• Casey Barker

    Trying. That was rough!

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    Team LOB: 11. That’s not gonna cut it unless you knocked in six others, no matter how good your own pitching is.

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    Move it along people, nothing to see, move it along, that’s right, keep it moving. (in Irish cop voice)

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    Mattingly made a couple of bad decisions in that game, but amplified by no one hitting in the clutch and the Dodgers not knocking out Joe Kelly early when they had a chance. Lots of aspects of that game that could come back to haunt their dreams, but they can erase much of it by just… winning tomorrow.

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  • XJill

    Indeed, that was rough but I just knew after Ellis had a freaking TRIPLE and we didn’t score that we weren’t going to win. Wish they’d move back the start time tomorrow so the players from both teams can get a little more rest but oh well. ONWARD.

    • RBI

      Rain might delay the game.