Vin Scully hints at retirement after 2014 season

In an interview with KPCC 89.3 FM, Vin Scully indicated that he is leaning toward retiring after the 2014 season.

“Right, I’m pretty well sure – and I don’t want to go back and forth with it – but I’m looking to next year and figuring that should be about it,” Scully said.

It’s not a definitive statement, but always remember to cherish him while we still can.

  • Eli Van Sickel

    Hard to wrap your mind around considering how long he’s been at it.

    Do we know his broadcast schedule this postseason?

    • Jon Weisman

      Radio for first three innings and seventh inning on.

      • Adam Luther

        So looking forward to Scully calling a large portion of each game on the radio with Steiner/Monday for the middle innings. Currently reading “Pull Up a Chair” by Curt Smith.

        • scooplew

          I found “Pull Up a Chair” interesting, but I didn’t appreciate the author’s often clipped style of prose.

          • Adam Luther

            It’s a challenging read –

      • isb77

        Does that mean that Vin will make the trip to Atlanta?

  • btimmer

    Seems about right. I imagine that Vin also wants to let the Dodgers owners get a better start on their new network. If the Dodgers tried to sell a new TV channel and all it had to offer was 162 days of Steve Lyons, I’d start finding ways to fall in love with Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza.

  • thescrounger

    Lyons is OK but I don’t like that guy that looks like a frog… I would hope Vin could get the Dodgers to let him select and train a replacement. I don’t know who to suggest but I would think the club would like that idea.

    • WBBsAs

      Lyons is horrendous, and should never appear on another Dodger broadcast.

  • ASW1

    This guy’s “reasons” don’t sound too convincing, but whatever….–mlb.html

  • Linkmeister

    I’ve got a game thread set up for today’s Wild Card game. Do you all realize that Loney led the Majors with a club-record .351 batting average (97-for-276) on the road this season?

    • ASW1

      I did not know that, and, frankly, I’m not surprised – it figured he’d join the list of players who, once they left the Dodgers, would go on to play better than when they wore the Dodgers uni.

      • btimmer

        There’s also an equally long, if not longer, list of players who didn’t do much of anything after leaving the Dodgers. Most teams get rid of a player when they aren’t performing well. And most don’t get better. But when one does, it stands out.

        So people see Cody Ross and James Loney playing well, but they don’t seem to care as much that Luis Cruz didn’t get any better, nor did Aaron Harang, Rod Barajas, Jerry Sands, Scott Podsednik, Ryan Theriot (although he did get 2 WS rings despite himself), George Sherrill…

        • ASW1


          • scooplew

            I think that there is far less pressure playing in Tampa than in Los Angeles. I remain a James Loney fan. I would love to face him in the World Series. Or anyone else, for that matter.

    • Bob_Hendley

      I recall WGJ always having these weird home/road splits in 2006-9 with the Dodgers such that he was known as the Road Warrior for a while.

  • foul tip
  • NoahUCLA

    My preferred lineup for tomorrow night: 1. Crawford 2. MEllis 3. Hanley 4. Gonzalez 5. Puig 6. Uribe 7. AJ 8. Shoe
    The likely lineup: 1. Puig 2. Crawford 3. Hanley 4. Gonzalez 5. Uribe 6. AJ 7. Shoe 8. MEllis
    What could have been: 1. Puig 2. Ethier 3. Hanley 4. Gonzalez 5. Kemp 6. Uribe 7. AJ 8. MEllis

  • michaelgreenlasvegas

    I wouldn’t bet that The Vin is going to quit. If he makes noises in that direction, I’d look for the Dodgers to say, well, why not just quit the road? If his wife wants him to or he feels it’s time, then, yes. But if he’s hedging a bit, well, we should hedge a bit too. Of course we should cherish and honor him. He deserves that.

    As for the book on him, Curt Smith wrote a wonderful history of baseball broadcasting, Voices of the Game, that was far too detailed, but at least it was written. His book on Vin … is not.

    It would be nice if Vin wanted to train a replacement, but that’s never been his style. Red Barber had wanted to be a college professor and even said that helped motivate him to look for someone like Young Scully. It’s a plum job, but it’s also a daunting job.

  • John_from_Aus
    • NoahUCLA

      He stole my suggested order below. I hope he’s right. Everyone looks at DT I guess.

  • foul tip

    Haven’t posted way OT in a while. Got to keep up the tradition.

    From the you-don’t-see-this-everyday dept: I’m not a follower of beauty pageants, but ran across an unusual item in Outdoor Life magazine about Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail, tomboy and Miss America semifinalist. She’s also an avid hunter, boxer, skydiver, and Army National Guardswoman,

    Seems she wanted to demonstrate archery in pageant talent competition. Pageant officials nixed it, comparing it to flaming batons and citing liability.

    “I tried to tell them I’ve never missed anything I’ve shot at. But they weren’t having it.

    “So I sang opera instead.” Reportedly a song she learned off You Tube. Has sung opera only 6 months.

    Picture in Outdoor Life has her in full camo, scoped rifle, fur cap, and holding some squirrels she took outside Kansas City.

    Wonder if she can play baseball…

    • thescrounger

      Who Cares?? Sign her immediately!

      • foul tip

        Yeah. Ned can always use another assistant GM.

        At the very least, if I’m ever in the proverbial alley fight, backed into a corner, I want her on my side.

  • Spence

    I dont think Vin will ever retire. I think he’ll just gradually do less games.

  • Jon Weisman