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The Days of Puig and Ramirez take a day off

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40 p.m.

On June 12 in Arizona, the Dodgers put out a lineup with Nick Punto at shortstop and an outfield of Jerry Hairston Jr., Andre Ethier and Alex Castellanos (who went 2 for 3, by the way). That was the last time the Dodgers entered a game without starting Hanley Ramirez or Yasiel Puig — until today.

Off the bench, Puig singled and scored the Dodgers’ second run in the bottom of the 12th inning of that June 12 game, but Los Angeles still lost, 8-6.  Since that time, they are 54-18, including an unfathomable .800 stretch of 52-13.

Speaking of days off: J.P. Howell hasn’t pitched in a game since August 24 and has faced two batters, throwing 11 pitches, in the past two weeks.


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The day and week ahead


  1. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Go Blue!

  2. dalegribel

    Goodness knows teams want to build leads like this in order to give some starters time off down the stretch. Wouldn’t be surprised to see both these guys, plus AGon, AJ, Ethier, and Crawford see significant time off. I also won’t be too concerned if Kershaw, Greinke, and Ryu miss a start or two.

    And though I suppose under-used relievers are a good thing and I miss JP, I miss Kemp more.

    • Bumsrap

      If players are going to get a rest I guess that gives more opportunities for bench players to get sharper but just the same, I would like to see Pederson called up and play some.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Hard for me to imagine that pitchers would skip a turn. I would guess that they might add a day between starts a couple of times and reduce their pitch counts.

      • dalegribel

        Although I was far from clear, that’s what I meant. I could see a whole start skipped for Ryu based on innings, but probably not Kershaw or Greinke.

  3. TAFKA_Gagne55

    I think this is a planned off day for Jensen as well. 18, 14, and 19 pitches the last three days.

  4. scooplew

    Well, my journey to Dodger Stadium Sunday with my 92-year-old mother was a smashing success. Thanks to a friend in the Dodgers front office, I was able to buy tickets that did not require us to walk down even one row. The seats were also in the shade, important on a day when the temperatures were in the 80s. I had purchased a parking spot in the “D” lot, which adjoins the loge entrance. We walked slowly into the stadium, arriving in more than sufficient time. The game was great, as you all know. Greinke was at the top of his game, Puig hit the game-winning home run, and we each had a Dodger Dog. When my mother was a teen-ager in Brooklyn during the 1930s — she emigrated from Romania when she was 10 — she worked across the street from Ebbets Field, which meant a very short distance to the ballpark. That is how she saw her first games and fell in love with the Dodgers. Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes. I think they played a great role in the success of the day. My wife and I drove back home to the Monterey Peninsula yesterday,

    • That’s wonderful – so happy to hear things went well and especially relieved about the shade!

    • KT

      Glad you had a great time and everything went smoothly

    • RBI

      So pleased for your Mom, and you!

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I know you wanted to see Kersh and I’m sure the results would not have been the same had he pitched at home, but you saw a great game by the ace-on-any-other-team.
      Happy for you for the experience and the memory . . . thanks for sharing with us!

  5. John_from_Aus

    Mets have just taken a lead over the Braves

  6. Jack Dawkins

    Michael Young knows his baseball cliches.

    • ASW1

      Michael Young could be to Yasiel Puig as Crash Davis was to Nuke LaLoosh!

      • John_from_Aus

        I would love to pretend I know who those people are………. but nevermind :)

        • ASW1

          If you’ve never seen Bull Durham, I highly recommend it – it’s one of the best baseball movies ever.

          • John_from_Aus

            I think i saw bits of it many years ago, I’ll take your advice!

          • ASW1

            I really liked Eight Men Out about the Chicago Black Sox because of the time period. Field of Dreams and For Love of the Game were both good. I thought The Natural was just OK – but Bull Durham is a true classic.

            Have not seen Moneyball yet. Anyone see it? Any good?

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Never thought I would root for the A’s, but I did in that movie! Once you see it — and it IS good! — watch “Trouble With the Curve” for the opposition’s response. :)

          • ASW1

            Will do – haven’t seen Either yet and looking forward to both.

          • Moneyball is great. And I’m with you, Bull Durham is my favorite baseball movie of all time.

  7. Jack Dawkins

    The center field camera feels like it is center in name only. Id call it more of a power alley cam. Hard to judge pitches from this angle.

  8. KT

    good start CC & Nicky

  9. John_from_Aus

    similar start to yesterday, but lets get more than 1 run

  10. John_from_Aus

    Arg, the old debate, whether to swing at a 3-0 pitch

  11. Bob_in_Vegas

    A K and DP . . . take a deep breath, Young!

  12. John_from_Aus

    patience everyone, both players and bloggers

  13. Bob_in_Vegas


  14. Bob_in_Vegas


  15. Bob_in_Vegas

    Break it open! . . . at least one, please?

  16. Bob_in_Vegas

    All three outfielders heard Matt’s getting ready to try to find a spot!

  17. KT

    Nice start…need to keep the pressure on

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I don’t think anyone can be accused of “piling it on” at Coors.

  18. KT

    Nice quick inning

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      to whomever voted “down” — KT was referring to Ricky getting the Rox out quickly

      • KT

        probably this guy who has been trolling me at MSTI…I’ve been ignoring him out of courtesy to the thread

        • John_from_Aus

          It’s a shame it doesn’t identify you like the ‘up’ votes do

          • KT

            I think it does if you sign in….doesn’t matter anyway…I really don’t care about up or down votes…I use it to let someone know I like their comment but have nothing to add

          • John_from_Aus

            like so :)

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            This is me adding that I was the one who gave that “up” vote . . . all right, I’m messing around when I should be working! But that’s how I use it . . . I don’t think I’ve ever given a “down” vote . . . I’ve either expressed my opinion or let it go.

          • In the past if I was commenting from my phone I have accidentally clicked the down vote button. Dang touch screens.

          • John_from_Aus

            I assume if you click it again it takes it off, I know it does for the like button

          • ASW1

            Yep – I just tried it

  19. Nice try Ricky, just go back to dominating the mound.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      With Zack and Kersh setting the bar, you know we’re dealing with great expectations when we’re disappointed after a pitcher fails at the plate!

      (In a Dickensian streak we visited many moon ago, this year started with great expectations, turned into “Bleak House,” and is now “A Tale of Two Seasons.”

      • John_from_Aus

        Our pitching lately is certainly ‘no thoroughfare’

  20. KT

    Adrian looking at MEllis like why did you take my ball

  21. ASW1

    Nolasco is a freaking stud – what a great pickup by Ned.

  22. KT

    CC! and Nicky!

  23. Bob_in_Vegas

    I just heard the sac fly — which sounded much more like CC’s speed more than AGon’s hit.

  24. Ok I concede, Young has not had a great Dodger start. Though I understand starting him with Uribe’s numbers against Chacin. My question would be why hit him fourth?

  25. Bob_in_Vegas

    I hope Mo talking about Young wanting to join the fun and perhaps pressing isn’t prescient about Matt’s return.

  26. John_from_Aus

    Hopefully with the 4 run lead, it won’t matter what Young does today

  27. ASW1

    Looked like Helton might have been out on his 2500th hit but the ump let it slide.

  28. ASW1

    Schumaker’s arm a far cry from Puig’s.

  29. Bob_Hendley

    Ricky had 20 scoreless innings under his belt.

  30. KT

    ok…Let’s get that one back and Moar

  31. btimmer

    OK. Toronto up 4-0 on Arizona.

  32. KT

    could be down to 12 magic number with the BJ’s leading now 5-0

  33. KT

    Stand down from DP Time

  34. KT

    Gonzo Speed

  35. Spence

    Ricky Nolasco’s going to get a huge contract if he keeps this run up

  36. John_from_Aus

    I hope 4 is enough, as I am worried that it does not look like we are going to add to it anytime soon

  37. Nice to see ya Howell!

  38. Bob_in_Vegas

    Okay, full disclosure since I claimed some favorable cause-effect relationship before: I just came back from taking my dog to the park. Not only did the Dodgers NOT score, but they were scored upon — twice.

  39. Nice to see Fed getting hits, he looked hopeless on saturday.

  40. Bob_in_Vegas

    Since I only have audio, I’m surprised that MEllis didn’t score, since he should’ve been running with two outs.

  41. Bob_in_Vegas

    Not giving in to those negative waves, but at least Ricky can’t get tagged if things really turn south up north.

  42. Bob_Hendley

    DP! And KT didn’t even have to ask.

  43. Bob_in_Vegas

    How does that go . . . Let’s get some moar!

  44. Well I’m not sure Kenley gets the day off unless they tack on a few more.

  45. Bob_Hendley

    Lack of oxygen getting to Charlie and Rick.

  46. KT

    Nicky 4-5

  47. Bob_Hendley

    The Bearded One for the save?

  48. Bob_in_Vegas

    I think the relievers’ confidence need a rehab assignment after Coors.

  49. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Andre!

  50. KT

    moving on up
    Come on Dre make it 2-14

  51. Bob_in_Vegas

    We want League! (because the lead is big enough!)

  52. Bob_in_Vegas


  53. Bob_in_Vegas

    Nice to be on the other side of the laughs!

  54. Now bring in Wilson, Marmol, heck even League.

  55. What exactly happened with Mellis?

    • KT

      long fly ball…catchable but the LF’er played it like Puig (nonchalantly) and he dropped it for 3 runs and a 2 base error

    • RBI

      Long but very catchable fly ball. Culbertson (?) slowed down and it tipped off his glove.

  56. RBI

    Man, I’m glad we’re up by 4.

  57. RBI

    C’mon, Belli!

  58. bluespop

    Don’t know if anyone has commented on this before, but why let a catcher(Rosario) advance on defensive indifference. Should be a fairly easy out.

  59. twaseverthus

    So let’s get this straight:

    1. Walt Weiss replaces his starting LF with Carlos Gonzalez, who proceeds to, in his only inning in the game, make a run-saving play.
    2. Said defensive replacement is pinch-hit for in the bottom of the inning by a .216-hitting 2B. He hits a HR. Walt Weiss looks like a genius.
    3. However, that was only 8th inning, so the Rockies are now forced to play their third-string LF, a converted 2B whom they traded Marco Scutaro for. Mark Ellis hits a bases-loaded fly to deep left center, the third-string LF drops it, and 3 runs score.

  60. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!! 28 games over .500, Magic Number is 13!!!!

    won 24 of last 27 on the road (.889) best road record in MLB 40-27

    won 26 of last 32 gms (.812) in August/Sept., 36-8 since ASB (.818)

    53-13 since 6/22 (.803), 60-23 since Puig (.723)

    12.5 gms ahead of the Dbags, 2nd largest lead by a division leader

    Dodgers 2 games back of the Barves for MLB’s best record

    Last 22 series 17-1-4, going for series sweep tomorrow

  61. KT

    Run differential for the Dodgers:

    302-173 since 6/22

    105 – 72 6/22 – ASB

    206 – 105 second half

  62. KT

    Dodgers are in 2nd place in the NL standings.

    2 games behind the Barves….We got this…Go BLUE!!!!

  63. Hoping for the best from Volquez tomorrow.

  64. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    3-0 in September. Six straight. 36-8 since the All-Star break. 53-13 since June 22. #Dodgers

  65. KT

    Dodgers PR ‏@DodgersPR6m
    First career save for Chris Withrow. #Dodgers

  66. ASW1

    Where have all the Ned and Donnie haters gone?
    Hilarious how they’ve been rendered speechless.

  67. Bob_in_Vegas

    Nice to see a win without Hanley or Puig! Bet they’re both itching to get back on the field.

  68. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    RECAP: @CarlCrawford_ goes 3-for-5 with 2 RBIs in 7-4 win over Rockies:

  69. KT

    From MSTI:
    Off The Wall 79 just now

  70. KT

    Looks like the Gnats are going to be down to 3

  71. ASW1

    Nolasco as a Dodger : 10 starts, 6-1, 2.20 ERA, 163 ERA+, 1.060 WHIP

    Came across this article from June 25 before picking him up – fun read now that we know what we know….

  72. KT

    Eric Stephen @truebluela

    Since 1st All-Star Game in 1933, best MLB 2nd half record was 1954 Indians, 55-16 (.775). Dodgers (36-8) need to finish 17-7 (.708) to top

  73. KT

    Gnats down to 3

  74. Chris Withrow became the fifth Dodgers pitcher to get a save this season. In 2011, seven Dodgers got saves – can you name them?

    • KT

      posted on MSTI and the names they came up with are kuo, brox, kj, macdougal, guerra, and then two question marks of guerrier and Eovaldi

    • KT

      I can’t even remember the 2011 team

  75. Seven Dodgers with saves in 2011: Guerra (21), Broxton (7), Jansen (5), Padilla (3), Elbert (2), Guerrier (1), MacDougal (1).

  76. Seven Dodgers had saves in 1988 regular season: Howell (21), Pena (12), Orosco (9), Belcher (4), Holton (1), Hershiser (1), Valenzuela (1).

  77. Valenzuela had a four-inning save in 2-1 Dodgers victory over Giants on 10/1/88.

  78. Nine (!) Dodgers had saves in 1987: Pena, Young, Crews, Holton, Hershiser, Leary, Howell, Havens, Niedenfuer.

  79. The last year the Dodgers had more complete games than saves was 1986. 35 CG (Fernando had 20) vs. 25 saves.

    • 20 CG. That’s astonishing, particularly when it’s 18 years after The Year of the Pitcher, when Gibson had 28. 28! Just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he had 28 CG again in ’69.

  80. KT

    Night All

  81. John_from_Aus

    I used to love watching Mr Ed, but I never saw the episode featuring the Dodgers before!

  82. KT

    Grant is such a good writer especially when his team is losing:

    Entertaining Read

  83. KT

    Kevin Kennedy ‏@KevinKennedyMLB8h
    For 40% of a Mlb season Dodgers have played .800 baseball most incredible run I have ever seen..glad to be covering them everyday..congrats!

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