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Kershaw CLXXXI: Kershawvity

Dodgers at Padres, 5:40 p.m.


There has never been a greater Dodger lineup than this one


September 22 game chat


  1. KT

    Come on Blue…Let’s get Kershaw a win and gain on Atl

    • package206

      You are exactly right, KT. We have a lineup tonight.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Ryu has improved greatly his road splits, but stil partial to him starting his first playoff game at home.

  2. KT

    good eye Yasiel…now steal second

  3. KT

    Nice take out Puig

  4. Bob_in_Vegas

    LOTS of Dodger fans there by the sound of it!

  5. OK Kemp, let’s do this

  6. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, AGon!

  7. Bob_in_Vegas

    MLB Audio only for me — with CC’s speed and 2 outs, was it just hit too hard for him to score, even tho going on the pitch?

  8. Bob_Hendley

    Nice pitch from their kid.

  9. Bob_in_Vegas

    Off baseball, but on-topic, vis a vis the headline post — Jon, did you see “Gravity”? Is it as good as the buzz is saying? (Loved the trailer and I’m a fan of Cuaron.)

  10. KT

    wow all that activity and only 14 pitches

  11. KT

    Punto was safe on the throw but the ump also showed foul tip sign;

    • KT

      isn’t it the foul tip when the ump take his hand and runs it along his arm?

      • foul tip

        Actually, when I came along I believe there was a bit more involved than that. ;’])

        • KT

          not sure what you mean…He took right hand and put on the middle of his left forearm and then swipped…this is a picture of his hand coming off the arm…it keeps going after that

          • foul tip

            Was playing off my screen name (in non-baseball terms) for how more would have been involved than an arm rub when this “foul tip” came along originally,

            Just trying to be funny. Not succeeding. Never mind.

  12. KT

    Let’s go Gonzo

  13. KT

    YES!!!! DP

  14. That was different.

  15. KT

    way to get on Mark

  16. Bob_Hendley


  17. KT

    look at all that blue cheering

  18. 14hodges

    Hooray for A.J.!

  19. RBI

    Great to see that AJ swing twice in one week!

  20. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Ellis Bros.!
    That’s being a great battery mate, AJ!

  21. KT

    Kershaw Eye!

  22. KT

    CC! Lol cedeno

  23. 14hodges

    Sold. I love Vin Scully.

  24. WBBsAs

    I was the first person to leave an utterly insufferable wedding, the first one I have attended since my wife’s sister’s 28 years ago. Alcoholism runs in my family. If I had to attend weddings any more frequently, I would become an alcoholic. I have told my daughter she has to wait at least another 28 years.

  25. Dodgers, you better win this. My other team today is failing miserably. Players dropping like flies from injuries, vaunted defense giving up yards in bunches. . .

    So far Norm Chow’s coaching experience hasn’t done much for U of Hawai’i.

  26. Bob_in_Vegas

    KT, I know you’re going to the first game of the LDS — RBI, are you at the 1st as well?
    It hit me that barring something really odd, we are gonna see Kershaw going for the Blue! I’ve never seen him pitch in person — missed him by a day in July. (I DID see him in that live interview/tribute for Joe Torre and Sandy Koufax several years ago. Kersh was in the audience and he went on stage with Sandy — nice moment!)

    • KT

      as it stands now we will be seeing Ryu and RBI is going as well

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Seriously?! I know Ryu is better at home, but the thinking is to always start with your ace.

        • KT

          sorry just saw…looks like we might be starting the NLDS in either Stl or Atl

    • RBI

      Yes, I’ll be there! I saw Kershaw hit the homer opening day this year. Wouldn’t a repeat of that make a nice bracket? But doesn’t this depend on home field advantage?

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Right — that explains KT’s note about Ryu. More likely than not, it’ll be the 3rd game . . . hopefully the clincher for LA!
        How great you were there Opening Day. I made one — believe it was in ’82.

  27. KT


  28. Bob_in_Vegas


  29. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ✔ @Dodgers

    Yasiel Puig’s 457 ft. home run is the second longest home run in Petco Park history. #Dodgers

  30. KT

    Dodgers PR @DodgersPR

    Adrian Gonzalez owns the longest home run in Petco Park history: 458 feet. #Dodgers

  31. KT

    Matt’s mom is in SD for his birthday…We’ll talk tomorrow

  32. KT

    From MSTI: Off The Wall 79 1 minute ago

  33. KT

    STANDING O Clayton 1.88 era now

  34. KT

    For those of you without “eyes” for this game…Puig’s dinger

  35. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers4m
    See. You. Later. Watch Yasiel Puig absolutely tear the cover off this ball in the 7th:

  36. RBI

    Okay, Belli. Throw strikes.

  37. ASW1

    Thanks for the video, KT – just got home – heard Puig’s blast on the radio in the car, nice to see it here – so he missed hitting the longest HR in Petco by 2 feet? Wow.

  38. RBI

    Just like that!

  39. ASW1

    Well, yes it’s the Pads – but still – Beli’s stuff looked good tonight.

  40. KT

    Wilson or Jansen for the 9th

  41. ASW1


  42. KT

    From MSTI: Off The Wall 79 just now

  43. RBI

    Nice seeing McGuire showing Puig a swing and Puig hitting it out, next pitch.

  44. RBI

    Three more outs.

  45. RBI

    This has been a nice, brisk game, compared to the last few. Kershaw-speed.

  46. RBI

    Where does he put his mull-hawk?

  47. RBI

    Wilson is not messing around.

  48. KT

    Ball Game!!!! Still with the number 3 seed with 7 games to go

    2.5 behind Atl, 2 behind StL, tied with Pit

    Looks like we will be starting on the road people with game 3 at DS with Ryu starting

  49. 14hodges


  50. RBI

    Great close, Beard.

  51. ASW1

    Man, Wilson looks better than I could have ever imagined he would.

  52. RBI

    So glad Kershaw got the win, and looked so sharp. Beli and Wilson, too. I really enjoyed watching this game.

  53. KT

    Going to the game tomorrow to see Greinke Win…I’ll be two rows from the field next to the camera well on the aisle in the padded seats section…because of my back ^_^…Looking forward to talking to Matt’s mom again and hopefully Eli hooks us up with some more game balls

  54. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers4m
    RECAP: @ClaytonKersh22 Ks 10, @YasielPuig launches HR in 4-0 win over Padres:

  55. KT

    Time to start getting ready for the game…hold down the fort while I’m gone

  56. btimmer

    Has anyone who bought playoff tickets and used the print at home method received the link for them yet? I have my confirmation number, but I was wondering if the Dodgers were waiting to send them out for a while in order to tamp down the secondary market.

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