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August 31 game chat

Padres at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.


My five career foul balls


Report: Dodgers acquire Michael Young


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. ASW1

    Vin was confusing Morneau with The Island of Dr Moreau – he kept omitting the n.

  3. KT

    Good Eye Yasiel

  4. KT


  5. KT

    David Vassegh @THEREAL_DV

    Carl Crawford told me the reason why umps were checking his bat was because they thought “it was too red”

  6. KT

    time the the daily pitcher help yourself at bat

  7. Jack Dawkins

    Ive noticed that they seem to let Nancy play the organ more lately.

    • ASW1

      I’m a Rock ‘n Roll fan but when at DS I prefer the organ MUCH more than the too-loud piped-in blaring music.

  8. KT

    Cappy reaching for that ball bare handed

  9. ASW1

    This Cashner guy has some real good stuff.

  10. Bob_Hendley

    Steiner is weird, but that was the weirdest homerun call I have ever heard.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I had to turn down the volume to make a call and I turned it back up and heard that lackadaisical ending. Then Mo said it was a “screamer” but didn’t sound that way from Steiner.

  11. Bob_in_Vegas

    Okay, hope it’s like last night after the 1-0 deficit!

  12. Bob_in_Vegas


  13. KT


  14. Bob_in_Vegas

    Glad to see Charlie could get excited about that!

  15. Jack Dawkins

    He missed the cut off man again…..
    Will Mattingly bench him?

  16. Bob_in_Vegas

    Go, Giants!
    I know that seems weird, but the sooner the NL West can be wrapped up, the sooner plans can be made to rest people, juggle the rotation, etc.
    Besides, I keep thinking of Boston and Atlanta two years ago and what that did to their fans.

    • ASW1

      I actually don’t root for either in this series – Whoever wins, there is a good outcome – Snakes don’t worry me – and would be fun to see the Giants finish in last.

  17. scooplew

    On a visit to L.A. I am taking my mother, who is 92, to Sunday’s game. We will be sitting in Loge, aisle 121, row W, seats 1 and 2. If any of you want to say hello, that would be great. I feel like I know some of you, although we have never met. I will be wearing a Brooklyn cap and a blue Dodgers jersey. We should be there by about noon.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I’m stuck here in Vegas, scoop, but have a great time!

      I’m sorry you’re not able to see Kersh but Zack’s not a bad consolation prize — I hope you and your mom bring a W to the Blue!

    • ASW1

      Have fun scoop – don’t forget the sunscreen!

  18. KT

    Tie game in Az

  19. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela48s
    Yasiel Puig’s arm, unleashed (per @SBNationGIF)

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      That was hypnotic — I kept watching it over and over.
      And yes, he sure air-mailed it over the cut-off man!

  20. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    No chance Yasiel Puig was getting Rene Rivera at home, right? Watch: #whiff

    Another version

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Thanks for both. I liked this one for Vinny, but I liked the other one for the lack of streaming issues.

  21. TAFKA_Gagne55

    And all tied up in Arizona.

  22. Bob_in_Vegas

    Mo talked about the June series with the Padres turning both clubs’ fortunes around. It was karma because that series in April when Zack was sidelined (and others hurt in the melee) changed their fortunes at THAT time.

  23. Long LIve Chick

    This is about the best we could hope for from Cappy (not tooo crappy tonight anyway), we need to take advantage of this and SCORE SOME RUNS!!!!

  24. Bob_in_Vegas

    Double dose of CCs here!

  25. ASW1

    Here we go

  26. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Gonzo!

  27. Long LIve Chick

    A gone’s introduction music cracks me up every time.

  28. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Dodger hitters have confused Cappy with Kershaw and taken the night off.

  29. ASW1

    Damn – and only 71 pitches thru 5 for Cashner – who just hit 100 on the gun against Gonzo.

  30. ASW1

    There goes Puig flipping the ball out of his glove to a teammate again.

  31. Jack Dawkins

    Great catch by Puig……then he just flips it to Schmacher fromt he glove without transferrign it to the other hand. I guess its only an issue if he flips that way into the stands.

  32. KT

    Nice inning Cappy!

  33. Long LIve Chick

    This is our inning. COME ON DODGERS!

  34. KT


    • Bob_in_Vegas

      When I heard him announced at 3rd today, I felt good . . . and happy for him that we now feel that way about him.
      What’s the thinking about re-signing him, anyone know?

      • KT

        not many options available at third that are better right now

        • TAFKA_Gagne55

          He’s been terrible two of the three years though. I’d bring him back for a million bucks but wouldn’t give him much more than that.

  35. Ken Rosenthal reporting that the Dodgers have acquired Michael Young.

  36. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers13m
    Live from Los Angeles:

  37. Juan Uribe 2013: .722 OPS., 103 OPS+, 25.8 UZR/150, 2.8 WAR
    Michael Young 2013: .722 OPS, 99 OPS+, -16.2 UZR/150, 0.0 WAR

  38. Long LIve Chick

    Wow, every one of Fedex’s AB tonight have been simply pathetic. What a wasted opportunity.

  39. Bob_in_Vegas

    I’m glad several of you have commented that Cashner looks good . . . and it’s not just the every-5th-game hitting funk (timed to the Kid’s starts) the hitters fall into.

  40. ASW1

    Cashner impressive – good swing on that.

  41. Bob_in_Vegas

    Great game for Cappy — don’t let him get the loss! (Don’t let ANY Dodger get the loss tonight!)

  42. Jack Dawkins

    Puig ran the ball back to the dugout that time. And yes, I can’t believe I am paying attention to this. Especially when we had a great performance from Cappy tonight.

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