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Dodgers havana field day with Cuban talent, reportedly signing Alexander Guerrero

Likely settling one of their major questions for 2014, the Dodgers appear to have signed — after more than one false start — infielder Alexander Guerrero to a four-year deal worth at least $28 million, according to Jesse Sanchez of

The 26-year-old Guerrero, who defected from Cuba earlier this year and can earn an additional $4 million in incentives, is a good bet to play second base and figures to be a step up offensively over Mark Ellis, according to Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness. Ellis, who has a $5.75 million club option or a $1 million buyout, has probably played his last game as a Dodger, though he could conceivably return on a lower salary as a backup and mentor to Guerrero.


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  1. Mark Ellis had a .674 OPS last year (.644 against righties).

    • WBBsAs

      Mellis’s offense is suspect, but there is near-elite defense. I’m skeptical of the “new Uribe” and his ability to sustain his offensive recovery.

      • Basically, Uribe plays defense as well as Mark, and is likely at least as good an offensive player in 2014.

        • WBBsAs

          I think the Uribe of 2011-12 is closer to the real Uribe, offensively. His defense I have no quarrel with.

  2. Gilberto_Reyes

    Puig now has a fellow Cuban as a cut-off man. Problem solved!!!

  3. thescrounger

    I hope the new Cuban works out but I was sort of hoping they’d talk the Angels out of Howie Kendrick… Maybe Kendrick and Hank Conger, Fedex doesn’t impress me at all and they have absolutely nothing at Albuquerque or lower.

    • dalegribel

      E-gad, what could Conger possibly offer over FedEx? Kendrick is a solid ballplayer, Conger’s not even a good AAA player.

  4. Listen, I know Mark Ellis isn’t the guy I want up when the team needs a grand slam to win it all, but I love him as a player and think he would be a better bench guy than PunSchoNg or whatever old guy Ned wants to sign…. And, I want to be clear, I make this opinion known from my heart and not from numbers… Finally, I hate that we’re talking about the offseason. Still having a hard time getting my head around that.

    • dalegribel

      Agreed. I would like to see Ellis in a reserve role also. There’s still no guarantees with Guerrero, so a reliable back up seems mandatory. I really don’t expect Hairston back, but Schumaker and Punto deserve another year.

  5. Is anybody else watching the Don/Ned presser? The dynamic due sounds miffed.

    • Bob_Hendley

      What’s going on?

      • End of the season wrap up, confirmation about Don coming back (Don sounding upset that it’s not more than one year and that he hasn’t had a chance to talk to ownership about where he stands), talking about the signing, what they’re going to do in the offseason (Ned says they need to get younger.)

  6. RBI

    I hope they go the “backup/mentor” route with Mellis and keep him. He’s like a fighter pilot, in my eyes. I think he’ll continue to age really well.

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