called the Vero Beach Sports Village, to be known as Historic Dodgertown – Vero Beach, Florida.

“We appreciate the extraordinary cooperation of Dodger president Stan Kasten and the Dodger organization in recognizing the significance of this unique site,” O’Malley, the former Dodger owner and president said in a statement. “We also are grateful to Major League Baseball for working with us, perpetuating the history and tradition of Historic Dodgertown and what it has meant to the game for decades.”

In 2001, Indian River County purchased the land and buildings from the Dodgers, but since 2009, after the Dodgers moved their Spring Training to Arizona, the facility has been used for tournaments, camps and the like. A partnership including O’Malley, Hideo Nomo and Chan Ho Park saved the facility from extinction in 2012, even expanding facilities there. Their lease agreement with Indian River County runs through April 2019.

“We have plans for more ways to utilize this amazing facility year-round,”said Craig Callan, who arrived at Dodgertown in August 1978 to manage the sports and conference center, and now directs the day-to-day activities as Historic Dodgertown vice president.



Edwin Jackson, 10 years later


So near, so far


  1. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers4m
    The #Dodgers 8 shutouts in August are the most for an @MLB team in a calendar month since the September 1988 #Dodgers (8). #whiff

    • KT

      It seems like we’ve been tying or surpassing a lot of records this year…soon we will have that record too

  2. KT

    Love how we have plateaued and everyone but the Dbags have flat-lined:

  3. WBBsAs

    Dodgertown belongs on

  4. NoahUCLA

    So, we have Edinson Volquez now. Wonder what the plan is for him? He’s had problems this year, so he’s definitely not a shoe in for Cap’s spot. I just hope this doesn’t mean Fife is one wrung lower on the totem pole now.

    • foul tip

      The signing probably is mostly about the back of the rotation next year. My $.02 is that the team seems pleased with Marmol’s progress as a little to no risk reclamation project and sees Volquez as more of the same. Live arm, lots of potential, lots needing fixing.

      Easy to fit him on the roster and probably not hard to get him in some September games and go from there.

      Whereas, Crappy Cappy likely has pitched himself out of another contract, not to mention off the postseason roster.

      I think they’re very pleased with Fife but are concerned about pumpkins at midnight, a la John Ely. Still, Fife probably gets some September starts. Given the competition and now his health concerns, he’d best keep up something like his early season pace to have much of a shot next year.

      Given what Nolasco is doing, a sizable contract to keep him in blue is likely.

      So, for Volquez/Fife/whoever, the only real chance appears to be for the 5 spot,

      Yet one or both of Bills and Beckett may come back strong and make claiming it even tougher..not to mention the good young arms in the minors.

  5. What an interesting group of partners. O’Malley’s obvious, but I wonder if Nomo and Park really appreciate all the history behind that place or if they just each have fond memories of their time there.

  6. Guesting on KLAC tonight: Ross Porter and T.J. Simers?

  7. KT

    kemp up next

    • Bob_Hendley

      Nice to hear about Seager, not! (three errors)

  8. SaMoDodger

    I’m not sure I understand why the O’Malleys are doing this. It certainly means no other major league franchise is going to use it as their spring training site. Can there possibly be enough money from softball tournaments and fantasy camps to make this worthwhile?

    • Bob_Hendley

      Could be reason enough for him.

    • LittleBlueBicycle

      I suppose the O’Malley group could shift the Padres out there at some point. Wouldn’t make much logistical sense, but he obviously has strong feelings for the place. Plus the Pods playing at Dodgertown would be hilarious.

      Bottom line, I’m proud of Kasten for working with them.

  9. ASW1

    Feels like it’s been days since the Dodgers have played.

    • NoahUCLA

      Kershaw is a better pitcher with better numbers this year, but that September and October by Hershiser were absolutely unbelievable. I was a teenager at the time, and just couldn’t believe that he kept going without giving up even an unearned run. Then October came and although he wasn’t perfect, he was pretty darn close. So, although the numbers might not be as special, the September and October make it one of the best seasons by any pitcher in Dodgers’ history IMHO.

    • ASW1

      Great article – couple things that really stick out to me :

      “He would eventually win 12 consecutive games over the Braves, the longest streak in baseball’s live ball era (since 1920).”

      “If you combine Hershiser’s regular-season and postseason workload he threw 309 2/3 innings in 1988.
      No one has matched that total in the 25 years since.”

      “The next morning (after the Padres game), my phone rang and it was a sleepy-sounding Drysdale calling from California with a question for me: ‘Which record do I still own?'” said Steve Hirdt, president of the Elias Sports Bureau.”

      The answer to that: Drysdale still holds the record for most consecutive shutouts, with six.

      And the picture of Orel holding 5-yr-old Skip Schumaker in his arms is pretty damned cool as well.

  10. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Puig RF
    Crawford LF
    Ramirez SS
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ellis C
    Ethier CF
    Ellis 2B
    Uribe 3B

    • ASW1

      San Diego Padres Lineup
      RF: Chris Denorfia
      CF: Will Venable
      2B: Jedd Gyorko
      1B: Yonder Alonso
      LF: Jesus Guzman
      3B: Logan Forsythe
      C: Nick Hundley
      SS: Ronny Cedeno
      SP: Eric Stults

  11. KT

    T.F. ‏@EephusBlue2m
    I Can Fix It!: My Days With The Los Angeles Dodgers by Rick Honeycutt

  12. KT

    Ken Gurnick ‏@kengurnick2m
    Chris Withrow will be optioned to Triple-A to make room for Volquez.

  13. ASW1

    Man, that’s some serious Palm Springs-like heat outside today. I know I’m going to hit the roof when the DWP bill comes, but running the central cooling is well worth it right now.

    Go Bucs!

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