Sense memory

I realize I remember how I felt when Orel Hershiser and the Dodgers lost Game 1 of the National League Championship Series in 1988, 25 years ago.

The difference is that it hadn’t been 25 years since I celebrated a World Series title. It had been seven years. I was just shy of 21 at the time, so it had been nearly a third of my life.

Now I’m just shy of 46. It’s been more than half my life.

I think I’m more optimistic about the Dodgers after losing Game 1 on the road in 2013 with Clayton Kershaw pitching the next game than I was after the Dodgers lost Game 1 at home in 1988.

The score both times was 3-2. Both games were lost in the final inning.

  • John_from_Aus

    hopefully we can head home at 1-1

  • paylly

    As I’m in your age bracket Jon, thanks I needed that perspective!

  • Casey Barker

    Thanks, Jon; I hope.

  • skybluestoday

    I’m just about your age exactly, Jon, so I definitely get it. (I came over here for a little bit of reasoned-and-seasoned perspective — you should see the drunken frustration binges into which some of the other sites are presently devolving. Whew!)

  • Jack Dawkins

    tough tough game. post season decisions are highly magnified. I think the key one is Dee running for Adrien. If he is going in…he has to go for second almost every pitch. either he is out at second or standing on second before Puig has a decision on his at bat.
    That being said, ellis was Safe,

    • Bob_Hendley

      Based on rep, don’t actually know how he has done lately, I can understand not going for the steal on Yadier, but I think it was the right move to avoid station-to-station with Gonzo.

  • Spence

    I was looking up the Dodgers flight on flightaware, and they left LA late wed night and arrived in St Louis at 4am thursday morning. Flying all night has to mess up someone’s routine i’d think.

    • berkowit28

      I wonder why they’d do that when they had all day – three whole days – for travel.

      • foul tip

        They didn’t know until Wednesday who they were playing or if they might be at home.
        They probably left LA as quickly as they could.

  • dalegribel

    Always think of Cubs fans. It helps to ease the pain.

  • Jon Weisman


  • WBBsAs

    There was constant media speculation that, in the post-season, Puig would do something foolish to cost the Dodgers a game but, to the best of my memory, none of those of those pundits suggested Mattingly might do so. At the risk of a Rule No. 5 violation, I would suggest that Don is like Karl Rove on election night, insisting that his side won because they did everything right.