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Letter to season-ticket holders, 2005


Pies, nuts and O’Malleys


Remembering Nomonia


  1. Adam Luther

    It reads like a letter of apology.

  2. Adam Luther

    Reads like a letter of apology.

  3. foul tip

    Brian McCann to NYY, says ESPN

  4. Vail Beach

    Yes, DePo, we were all very excited to watch D.J. Houlton, Antonio Perez, Mike Edwards, Jason Repko and Oscar Robles, and could hardly wait for them to be joined by Andy LaRoche, Joel Guzman, Dioner Navarro. I’m personally still waiting for Luke Hochevar!

    Meanwhile, in the time it took to read that letter, Frank McCourt had already put a bid in for a new house!

    • berkowit28

      Pretty selective of you there. You left out Chad Billingsley, Russell Martin and Jonathan Broxton.

  5. Bumsrap

    Its 21 degrees and windy in New Hampshire today and I am less than motivated to work in the house. Raked up the last of the leaves yesterday and this week will probably start sheltering outside things in preparation for the snow that will blanket everything in pristine white. So……

    3B Puig / Gordon
    LF Crawford / Ethier
    SS Rameriz / Sellers
    CF Kemp / Pederson
    1B Gonzales / Van Slyke
    2B Guerrero / Gordon
    RF Ethier / Pederson
    C Ellis / Fedex

  6. 4d3fect

    PDD Terry Collins?

    –wow–hadn’t realized that.

  7. WBBsAs

    In the Falklands tonight, we have 47 mph winds and light rain. It was a sunny day, though, and we drove to Cape Dolphin to see Gentoo penguins and southern sea lions.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Sounds like DC, without the wildlife.

      • foul tip

        In DC you just have to settle for the wildlife inhabiting Congress. Or, in some instances, lowlife.

      • WBBsAs

        DC has different sort of wildlife.

  8. package206

    Can’t seem to figure out why the Dodgers would want Dan Haren? He is mediocre at best and is injury prone.

    • Jon_Wymore

      Not really injury prone before last year or so. 2005-2011 pitched over 200 innings each year.
      Also last 15 starts last year (after going on DL) were solid like 3.3 ERA or so more in line with his career stats.
      Plus you need to compare him to Josh Beckett…that’s who he’s taking the place of and serves as insurance if Beckett and/or Billingsley don’t make it back from injuries next year.
      Also buys time for Zach Lee or Stripling, other young guys to develop.

      Only 1 (or two) years good for not blocking those guys in future as well.

      • Bob_Hendley

        Had been thinking that this might be a good move for the Dodgers. His second half record seems more sustainable than Ricky’s, plus a lot less onerous contract.

    • Mark from Yorktown

      I think the 1 year contract with a 2nd year only if he pitches 180 innings is what makes this a good deal for us. If he is awful the damage is limited to 1 year. His post-DL numbers make this a (IMO) good risk.

    • PismoBruce

      The Gnats gave Timmy 2/35. That should tell you Haren is a bargain.

  9. Spence

    Dont see the point of Dan Haren.

  10. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Will there be a Dan Haren post coming?

  11. NoahUCLA

    I think Haren is a good signing. One or two years at the most and seems to be a very solid 4 or 5 pitcher. There aren’t any better pitchers out there willing to take a 1 or 2 year deal, and he’s on the young side for a free agent pitcher these days. I wanted us to go after Tanaka, but that seems like it is going to be a very drawn out process, and not a dure thing. I want to let Fife and Lee pitch next year, but injuries may take care of that with Beckett and Bills coming back from major injuries. Smart, solid move.

    • John_from_Aus

      I agree, as we saw this season, you can never have too many starters

  12. Mitch Miller

    I had a season ticket miniplan in 2005 and saw quite a few games from the LF pavilion. What a confused year that was.

    Green was gone, Beltre was gone, Werth got hit on the wrist during Spring Training, Izturis was a multi-hit machine throughout the first half of the season, Hee Seop Choi; I remember what a source of excitement it was when Olmedo Saenz came off the bench that year. Aside from Kent, he was probably the team’s best source of power. Everyone in the stadium would perk up for a little bit when “Panama” came over the PA.

  13. jim hitchcock

    H.B., Jon.

  14. KT

    @akatheConman at his best

    “What happens when Stan forgets to knock on Ned’s office door before entering”

  15. foul tip

    From a player’s perspective, talk of a hometown discount (see Nolasco, Ricky) likely is seen as an insult, something to resist and resent. As in why should I? Particularly with the free-spending Dodgers.

    Even if a player is so inclined, he probably gets static from the union and other players.

    Which may be behind Nolasco’s reported demands of as much as 5 years. He might have tempered that as time went on. But the team couldn’t be assured of that, nor of more reasonable money asked.

    Haren is a smart answer from the team’s perspective.

    • dalegribel

      Smart yes, but it makes the Hudson to SF deal look all the better. That move is really going to make the West tougher next year.

      • WBBsAs

        Hudson’s an aging injured pitcher likely to decline rapidly.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Hometown discount is pretty straight forward when applied to $, but wouldn’t hometown discount in terms of years work the other way? If a player values hometown wouldn’t he want as many as he can get.

  16. Bumsrap

    I hope Piazza gets into the HOF this year as a Dodger.

  17. John_from_Aus

    Nice even handed thoughts on our pitching IMHO

  18. JonnyTAFKAJ

    Happy Thanksgiving guys…… :-)

    • WBBsAs

      Not in the Southern Hemisphere.

      • KT

        always celebrated thanksgiving no matter where I was stationed, Southern, Eastern, Northern or Western Hemisphere…I never mattered

        • WBBsAs

          Yesterday I had a reindeerburger for lunch, at the Malvina House Hotel in Stanley.

          • jim hitchcock

            You ate Rudolph!

            That’s okay, we’ll pretend you said ‘caribou burger’ :)

          • WBBsAs

            Today I had king crab lasagna at the Croatian Club in Porvenir, on Chilean Tierra del Fuego.

  19. foul tip

    Nolasco to Twins, 4/49 with a vesting option, according to reports.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Every team needs one. Twins get an instant ace!

      • foul tip

        Or even an innings eater, if that’s all they get.. Twins need anything and everything in starters. Theirs were MLB’s worst, by a good margin.

  20. foul tip

    Couple Dodgers made the Sporting News All-Stuffing team. You probably can guess one of them without trying too hard. Others…?

  21. foul tip

    Tigers ink Nathan for pen. Therefore,……

    Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal

    #Dodgers have been in discussions with Brian Wilson. #Tigers’ signing of Nathan could accelerate those conversations.


  22. NoahUCLA

    The thought is that they are saving the 2.5 million or more that Beli would’ve gotten for the massive contract they are going to need to give Wilson to stay. Not sure I would give Wilson a long term contract, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess, and our bullpen is really thin right now. I’d like to see the youngsters given the 5th rotation spot if Beckett or Haren don’t work out, but if we could sign Tanaka, I’d be willing to wait another year.

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