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Report: Dodgers acquire Michael Young

On the seventh anniversary of Jhonny Nunez-for-Marlon Anderson, the Dodgers have acquired 36-year-old third baseman and Covina native Michael Young from the Phillies, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

What the Dodgers are giving up was not immediately announced.

A free agent after this season, Young has name value, thanks in no small part to 2,356 career hits, but check out this comparison to Juan Uribe this season:

Uribe 2013: .722 OPS., 103 OPS+, 25.8 UZR/150, 2.8 WAR
Young 2013: .722 OPS, 99 OPS+, -16.2 UZR/150, 0.0 WAR

If Young is here to provide a bat off the bench, that’s fine. For example, Jerry Hairston has a .595 OPS this season. But the Dodgers don’t need to be weakening their starting defense now.

Update: Jayson Stark of reports that the Dodgers will send a minor-league pitcher to Philadelphia, but no word yet on who it is.

Update 2: It’s official – the Dodgers get Young and cash considerations ($1.7 million to cover his salary, according to Mark Saxon of for 24-year-old minor-leaguer Rob Rasmussen, who has had a 2.55 ERA with 76 strikeouts against 91 baserunners in 81 1/3 innings for Double-A Chattanooga this year. He had a 6.46 ERA with 37 strikeouts against 99 baserunners in 54 1/3 innings for Triple-A Albuquerque.


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  1. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Making a move for the sake of making a move?

    • KT

      to announce the trade

      • TAFKA_Gagne55

        Than again, Colletti actually has a pretty good record with August aquistions: Marlon Andersen, Ronnie Belliard, Vicente Padilla, and Greg Maddux Part II were all August acquisitions that were very helpful (though the resignings in some cases, not so much)

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          I was there for Padilla’s masterpiece in the NLCS and will always remember him for that.

  2. Bob_in_Vegas

    CC supports CC!

  3. Bob_in_Vegas

    AGon, again!

  4. Bob_in_Vegas

    So Cappy can’t lose, now get him the W!

  5. Bob_in_Vegas

    Both teams are inefficient with their hits-to-runs . . . benefit of doubt to the pitchers.

  6. Bob_in_Vegas

    Go, Donnie!

  7. WBBsAs

    Utterly pointless acquisition. I hate to wish injury on anyone, but he wouldn’t be missed.

  8. 14hodges

    Amen, Jon. Long live Uribear.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Especially this AB!

      • TAFKA_Gagne55

        This comment got me excited and I thought that gamecast just hadn’t updated yet. Sigh.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          Sorry about that . . . it was wishful thinking/cheering him on. . . . I know what it’s like to be lagging behind real time — with these games and sometimes in real life!

  9. Bob_in_Vegas

    Much ado about one thing . . . tied game, at least!

  10. Spence

    Lets hope Michael Young has a bigger impact than Jim Thome

  11. ASW1

    I’ll take Dodgers bullpen over the Friars ‘pen in this one all day, every day.

  12. Bob_in_Vegas

    Actually glad Cashner doesn’t get the L.
    Now let’s give it to another Padre!

  13. KT

    Bill Shaikin ‏@BillShaikin2m
    Return for Michael Young described as a non-prospect minor leaguer. #Dodgers

  14. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, redemption time . . .

  15. Bob_in_Vegas

    Tough to be a kid with a surname pronounced “Jerk-o”!

  16. Bob_in_Vegas

    Sac fly, at least . . . !

  17. Bob_in_Vegas


  18. Bob_in_Vegas

    How many SBs does Mark have? Could that have been a blown hit-and-run?

    • ASW1

      Either that or he just went on his own? I’d be very surprised if he was given the straight steal sign.

    • Bob_Hendley

      4 SB, 0 CS

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Thanks — guess his instincts are pretty good . . . usually.

  19. Bob_in_Vegas

    CC! — c’mon, Puig!

  20. Bob_in_Vegas

    Let’s get enough to keep Wilson in there!

  21. KT

    Time to shut them down Kenley

  22. KT

    Nice pitch sit down

  23. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K, KJ!

  24. KT

    Sit down Meat

  25. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!! 25 games over .500 Magic Number is 18!!!!

    Jansen has 16 consecutive saves and 23 out of 26

    23 wins this month of August is a new LA Dodger calendar month record.

    The Dodgers’ franchise record for wins in a calendar month is 25, set by Brooklyn in July 1947

    Good to see our home record (42-28) getting better

    won 23 of last 29 gms (.793) in August, 33-8 since ASB (.805) , 50-13 since 6/22 (.794),

    10.5 gms ahead of the Dbags, 2nd largest lead by a division leader

    Dodgers 3 games back of the Barves for MLB’s best record

    Last 21 series 16-1-4 going for the series sweep tomorrow

  26. Bob_Hendley

    Steiner seems pretty excited about Young (must have a good memory).

  27. Bob_in_Vegas

    2 games in a row trail (albeit by one run each time), then come back . . . tonight more impressive after the earlier futility.
    Sweep for Scoop!

  28. KT

    Bill Plunkett @billplunkettocr

    Rasmussen was acquired from the #Astros last winter for RHP John Ely. Was recently demoted to AA after going 0-7 with 6.00-plus ERA at AAA

    • KT

      Bill Shaikin ✔ @BillShaikin

      Rob Rasmussen is the player traded from #Dodgers to #Phillies.

  29. KT

    Rasmussen: 3-4, 2.55 in 16 G (14 GS) at AA.

  30. KT

    Dodgers are in 2nd place in the NL standings.

    3 games behind the Barves….Barves keep winning but We got this…Go

  31. KT

    Current standings and Magic numbers:

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