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National League Division Series Game 4 chat

Braves at Dodgers, 6:37 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Yasiel Puig, RF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Skip Schumaker, CF
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P

It’s just so alien to have the same batting order four days in a row, with only the pitchers changing.

Go get ’em, kids.


Boldly and not without risk, Dodgers push Clayton Kershaw into Game 4 start


U-RI-BEAR! Dodgers swing into NLCS on redemption song


  1. DeucesAreWild


    In 1962, the Dodgers chose not to use Don Drysdale on three-day’s rest
    for game 165 vs. the Giants. He would be starting Game 1 of the World
    Series. The key word here is “would”

  2. btimmer

    In the regular season, the most frequently used batting order by the Dodgers (not counting) pitchers showed up just four times: Crawford, Puig, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Ethier, Ellis, Uribe, Ellis, pitcher

    • NoahUCLA

      That might be our game 1 lineup for NLCS.

      • I saw Ethier was working out in center field and hoped he’d play there this series, so having him for the NLCS doesn’t seem far fetched.

      • John_from_Aus

        I prefer Mellis at 2 and Puig at 5, even if Ethier is back

  3. btimmer

    The Dodgers haven’t had the same batting order (not counting pitchers) since May 12-16, 2009 when they used one five straight times: Pierre, Furcal, Hudson, Ethier, Martin, Loney, Kemp, Blake

    • Meaning it’s been that long since they’ve done four games in a row?

    • Funny to think of a time where the O-Dawg bat third and Kemp was all the way back at 7th.

      • package206

        I talked to O dog the other day and he said he will try and make a comeback next year. Great guy!

        • scooplew

          I liked O dog. Did he get into some kind of dispute with Torre? Is that why the club apparently soured on him?

          • NoahUCLA

            I think he got into a dispute with his bat and his batting average and he lost.

          • scooplew

            That was true later in his career (dispute with his bat and his batting average), but in his only year with the Dodgers (2009), Hudson went .283/.357/.417/.774 and was selected for the All-Star Game. He also hit for the cycle in the home opener.

          • NoahUCLA

            I loved that cycle. The Dodgers traded for Belliard that year for veteran help at 3 positions and then he went on a tear batting 351 in 24 games and 5 home runs while Hudson struggled down the stretch. It was just Torre going with the hot hand, not any fault of Hudson. Then Minnesota signed him for 5 million in the offseason and no way Mccourt was matching that in the beginning of the end for mccourt and the saga that was 2010-2012.

          • foul tip

            Saga=soap opera.

          • NoahUCLA

            = unhappy fans and lost years

          • scooplew

            Number of no-hitters by L.A. Dodger pitchers: 10 (four by Koufax, including a perfect game; six other pitchers had one each).
            Number of times L.A. hitters hit for the cycle: 2 (Parker in 1970 and Hudson in 2009),

          • package206

            It was costing the Dodgers 10,000 bucks per ab at the end of the season and apparently they decided it was better to keep him on the bench.

  4. package206

    Wow! You mean Donnie finally learned how to make a lineup??

  5. LittleBlueBicycle

    A friend sent me a link to an abstract from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2012 May;26(5):1181-7, and told me not to worry about Kershaw:

    “there exists little evidence to show that the number of pitches thrown and the days of rest affect future performance and injury among adults….We examined performances of major-league baseball starting pitchers from 1988 to 2009 using fractional polynomial multiple regression to estimate the immediate and cumulative impact of pitches thrown and the days of rest on performance, while controlling for other factors that likely affect pitcher effectiveness. Estimates indicate each pitch thrown in the preceding game increased earned run average (ERA) by 0.007 in the following game. Each pitch averaged in the preceding 5 and 10 games increased the ERA by 0.014 and 0.022, respectively….. In summary, we found that there is a negative relationship between past pitches thrown and future performance that is virtually linear. The impact of the cumulative pitching load is larger than the impact of a single game”.

  6. Jack Dawkins

    Im fine with Kershaw today. Win today is a good strategy. The number off off days until friday makes it an easy decision I think. No,.asco futility aginst the braves makes it easier.

  7. foul tip

    Catching up, noted some thought last thread that the braintrust likely all was on board with this, which we’re never likely to be sure about.

    But one thing is clear. They weren’t planning it when they let Clayton reach 124 up 6-1. Surely not..

    But being flexible in strategy can be a very good thing. Let’s hope can be=is.

  8. Interview with Vinnie on NPR’s All Things Considered.

    • 4d3fect

      Thanks Steve, my wife listens all the time, just missed this though.(Her family lived up the road from DS in Glendale, and were acquainted with Casey Stengel)

  9. Casey Barker

    In my opinion, Mattingly IS overthinking this series:

    1. He removed Chris Withrow from Game 2, where there was not much to say that Withrow was performing poorly.

    2. He walked Reed Johnson to face Jason Heyward.
    3. He removed Ryu too early. Ryu had been hit, but no where near as hard as Teharan.
    4. He used far too many pitchers in game three, where Capuano had performed just fine, and with a 10-4 lead.
    I hope that starting Kershaw isn’t just about making “the right move”, but about giving the team a greater likelihood of winning game 4.

    I also heard that the team leading 2-1 in a five-game series has won the series 70% of the time. This is strange, because you’d expect it to be 75% for two EVENLY matched teams.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I disagree with #3. I was at the game last night and Ryu did NOT have it. I said to the fan next to me that Kershaw also gets into trouble but gets out of it . . . Ryu did not. He gave up 2 immediately, losing two batters he had 0-2 (the first with four straight balls). When the Dodgers put up 4, Ryu immediately gave back two. And Don pulled Ryu for a pinch hitter, with runners at 2nd & 3rd — good move offensively AND defensively, in my opinion.

      • Casey Barker

        I don’t strongly disagree with removing Ryu, but his final inning included a broken bat single, a busted double play, a bad decision to throw home, and a double play. Wobbly, but maybe worth seeing if he’d do better in the fourth.

  10. Bob_in_Vegas

    I agree with Kersh going tonight. The Dodgers have proven they can put up runs AND they can be shut down (Hanley aside). Go for the jugular now and don’t let it go back to Atlanta. Plus, this lets Kersh go further in the LCS, if they make it. AND there’s Zack for Game 5 (if needed).

    Shades of ’88 and the Bulldog.

    To me, the only downside is Kersh’s physical well-being. I would hope he and the medical staff protect his future as well as this series.

  11. ASW1

    Not that it matters one bit, but at first I was dead set against going with Kershaw tonight. Having time for it to sink in, I’ve warmed up to the idea somewhat. But one thing is for certain : nobody knows how effective Kershaw will be tonight as he’s never gone on three days rest before. Most starting pitchers crave and thrive on a routine. Sometimes, you mess with that routine, you mess with the effectiveness of the pitcher’s stuff. I’m sensing everyone who has been in favor of this move from the get-go is assuming that Kershaw will be just as effective on three days rest as he’s been all season on four and five days rest.
    I hope this is true.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Actually it seems that people are convinced that he would be significantly better than Ricky and not that he would necessary be as good as with four days rest.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        A bad Kershaw is better than most others on a good day.

  12. scooplew

    As game time nears, I sincerely hope that I am totally wrong in strongly feeling that Kershaw should not be starting tonight. I would like nothing better than for some of you to tell me (even at the risk of violating DT Guidelines 2, 7 and 8) in a few hours, “I told you so.”

  13. KT

    wow didn’t see the jump NPUT…miss a day and get rusty

  14. KT

    Let’s end this series Clayton…I want to go to the NLCS

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Me, too — do you have a ticket? I have one for Home Game 1 . . . if it happens, I hope to be on top of things and be able to meet.

      • KT

        games 1 and 2…definitely need to hook up

      • foul tip

        Did you all connect last night?

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          No — my fault. I wasn’t on DT a lot the last week of the season and left a note too late.

          • KT

            you were at the game?

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Yep — Reserve 4, just right of home.

          • KT

            I was all over the reserve level corner to corner and also top deck getting people to sign a ball for Mike Petriello of MSTI

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Okay . . . even more of a reason for the Dodgers to advance!
            BTW, I sat next to an older couple from near your territory — northern San Diego County. But they were Braves fans. Very well-mannered — their first visit to DS. They left early.

          • KT

            ex-military?…yea I’m 4 miles from the border so that could be 30 miles difference

          • KT

            I had to leave early for the trip plus and early lunch to meet someone from another site…met 8 people IRL that I only knew from the internet before

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            How neat! I found myself saying or thinking comments that only DTers would appreciate!

  15. Adrian’s nervous?

  16. KT

    yes give away the outs

  17. John_from_Aus

    athough not officially, it is 1-1 in errors (mistakes)

  18. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kid K!

  19. Bob_in_Vegas

    Sounds like Vinny was calling Kersh Koufax — but caught himself.

  20. John_from_Aus

    How’s he looking after the first 10 or so pitches?

  21. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K, Kid!

  22. Bob_in_Vegas

    Let’s get some runs!!!!!

  23. KT

    Good job…time for runs

  24. foul tip

    Ugh….white bear not always hit hard white round thing with big stick. But try.

    Talk now to other cavemen. See how hit this pitcher. Him not like others white bear see.

  25. Bob_in_Vegas


  26. Bob_in_Vegas

    Crawford was AWESOME yesterday, including that catch!

  27. John_from_Aus

    Wow, gameday came up as in play (out/s). I am pleasantly surprised

  28. John_from_Aus

    Nice Hanley

  29. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kersh can get extra rest with long offensive half-innings!

  30. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Puig — pick him up!

  31. Bob_in_Vegas


  32. 4d3fect

    Somebody call the cops, there’s been a robbery!

  33. John_from_Aus

    That’s 2 (good to see a K with his curveball)

  34. John_from_Aus

    Nice Clayton

  35. foul tip

    Does every Brave batter start his AB 1-2 before he even sees a pitch, or does it just seem that way?

  36. WinnipegDave

    Kershaw appears to be throwing fine thus far.

  37. Bob_in_Vegas

    How does that go about runs? . . . Let’s get some Moar!

  38. KT

    all this worry about Kershaw for nothing…Clayton has looked sharper in the 1st few inning the the whole season

  39. WinnipegDave

    Not sure if I want AJ to get on here. Let Kershaw bat next inning.

  40. WinnipegDave

    But he could have lasted a little longer than that!

  41. Bob_in_Vegas


  42. Bob_Hendley

    Clayton at around 40 pitches. Any guess on his notional pitch count tonight?

  43. Robert

    I would venture to guess around 90 pitches. But if it is a one run game I bet they take him up to 100 if he stays this sharp.

  44. WinnipegDave


  45. Bob_Hendley

    Si, si CC!

  46. KT

    CC’s night

  47. 4d3fect

    Crawford must have an awesome golf game.

    • John_from_Aus

      Just saw it on gameday, I know what you mean

  48. KT


  49. WinnipegDave


  50. John_from_Aus

    that’s the Kemp, I mean Crawford we know and love

  51. WinnipegDave

    Would replay overturn that?

  52. Robert

    Come on HanRam!

  53. WinnipegDave

    Hanley mad at himself there. Bonks himself on his helmet with his bat! (On purpose.)

  54. FYI, Tampa Bay hits a walkoff HR in the 9th to force Game Four.

  55. Robert

    HanRam upset. Let Garcia get away with a few mistakes.

  56. KT

    game on TBS now

  57. Robert

    Man..Ellis on 2nd with one out and HanRam and AGone up. Hurts a little not to get that run across.
    Come one Kershaw. 3-4-5 get a quick inning here and we are looking at 7 IP

  58. Robert

    Freeman up first….big batter for Kershaw.

  59. Robert

    Base hit Freeman. DP now Kersh!

  60. Robert

    Wow Agone 2nd error. That was a DP.

  61. Spence

    What kind of throw was that A-Gon?

  62. WinnipegDave

    Not a good inning here.

  63. Robert

    Passed ball. 2nd and 3rd no out

  64. 4d3fect

    Giving it away here.

  65. John_from_Aus

    6 fastballs in a row

  66. Robert

    Base hit Johnson. 2-1 1st and 3rd 1 out

  67. John_from_Aus

    at least it was only 1

  68. Man, what’s with the errors?

  69. Errors are hurting a lot so far.

  70. WinnipegDave


  71. ASW1

    Defense letting Dodgers down big time.

  72. ASW1

    Dodgers had zero errors in the first 3 games.

  73. John_from_Aus

    What was the error on that play?

    • WBBsAs

      No error, technically, but a good throw woulda been an easy DP.

    • ASW1

      Bad relay throw to Gonzo on the attempted double play

  74. John_from_Aus

    So we start all over again

  75. Spence

    Dodgers just gave the Braves 2 runs that inning

  76. scooplew

    Gonzalez made two errors in that inning. The first was mental. That ball was hit so hard to him that he should have stepped on the bag. He didn’t. The second was physical: his bad throw to Ramirez at second.

  77. Enough of the “shutdown inning” blather!

  78. Bob_Hendley

    Clayton needs a couple of quick innings if he is going to get to 7.

  79. He slid too early, slowed down before getting to the bag.

    • scooplew

      Not sure of the wisdom of sending him. Despite all of Puig’s speed, he was only 11 of 19 in stolen bases attempt this season.

  80. scooplew

    The Dodgers were 12th in the National League in fielding percentage this year.

  81. KT

    good hustle shoe

  82. Spence

    Didnt like Puig trying to steal that inning

  83. scooplew

    Does A.J. take a lot of strikes?

  84. On Pitch Trax those were all off the plate.

  85. Spence

    None of those pitches to AJ were strikes

  86. WinnipegDave

    At the end of the day, if the Dodgers win, all is forgiven.

  87. RBI

    I’m here, and Garcia’s pitches look like slow meatballs, but our guys can’t seem to hit them! Except for CC, of course.

  88. scooplew


  89. Thanks for nothing ump.

  90. WinnipegDave

    The last 2 pitches looked like strikes. They would have been if McCann had been batting there!

  91. KT

    Now Let’s score MOAR runs

  92. Robert

    78 pitches through 5 IP. Kershaw Crawford Ellis due up. We need some runs NOW!

    • WinnipegDave

      This inning or the next to give Kershaw a chance for the win.

    • scooplew

      At that pace, he will hit about 110 pitches through 7 innings, and he will likely be finished. So, we have to have the lead after 7 and have Wilson pitched the 8th and Jansen the 9th.

  93. Spence

    How many pitches does Clayton have tonight? He’s at 79 thru 5

  94. scooplew

    Can CC do it a third time?

  95. Robert

    Crawford is seeing the ball VERY well right now. Good walk.

  96. Robert

    Do you give Crawford the green light here?

  97. Robert

    Big AB for Ellis here from the big guns coming up. Get on Mark!

  98. WinnipegDave


  99. Robert

    And he had the green light! Stolen base for Crawford!

  100. KT

    hit and run…carl was looking in all the way

  101. Robert

    Heady move by Ellis to lay off that pitch on the hit and run. Ellis waving at the off spead junk.

  102. WinnipegDave

    Oh MEllis!

  103. John_from_Aus

    I’d be happy with just a single now

  104. ASW1

    That’s a good 5 innings Braves got out of Garcia.

  105. WinnipegDave

    Next inning we break through.

  106. RBI

    At this rate, their relievers will be a relief!

  107. scooplew

    I have to keep reminding myself that we are not losing, but it sure feels that way.

  108. John_from_Aus

    3 from 3 (K’s) for McCann

  109. KT

    alright time to scratch again

  110. Nice inning, I think he comes out for the 7th unless they need to hit for him.

    • WinnipegDave

      If they need to hit for him, then I think we are in a good spot.

    • scooplew

      I think the only way that they would hit for Kershaw would be if it were bases loaded and two outs. If he is due up in any other situation, we would have scored at least one run.

  111. WinnipegDave

    Okay Gonzo, it’s make up time. Get on base.

  112. Robert

    Interested in seeing what Donnie does with Kershaw. He is at
    91 pitches. I think you have to send him back out there 1 more IP against the bottom of ATL lineup.

  113. scooplew

    Time for Gonzalez to do it now.

  114. scooplew

    0-2. Here is where he’s vulnerable on the high strike.

  115. WinnipegDave

    Great. Now Puig, you need to hit an extra base hit.

  116. Robert

    great AB by Agone. SHORT SWING YASIEL!

  117. WinnipegDave

    Atlanta outfielders have their prevent defense going.

  118. No bunts! Especially with Adrian on.

  119. WinnipegDave

    Drat. DP

  120. scooplew

    Judging by the handshake in the dugout, I think Kershaw is done.

  121. Robert

    Kersaw with handshakes.

  122. WinnipegDave

    We need another big hit now!

  123. 4d3fect

    That’s some fine Uribe hustle.

  124. Benzojones

    Uribe was too winded to do the Agon fist bumpy thing

  125. Robert

    Come on AJ!!!!

  126. Robert

    Clutch 2 out hit here baby!

  127. IBB to double play Schu up to bat? Interesting.

  128. We expected Kershaw to have some sort of limit, 91 seems about right.

  129. Tip of the cap to Garcia.

  130. WinnipegDave

    I don’t know what the win expectancy graph looks like tonight, but I have been up and down all night watching this game.

  131. WinnipegDave

    The next 3 innings are going to be tense.

  132. WinnipegDave

    7th-9th innings: Win for Vin!

  133. scooplew

    Belisario has been shaky a lot lately.

  134. WinnipegDave

    Not good at all.

  135. scooplew

    Kershaw goes 6, allows 3 hits (all singles), walks 1, fans 6, and both runs are unearned. No decision.

    • Bob_Hendley

      He gave us a chance to win.

      • scooplew

        Never would have dreamed (nightmared?) that Gonzalez’ defense would let us down.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          Same thought! Then he had two chances to help at the plate and didn’t (at least two — I was away for a while). . . but that’s the way all the hitters not named CC are tonight.

  136. John_from_Aus

    We desperately need a K

  137. twaseverthus

    Knew as soon as that was cleared Gonzo that Puig would overract to the point that Johnson would land on 3rd.

    • scooplew

      He looked like he was chasing a greased pig at a county fair.

  138. WinnipegDave


  139. Robert


  140. twaseverthus

    If the Kershaw announcement had been coupled with “but he’s only allowed to pitch 91 pitches,” then I would have been unequivocally opposed to it.

  141. Benzojones

    League could have done that.

  142. WinnipegDave

    What’s the point of going “all-in” with Kershaw, if you don’t do the same with your bullpen – Withrow, Wilson and Jansen?

    • Robert

      Agreed. Why would we go to Belli with Withrow available?

      • Spence

        I like Withrow over Beli. I dont mind having Howell in there vs lefties tho

    • NoahUCLA

      Because mattingly sees it as beli, Wilson and Jansen.

  143. Spence

    Beliario was upset

    • Benzojones

      naw… he was just trying to soften up his glove.

  144. scooplew

    No surprise there. Belisario’s ERA in Sept/Oct was 7.94. Like Rodriguez, he has been ineffective for several weeks.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      He was fine last night — but no pressure on him.

    • Robert

      Which begs the question? Why not Withrow / Wilson / Jansen to close it out?

  145. Bob_in_Vegas

    Just got back to a computer.
    This is what I was afraid of — had’t thought about Gonzo making two errors and Kersh throwing a WP — but the Dodger batters have that incredible talent of making the opposing pitcher look like a world-beater.

    If you don’t score runs, it doesn’t matter who you have pitching — but it helps to have your ace try to limit the opposition.
    But, it ain’t over — Go, Blue!

  146. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K, JP!

  147. scooplew

    This may be one appearance too many for Howell, but I hope not.

  148. Spence

    Leaving Howell in to face Upton. Interesting

  149. Robert

    So mattingly is desparate to play the tradition matchup Game 2..but leaves Howellin for Upton?

  150. DodgerNole66

    K-man did his part.

  151. Robert


  152. WinnipegDave

    Focus Howell.

  153. Resistor

    I like Donnie. I really do. But Bellisario has not warranted trust in weeks. He’s had dumpster fires a lot in he last few months and there was even talk of leaving him off the postseason roster in lieu of Marmol. Hard to watch. By the way, I think we still got this.

    • John_from_Aus

      We can’t give away any more though

      • Resistor

        The heart of the order looms. These guys have some magic left, the bullpen held after Bellisario’s lack of resistance .

    • scooplew

      Welcome to DT….I agree with you about Belisario and also that I think we will win tonight.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        From both of your sets of fingers . . .

      • Resistor

        Thanks, good to be here. Optimistic and frustrated, nothing will surprise me this year.

  154. Robert

    Great job JP. Great job.

  155. Sad that it feels like we won that inning with only one run scored.

  156. Bob_in_Vegas

    As usual, I’m listening to this (guess the the only way to see the postseason game for me is in person!) . . . does it seem the Dodgers are playing tight — or am I just projecting?

  157. John_from_Aus

    Andre time (or not yet)

    • Robert

      Not yet. Young leading off. With #9 projected 4th in the 9th and leading off this inning…no way you go to Dre.

  158. Robert

    Young lets get on base for Crawford!

  159. DodgerNole66

    looks like they are pressing

  160. WinnipegDave

    Okay – now we got something!

  161. Bob_in_Vegas

    All right, MEllis!
    Bring him in, Hanley!

  162. NoahUCLA

    Shows what some solid pitching can do to a 13 run offense.

  163. Let’s Go! (take 2)

  164. John_from_Aus

    I almost left the computer to go to the toilet!

  165. WinnipegDave

    Up to Gonzo. Smart move by the Braves, I think.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I agree . . . AGon has to be pressing . . . be he was soo dependable, especially at the beginning of the year.

  166. Robert

    I’m confortable with AGone up there. This is HIS spot!

  167. scooplew

    We are overdue for a hit with RISP tonight.

  168. WinnipegDave

    Likely last chance tonight for redemption Gonzo.

  169. John_from_Aus

    just a single will do

  170. I always think at times like this — where the game hangs in the balance — the pitcher and batter should bow to each other as a sign of respect.

  171. WinnipegDave

    Here we go…

  172. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Adrian!

  173. Not gonna do it…

  174. Robert

    Adrian with a game to forget today…

  175. Bob_in_Vegas

    Pre-June 22 offense.
    But even those guys won some games, so it ain’t over!

  176. WinnipegDave

    Could it be true that tonight is not the Dodgers night? It seemed to have so much promise, and now it is slipping away into the dark.

  177. Resistor

    Of course they follow Agon’s at bat with a Viagra commercial

    • scooplew

      They follow everything these days with a Viagra commercial. One would think every adult American male suffers from ED.

      • foul tip

        One might also think the ED drugs are hugely profitable and in great demand.

        Hence the kazillion ads for them by their makers.

  178. Spence

    this either going to be an epic comeback series win or a horrible loss

  179. Robert

    At the very minimum, get a guy on in the 8th so HanRam will be due up in the 9th.

    • Spence

      they’d need to get 2 guys on to get to Hanley. 5-6-7 is due up in the 8th

  180. Benzojones

    calling it now… there will be a walk off. ((Hopefully not in shame))

  181. I’d like AJ Ellis to win the NLDS just like he won us the West.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Sounds good. (Or substitute any other Dodger to get the win.)

  182. WinnipegDave

    Johnson is bugging me.

  183. WinnipegDave

    Eeep. Let’s get the next Johnson.

  184. John_from_Aus

    1 more out, c’mon

  185. Resistor

    Good gosh that former Met pitcher announcing for TBS hates the Dodgers. Nobody’s Darliing, I suppose, in reference to his comments about how the Braves would never ask Kimbrel to do something he’s never done. As opposed to the Dodgers & Kershaw…

    • Benzojones

      wasn’t ron darling in Peter Pan?

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Steiner & Mo quoted Darling as saying it wasn’t that big of a deal for Kersh — the adrenaline and confidence of others would carry Kersh through.
      The Kid wasn’t the problem tonight . . . the offense and defense have been.
      But it ain’t over!

      • Resistor

        It came out funny when Darling said it. I missed Mo and Steiner talking about it, Kershaw was money tonight. Money.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          What we expect from him . . . and he of himself, I’m sure.

  186. WinnipegDave

    So it comes to this: Now, or the next inning, or Wednesday – or never.

  187. Robert


  188. John_from_Aus

    refer to the logo on the right, ‘Dodger thoughts – where the game is never over’

  189. Robert

    Puig Uribe and I guess Dre hitting for Skip. Then Kimbrel will probably be called upon.

  190. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Dodgers got 3 in the 8th last night! Let’s go, Blue!

  191. Bob_in_Vegas


  192. WinnipegDave

    Yes Puig!

  193. At this point I’m trying to remember what I was wearing last night to change the karma… Ah, maybe I don’t have to get off the couch!

  194. 4d3fect

    inspirational Puig

  195. John_from_Aus


  196. WinnipegDave

    Don’t bunt!!!

  197. WinnipegDave

    Like Mel Gibson in Signs: “Swing away.”

  198. 4d3fect

    WTH is it with all the bunting this season?

  199. DodgerNole66

    in the gap!

  200. WinnipegDave

    Oh mAN!

  201. Bob_Hendley


  202. Bob_in_Vegas


  203. WinnipegDave

    Much better than bunting hey Mattingly!!

  204. KT


  205. 4d3fect


  206. Bob_in_Vegas

    How fitting, from Juan this year!

  207. 4d3fect


  208. John_from_Aus

    Breathe, John, Breathe

  209. Bob_Hendley

    Thank goodness Juan doesn’t know how to bunt.

  210. WinnipegDave

    Be strong, be fierce, be winners.

  211. twaseverthus

    Who else noticed the accidental “I Love LA” over the PA as Uribe came home from 3rd?

  212. Bob_in_Vegas

    When I was shouting “Uribear” last night, no one knew what I was talking about . . .they weren’t DTers!

  213. WBBsAs

    Fine him for failure to bunt successfully!

  214. JHT

    Mattingly got bailed out for the stupid bunt call. We’ll take it.

  215. Spence

    They lesson in all of that is to not bunt.

  216. DodgerNole66

    well said Bob

  217. John_from_Aus

    I’d love to know Kenley’s heart rate about now!

  218. I don’t even know how Schumaker got out.

  219. Bob_in_Vegas

    3. More. Outs.

  220. John_from_Aus

    Strap yourself in Ladies and Gentlemen

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Let’s hope it’s uneventful . . . except for the celebration after out #3!

  221. Benzojones

    I will name my next pet Kenley if we can get 3 quick outs.

  222. SaMoDodger

    Good thing Uribe sucked at bunting!

  223. Resistor

    I guess I can stop Dufnering now. I told you we got this.

  224. Spence

    Uribe’s 2013 making everyone forget his 2011/2012

  225. DodgerNole66

    I’ve watched too much baseball in my life to know it won’t go easy

  226. Bob_in_Vegas

    Great first strike!

  227. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K, KJ!

  228. 4d3fect

    What’s cool is it got the crowd into it, haven’t heard full-throated roars like that in DS in quite some time.

  229. Didn’t even know my neighbors were Dodger fans, but by the screams coming from the backyard I guess they are!


  230. John_from_Aus

    Just saw the Hr on gameday, the crowd went nuts!

  231. Bob_in_Vegas

    K J!

  232. WinnipegDave

    1 down!

  233. Surprised Puig didn’t Superman his way into the crowd to get that foul

  234. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get another K, KJ!

  235. WinnipegDave

    Random thought – I wonder how A.J.’s elbow is?

    • SaMoDodger

      nothing that 4 days of rest can’t fix.

    • 4d3fect

      Good question. Adrenaline probably won’t wear off for a while though.

  236. WinnipegDave

    2 outs!!

  237. Bob_in_Vegas

    K K J!

  238. WBBsAs

    Vin is doing a stealth simulcast.

  239. John_from_Aus

    I’m standing with the crowd

  240. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, KJ — I want to make another trip to LA!

  241. Okay, standing up

  242. Spence

    Braves getting eliminated while their closer stays in the pen. Ouch that has to hurt.

  243. WinnipegDave

    1 more strike!

  244. Bob_in_Vegas

    Uno mas! C’mon, KJ!

  245. WinnipegDave


  246. KT

    BALL GAME!!!! 8 WINS
    TO GO!!!! NLCS HERE I COME!!!!!


  247. Bob_in_Vegas


  248. WinnipegDave

    First to make the playoffs and first to make the LCS!!

  249. John_from_Aus

    KKK – Kenley

  250. Bob_in_Vegas

    Go Pirates — LA homefield advantage!

  251. WinnipegDave

    Kershaw with a giant roar of a smile!

  252. What a wonderful feeling after it had been going! NLCS here we come!

  253. Spence

    Lets all be Pirate fans Wedesday night

  254. 4d3fect

    Wow. What a difference compared to the first half.

  255. Spence

    The only downside tonight. Not another Dodger game till Friday night. Going to be a LONG week!

  256. das411

    man oh man who knew freddy had that left in him…but what a game, just the way they wrote it up no?

  257. Bob_in_Vegas

    The difference between pre- and post-June 22nd: there’s always the chance that SOMEone will come through . . . Uribear!
    2 ex-Giants win it for LA!

  258. Bob_Hendley


  259. John_from_Aus

    now I can dash to the toilet!

  260. Bob_in_Vegas

    I just got an email from that they won the LDS . . . thanks for the info, guys! Lol

    • Benzojones

      they were holding their finger over the send button ever since Uribear’s dinger

  261. Uribear with ice on his head!

  262. JonnyTAFKAJ

    Couldn’t happen to a better guy……. Juan-Gone!….
    And, his teammates absolutely love him.

    Do you have a special NL Championship Series “Uribear”?????? Jon Weisman?


  263. NoahUCLA

    We’ve been complaining about Uribe for 2 years now. I guess we deserve this, in a good way!! That was awesome. Uribe, JP Howell, Puig and of course Kershaw!!

  264. WinnipegDave

    I know that they don’t award a MVP for NLDS – but who’s your vote for the Dodgers?


  265. Bob_in_Vegas

    Most relieved: AGon.

  266. ASW1

    Kershaw will have plenty of rest before his next start.

  267. twaseverthus

    Ernie Johnson, Jr. damn near tears ruminating on the Braves heart-wrenching loss. No business in the booth, that guy.

  268. twaseverthus

    Nice long embrace between Ned and Uribe in the celebration there. What a long 3 years it’s been for them.

  269. Daniel Zappala

    Hooray! Wish Matt Kemp was in the lineup, but boy these guys are fun to watch. On to the NLCS…

  270. das411

    and the best part is we’ll get to do this again for at least 4 more games!

  271. I feel like it’s 3AM. Exhausted.

  272. Casey Barker

    Pick me up off the floor, I am done!

  273. Bob_in_Vegas

    At the beginning of the year — forget the atrocious start — who would’ve believed that the biggest game of the year or the Dodgers would be won by a Juan HR and Brian Wilson would get the W?

  274. scooplew

    I was absolutely wrong in not wanting Kershaw to pitch tonight, and I am very happy that I was so wrong.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Soo glad you got the chance to say that!

    • Robert

      Me as well! Kershaw is just too damn good. He is going to go down as the best pitcher of our generation and one of the handful of best EVER. The guy is unbelievable.

  275. PismoBruce

    How fittimg that Uribe hits the game winner after all he has been through. Booyah!

  276. WinnipegDave

    It is great that the Dodgers finish in 4 games and the Cards or Pirates will have gone 5. Keep rolling boys!

  277. WinnipegDave

    AJ having a good interview with Rick and Charlie.

  278. JHT

    Only starter who wasn’t good to great in the series was Schu, and hopefully he won’t be starting in the NLCS.

  279. Bob_in_Vegas

    Puig has proven to be an asset, not a liability!

  280. WinnipegDave

    I can’t believe how hard it seemed an hour ago, but now it’s just sweet.

  281. NoahUCLA

    No Wainright for game 1 if the Cards win, so we’ll have the advantage with Greinke on the mound. If it’s Liriano, then I still feel like we have the upper hand, except for our inability to hit lefties this year. Kershaw v. Macha for game 2 would be interesting, since Wainright can’t pitch until game 3, but I am still hoping for the Pirates.

    • ASW1

      I think a Dodgers-Pirates NLCS would be awesome.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Only negative will be the David vs. Goliath story, vis-a-vis payrolls. Any undecideds will be pulling for the Pirates. . . . But that never stopped the Yankees from winning.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Bucs = homefield advantage for LA. And it means the Cards aren’t in there and they’ve had a habit of finding ways to win in postseason.

  282. KT

    Flea ✔ @flea333

  283. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ✔ @Dodgers
    RECAP: Juan Uribe launches 2-run HR to lead the #Dodgers over the Braves, 4-3, and clinch a berth into the #NLCS:

  284. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ✔ @Dodgers
    Papi thanks you for sharing this unbelievable moment:

  285. ASW1

    I am EXTREMELY happy that stoopid chop has been mothballed for the year!

  286. RBI

    WHAT A GAME!!!! Keepin’ my toes blue! Onward!

  287. LADodgersFan88

    Great game. I was worried, but I always had a feeling this game would be won. Dodgers!

  288. Robert

    Man..hoping for a BIG outing from Cole for the Pirates aainst Wainwright as they seem to be a slightly easier matchup. With that said, Wainwright will only be able to pitch Game 3 and Game 6 on short rest or Game 7 on normal. Wacha would pitch Game 2 on normal rest versus Kershaw. Here is how I see our rotation lining up:
    1) Greinke
    2) Kershaw
    3) Ryu
    4) Nolasco
    5) Greinke
    6) Kershaw
    7) ???
    Huge advatage over St. Louis in Kershaw and Greinke each pitching 4 times prior to Wainwright even getting a 2nd start unless Wainwright goes on 3 days rest for Game 6 versus Kershaw.

  289. ASW1

    MLB Tonight on no Kimbrel :
    14 out of 42 postseason saves by Mariano Rivera were 6 out saves.

  290. Spence

    Didnt Uribe hit a homer to send the Giants to the World Series? He’s clutch

  291. NoahUCLA

    I just realized Kenley got 7 outs, all by strikeout. Amazing!!

  292. KT

    From MSTI: NeDieterich2 minutes ago

  293. Jack Dawkins

    Hope someone posts Vin’s call of Uribe’s Hr soon.

  294. Comment No. 500: New post up top.

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