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Pies, nuts and O’Malleys

So much in Los Angeles changes fast. Treasure the good things that don’t.

“Hello, Doris!” goes the chorus of regulars at the Original Farmers Market, when they stop by to see Doris Perez, who has been there as long as they know. …

… On a recent Saturday morning, after flipping on the lights and tying a black apron over her crisp white shirt, the 78-year-old, who has 4 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, set to work arranging the jams, knickknacks and nut butters in precise stacks and V-patterns on almost every inch of countertop.

“Top of the morning!” said a kind-looking man in a khaki windbreaker just as she was finishing up.

“And the rest of the day to you!” she chimed back to Peter O’Malley.

The former Dodgers owner, old-fashioned and courtly, likes to stop in to see Perez as his father, Walter, did before him. (Walter was partial to Du-par’s chicken pies, she says: “He used to buy them by the dozen.”) …

Nina Lelyveld in the Times, “Dishing up cheer for 50 years at Farmers Market”


The ‘Wallflower Syndrome’ Award Goes to ‘Short Term 12’


Letter to season-ticket holders, 2005


  1. Bumsrap

    Time for Magic to stop by and say hello and buy some jam and nut butter.

  2. Onlyatriple

    my grandmother and my mother bought their peanut butter at Magees for decades, as I now do. But darn I’ve never met an O’Malley there. Those of you in need of great horseradish (for Passover or other uses) should check out Magees’ other stand at Farmers Market.

  3. thescrounger

    Darn! Schumaker ‘Skipped” to CinCinatti! Whole new bench next year.

  4. KT

    just had to share this from MSTI:

  5. KT

    of and this one:

    “Got to put a ring on it”

  6. NoahUCLA

    Gnats are going to pay Hudson $23 million over 2 years. Not sure a 38 yr old is worth 2 years. He was decent before he got hurt last year, but seems like a big stretch to expect much out of him, especially for both years.

  7. John_from_Aus

    Our local team the Canberra Cavalry is into the asian series final being held in Taiwan, which is against the best teams from Asia

  8. foul tip

    ‘Is Clayton Kershaw better right now than Sandy Koufax? No (not yet). More valuable? Yes”

    • Mark from Yorktown

      Koufax won 2 WS games in ’63 and two more in ’65. That’s pretty valuable.

      • foul tip

        Yes, Sandy was invaluable on the field as far as winning both those WS crowns.

        But I think what’s meant by’s headline is contract value. That if contracts for both were being considered now, Kersh would be worth more $$ given his tremendous accomplishments at a younger age and lack of injury concerns so far v. Koufax being older and subject to arm blowout as just a matter of time.

        Sandy would have done far more on the field. But any contract would be forward-looking. Chances of positive return on it would be greater for Kersh than Koufax, at least according to conventional managment types.

  9. Bumsrap

    In watching the cut4 videos of Puig playing with Little Leaguers in Dodger Stadium, it would appear that he has the reflexes to play third base. Given the Dodger depth in the outfield and weakness at third, why not start working out Puig now at third base at the minor league complex in Glendale, AZ?

    Puig at third eliminates the throws to home instead of second base, eliminates the potential collisions in the outfield or with second basemen :)

    As strange as this idea may sound, and given that from time to time I like to propose things that I am willing to throw out there ( like putting Kemp at third) but would never do if I could, I am serious about trying out Puig at third.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Are you serious? Puig has the potential to be another Clemente out in RF, a once in lifetime thing. As with your previous plans to trade Puig (before he losses trade value!?), I really don’t think you understand the diamond (however in the rough) that we have.

      • Bumsrap

        Clemente’s awesome arm was icing on the cake. It was his 3000 hits and extra base power that made him great. Don Zimmer had an arm that Vinny would always rave about when he was playing short for the Dodgers and yet that wasn’t enough to even make most people aware that Zimmer had an awesome arm. Puig’s value would skyrocket if he could play third. A great arm in right is fun but Kemp and Ethier have good enough arms to play right as does Pederson.

        Bob, if Puig is going to be a “once in a lifetime” player, he can accomplish that at third as well.

        Bob, I don’t like the Dodgers having a huge payroll and don’t want them to increase it other than signing Kershaw to a reasonable contract. I would prefer the Dodgers trade Puig for Fernandez instead of trading the best of the Farm for Price and his desire for a huge contract. And, because Miami has a new stadium that fans didn’t support and were unhappy with the salary dump the team made, the thought crossed my mind that Miami’s fans might come to the ballpark if Puig was on the team. The Dodgers took Crawford to get Gonzales and because Miami needs attendance, they might take Crawford to get Puig,absorb most of their salaries, and trade a player the Dodgers could use in their rotation or infield. That was a compliment to Puig, not a put down.

        • Bob_Hendley

          Strikes me as penny-wise, pound foolish to be that concerned about the payroll at this point or the stock on the farm. Of course, after next year we would be presented with the cost of retaining Hanley. That will be some payroll!

    • NoahUCLA

      Puig has a ton of speed and a great arm. He belongs in center or right, not Third. If he were slow but had good reflexes, then sure third is fine, but not with his speed, don’t waste it. Same with Kemp. If they weren’t lefties, you could try Ethier or Crawford there. I think we just have four outfielders and need to decide how to use them all, if and when they are all healthy at the same time for an extended period (which may never happen). I still think Hanley at third is the best option, because his range at short is limited. If Guerrero can man short or we can pick up stephen drew or something, that would work best.

      • Bumsrap

        Puig has an accurate arm as well and therefore could be a valuable arm at third. If the Dodgers can get speed at as many positions as possible they will be a better team.

        Gonzales is slow on the bases and his range is limited at first. Don’t need a another slow guy at third. Puig would give good range at third and his quickness would allow him to field bunts.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Trying to imagine Puig charging the plate in anticipation of a bunt. Now, that would be scary (for the batter).

  10. KT

    Do we want…his name is that hard to spell “Arrue + b + arrue (again) + na = Not applicable since we will never get him

    • dalegribel

      Quoting from the article:
      “……several scouts are skeptical he could hit better than .220 or hit a .300 on-base percentage against major league pitching. His lack of foot speed would also limit his appeal as a potential defensive-oriented backup, since he wouldn’t have as much value as a pinch-runner.”
      I’d say pass on this one, the Dodgers already signed the marquee Cuban shortstop this time around.

  11. John_from_Aus

    Further to my post earlier, I heard on my local radio this morning that if the Japanese team plays us (the Canberra Cavalry) in the final, it would be a 47 thousand team payroll vs 26 million (or so) team payroll.

  12. foul tip story up about Puig bringing some Little Leaguers to DS to work out and tour the place.

    Good move. With some guys you’d maybe think it was only Dodger PR. Is with Puig too, somewhat.

    But with him it’s different. In some ways Puig IS a Little Leaguer with his child-like enthusiasm and impulsiveness, not to mention his obvious sheer love of the game.

  13. foul tip

    Since not much is happening baseball-wise, guess it’s open season on OT stuff.

    You never know what a day will bring. I get to figure out how to get a raccoon (or more) to move out from under my house. Nothing like crawling around under your house checking on things and coming face to face with one.

    No harm done to either of us (yet; hopefully there won’t be). Where’s a wolf when you need one?

    • As much as I admire them, raccoons are a pain in the butt. They could take over world some day . Good luck!

    • I had to deal with a dead possum under there, once. That was traumatic.

      • Bumsrap

        Are you sure it was an opossum or could it have been a raccoon just playing possum?

      • foul tip

        Hope you didn’t run into anything like a possum horror story from around here.

        Guy had sealed up an opening he found under his house, not knowing anything was under there.

        A couple possums were. They couldn’t get out and died during a stretch of the really hot &, humid summer weather we have at times, heat index at the time around 110.

        Homeowner didn’t know he had boarders but found out hard way–the VERY hard way. The dead possums swelled up and exploded. Traumatic would be a mild term for facing that.

    • crosseyedandpainless

      Get yourself two cans of fluffy tennis balls. Soak them in ammonia. Put them rather near to where the racoons are nesting. After they leave, with their young with them, wire mesh whatever openings they were using for access.

  14. Dodgers apparently talking to Dan Haren’s agent. Nothing more than that at this point but I’d say yes please to haren as 4th starter.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Like Ricky he had a good second half, but unlike Ricky I don’t think anyone is willing to give him 4 years based on that.

  15. John_from_Aus

    Our local foxsports had an online chat with AJ (and the D-backs Corbin) while they are in Sydney. I’m sorry I missed it

  16. BenjaminMiracord

    Tampering? Dodgers trying to steal ESPN’s Hershiser for their new network?

    • Bumsrap

      I might be alone on this but adding Karros with Hershiser would be nice as well. Sutton anybody?

      • Bob_Hendley

        Adding Karros to anything would be subtraction.

        • Bumsrap

          I know Karros was less than supportive of the Dodgers when he first started announcing but wasn’t Fox and McCourt fair game at that time?

          What is it about Karros that people here don’t like?

          • Bob_Hendley

            He adds neither to my enjoyment or knowledge of a game he is broadcasting.

          • PismoBruce

            Most do not. If an announcer doesn’t detract from my enjoyment these days it’s a win.

          • Bob_Hendley

            I was trying to be kind. Now Hershiser is one who is knowledgeable, though at times he gets into those storyline approaches that detract.

  17. SaMoDodger

    Years from now, historians will look back on November 20, 2013 as the end of the Shawn Tolleson era in Los Angeles.

  18. Bumsrap

    Looks like Fielder traded for Kinsler pending physical exams. Takes away the Ethier for Kinsler talk.

  19. NoahUCLA

    Are the 2 Garcias (Yimi and Onelki) ready for the big leagues this year? I haven’t been following their minor league careers to date.

  20. foul tip

    Chris Carpenter hangs ’em up officially, will have some role with StL.

  21. foul tip

    If the team thought Tolleson’s injuries meant he’d never be productive at the MLB level, letting him get away sorta makes sense. Otherwise, letting someone with his stuff and minor league track record slip away=maybe asleep at the switch?

    Players mature at different levels and all that, but Kershaw once said Tolleson was better than he.

    If Tolleson becomes lights out for the Rangers and Ned drops another 3-year contract on a mediocre middle reliever, well….don’t think I care to finish that.

  22. Cards and Angels trade Freese for Bourjous.
    Damn, I would’ve liked to have had David Freese. Would’ve been worth a shot. Maybe Cards don’t want to deal with Dodgers,and there wasn’t the right fit. Cards help their OF defense at least.

    • SaMoDodger

      Freese looks to me like a slightly better player than Ray Knight after his 1986 World Series heroics. I think the Cards might have made a good move here. dodgers would still be better off with URibe, a plus defender and good influence on Puig and HAnley in the clubhouse.

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