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My reign in Pittsburgh nears an end

For 21 years, I’ve been able to say I covered the last major-league playoff game in Pittsburgh (which also happened to be Barry Bonds’ last home game there). Tuesday night, that claim becomes a thing of the past.

I was in graduate school at Georgetown at the time, about half a year after I had left my full-time job at the Los Angeles Daily News, but drove up to Pittsburgh to freelance the stories. It was exciting for me to come to the place I can still hear Vin Scully describe in his inimitable way: “the confluence of the Allegheny, the Ohio and the Monongahela.”

My lasting memories from October 11, 1992 are mainly these: 1) how uncomfortable the artificial turf was to stand on for such a long time before the game, 2) serious discussion of whether the San Francisco Giants would actually move to Florida and 3) Bob Walk, who won Pittsburgh’s last game of the season with a complete-game five-walker, being rather snippish because I missed the initial round of interviews.

Here’s my sidebar on the game, followed by one (a little blurry, unfortunately) from two games earlier.




Bryan Stow struggles to remember what happened


Vin Scully hints at retirement after 2014 season


  1. Onlyatriple

    A Tim Wakefield reference? Didn’t he just retire? OK, two years ago but still that’s a long career…

  2. WBBsAs


  3. TAFKA_Gagne55

    It’s possible that another Van Slyke will be involved in the last playoff game in Pittsburgh this year.

  4. 41

    Jon, in the spirit of looking back, tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Game 1 of the ’63 series at Yankee Stadium. In the House that Ruth Built, I wonder if Jackie was there to witness a top four of Wills, Gilliam, W. Davis and T. Davis. Thanks for keeping DT going. It is always a good read. Bill in Ventura. p.s. it was Wills’ birthday.

    • WBBsAs

      I skipped school to stay home and watch it.

      • Bob_Hendley

        The nuns in my school were baseball fanatics and had the tube on, low, in class.

      • Adam Luther

        Remarkable-possibly the most outstanding individual performance by an opponent in the House That Ruth Built.

  5. Jack Dawkins

    The wildcard games are fun, but 3 days off til dodgers play seems too long. even though it does help health wise.

  6. NoahUCLA

    I just got my tickets for Sunday and I am ready to go!! I was at Dodger stadium for the sweep of the Cubs and now I’m hoping to be there for the sweep of the Braves.

    • KT

      where are you sitting

      • NoahUCLA

        Section 29 of the Reserved field level.

        • KT

          I’m as high up as you are for the 1st time in a long while but further down the line actually sat Reserve Level for Matt Kemp bobble head night this year

  7. NoahUCLA

    The Dodgers were trying out Gordon, Van Slyke and Hairston in CF today. Those are 3 scary thoughts. Maybe they think all three will play together with Gordon’s speed, Hairston’s glove and Van Slyke’s bat (not sure who has the best arm).

    • My guess is they were being worked out for emergency options and that Schumaker and Puig will still handle the position until Ethier returns.

      • NoahUCLA

        True, I’m sure. But the fact we are at this point is not comforting. If we saw Shoe getting worked out on the mound, even for emergency purposes, it would not be an encouraging sign as to the depth and quality of our pitching. Just curious if anyone thinks Gwynn Jr. gives us a better starter and outfield backup than Shoe does? Just because Shoe is maybe a better spot starter and bench player than Gwynn, doesn’t mean he needs to be next in line for the start in center. Just wondering that if we’re going to give up the offense at that position, why not have the best defender out there possible. Gwynn Jr. saved many runs last year with his defense.

        • I do but I’m in the minority.

          • WBBsAs

            I’d agree that Gwynn is the next best choice, but even if he were on the 40-man roster, he hasn’t played at all for more than a month.

        • dalegribel

          It has to be a very small number of players that have appeared in a post season game without having appeared in any during the season. I saw the
          Times piece with Gwynn’s name, but even though he is exceptional on defense, Schumaker’s offense is likely to be a bigger factor.

    • Bob_Hendley

      SVS has the better arm in that group.

  8. KT

    Just bought tickets for the NLCS games 1 and 2 at home…have no idea who I’m taking yet since it will be most likely a Monday and Tuesday…Hopefully it the Friday Saturday game against a WC team after they knock off the Cards

    • NoahUCLA

      You are a lucky man. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on anything more than game 3 of this series.

      • KT

        Yea I waited …now not sure how I’m going to work out the logistics

    • I was gonna buy tickets from a friend for game 3 sunday but turns out they’re his in laws and they’d rather make a little money off them on stubhub. Oh well, I’ll be cheering loudly from home!

      • KT

        Yea I don’t go for that stuff either…Brother just called and said he has a hook up for WS tickets if we get that far

  9. Open thread for the Reds/Pirates game over at my place.

  10. foul tip

    Verducci, from an analysis of every playoff team’s way to win and way out of the competition–

    “Los Angeles scored three or fewer runs in more than half its games — 85, the most of any team still playing.”

  11. Spence

    Russell Martin had a huge game tonight.

  12. Spence

    Pedro Martinez has gotten really chubby in the face and neck from the time that he pitched. He looks really odd.

  13. michaelgreenlasvegas

    The Vin says it like nobody else, but I have to say, he had a challenger. If you remember Lindsey Nelson, he would say that, and with his Tennessee drawl, it was really special. So was Lindsey, come to think of it.

  14. Jack Dawkins

    Like Pirates winning. 3 Reasons. 1. Feel good story. 2. Think Dodgers match up better against them than against Reds. 3. Warms the cockles of my heart to see Dusty out of the playoffs.

  15. Bob_Hendley

    Hoya Saxa!

  16. foul tip

    Cespedes says Puig’s in a craziness league of his own, even by Cuban standards. Otherwise, story enjoyable if a bit predictable

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