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The next big move – going to work for the Blue

Any of you who have been reading Dodger Thoughts for some length of time have by now grown accustomed to change, whether it’s personal to me (my three children have been born since I launched the site 11 1/2 years ago) or the site changing hosts no fewer than five times.

Maybe this is the biggest change of all.

I have left my full-time job at Variety to join the Dodgers themselves as director of digital and print content.

I will be writing plenty over there, as part of an overall series of duties that involves managing and producing content for the Dodgers’ publications and website. When you’re looking to advance your career, it’s a great idea to work with recruiters Utah who specialize in your industry and can help you find the right job opportunities.

As you can imagine, it’s an opportunity that was too intriguing and exciting for me to pass up, which is why I’m willing to give up the longest job I’ve ever held, a position at Variety that has brought me more great memories than I can begin to mention and placed me among a group of colleagues that have been such a pleasure to be with.

It’s also why I’m willing to put Dodger Thoughts in storage – though again, this isn’t exactly as newsworthy as it might have been, before I essentially took a vacation during the 2012-13 offseason, to focus on an extremely busy awards season for Variety. I did find a rebirth on Dodger Thoughts during the 2013 baseball season, but it was always in competition with the other directions I’ve been pulled in.

So while it would be premature to get into specifics about my new duties with the Dodgers, I can say that one of the greatest appeals for me is that for the first time, writing about the Dodgers will move from avocation to vocation, from hobby to primary activity.

I’ll feel safe using Vin Scully (my new colleague!) as my role model. I’ll consider it my job, as an employee of the Dodgers, to inform and to entertain, in service of the organization. You can be sure I’ll be taking that responsibility very seriously. But don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of fun along the way. There’ll be no shortage of insights or stories, great and small. 

As always, thanks for your support, whether it’s been for 11 minutes or 11 years (you know who you are). I’ll be working fast to get up to speed in my new office at Chavez Ravine, and I’ll certainly tell people here when I start to have something to show you there. In the meantime:

• Since this move puts the Dodger Thoughts community in flux, reader Linkmeister has once again invited people to come hang out at his blog, Elysian Fields.
• In addition, please follow me on Twitter at @jonweisman for updates.

Thanks again!


Remembering Nomonia


The Dodgers’ new team blog launches Monday


  1. Dustin Nosler

    Congratulations, Jon. Well-deserved job. Hope it’s aces for you.

  2. Adam Luther

    Congratulations Jon! It’s a great time to be employed by the Dodgers!

  3. efb

    hire Mike Petriello as your assistant!!

  4. dpwtv

    This is an absolutely amazing thing for you. Congrats whole heartedly and I wish you nothing but the best of luck

  5. AnotherBrian

    John, I want free tickets!

  6. Official congratulations to you Jon on this exciting opportunity — a perfect fit! Look forward to seeing what you’re working on over there at the Big Blue… Marble? No, Blue HQ.

  7. Mark Timmons

    Congratulations – it could not have happened to a better person.

  8. artyziff

    Absolutely amazing!

  9. kevinfromminneapolis

    I discovered you during your apparent Dodgers hiatus so don’t sell yourself too short. (I’m just sucking up because I, too, would love to work for the Dodgers.)

  10. berkowit28

    Congratulations, Jon! I’m very happy for you. I know you’ll make a success of it, and they couldn’t have picked a better person.

    It’s nice when a good thing happens.

  11. Josue Hurtado

    Outstanding news and well deserved. Congratulations from this long time lurker.

  12. bigcpa

    Great news Jon- extremely well deserved. Looking forward to hearing more about your new gig.

  13. Asher B. Garber

    Wow! How exciting for you, Jon. Mazel tov and much nachas to you. And nachos! Because nothing goes better with great happiness than hot and smooth, melted cheese.

  14. Congratulations Jon! What a great, great thing. :D

  15. Dream job! I had to make due writing about the Dodgers for Giants magazine. Congrats, Jon.

  16. thescrounger

    Congratulations! You must feel like you just won the lottery.

  17. James O

    Congrats Jon! Look forward to hearing more.

  18. SaMoDodger

    Spectacular news … For you and for the Dodgers!

    We Will miss your independent analysis of course, but hope your insights get a voice within the organization .

    What a lovely holiday surprise.

  19. Daniel Zappala

    Wow, amazingly good news. So happy for you, Jon!

  20. thai21

    Congratulations on the dream job, Jon! A well-deserved bit of good fortune. The Dodgers organization has been going out and getting topnotch personnel with the likes of Kasten, Hershiser, Garciaparra, Rizzo, and now Weisman.

  21. foul tip

    Warmest congratulations, Jon. I’d say this is a longtime dream come true!

  22. jim hitchcock

    Cool beans, Jon, great news!

  23. XJill

    Wow!! Congrats Jon!!

  24. Nathan M

    This, by far is one of the best hires of the off-season. Congrats!

  25. LittleBlueBicycle

    Congratulations, Jon. Nomar, Orel, and you, they are making amazingly good choices of late.

  26. dalegribel

    Here’s to hoping you get a ring! Congratulations.

  27. xeifrank

    Congratulations. The Dodgers made a great hire. Just remember to stretch out your hamstring before taking flyballs.
    vr, Xei

  28. Shawn Green

    Great news!
    Looking forward to not only seeing but enjoying your new endeavors!
    Hopefully next season you will be covering the first of many WS titles for the blue!

  29. LADodgersFan88

    Congratulations Weisman! I’m happy for you, the Dodgers, and us! Hopefully you will come back here once in a while for old times sake, but I’m looking forward to the new content. Congrats again on the dream job.

  30. RBI

    This news absolutely made my day! While I will sorely miss you here, you aren’t really leaving, are you? Jon, I know you will thrive, and this inspired hire just makes me even happier with the new leadership of the Dodgers. So happy for you.

  31. Ker Garin

    Talk about a dream job…Congratulations, Jon…

  32. Bob_Hendley

    Very happy for you! (hope you didn’t give them a hometown discount).

  33. WinnipegDave

    What exciting news! From the frozen winter wonderland of Winnipeg I offer you my best wishes in this amazing new venture. Everyone here in the DT community appreciates you immensely and understand what a gifted writer you are. Go Blue!

  34. nathan118


  35. Alex7

    Jon, been reading your ups and downs for about 10 years and I know just how much you deserve this. Can’t fathom how exciting this must be, after all your stutter steps along the way. Cheers and blessings!

  36. Jon_Wymore

    Congrats Jon, great news, hope you enjoy it more than you imagine!

  37. gen3blue

    Congratulations Jon! I think this seems like a great thing for you, a merger of job and hobby.

  38. iadodger

    congratulations! looking forward to reading your insights next year.

  39. Christopher Jones

    Congratulations, Jon — wow! I’m imagining there is a certain 10-year-old dream-come-true aspect to this: you get to work for a baseball team for a living. Enjoy!!

  40. Scott Gilbert

    As you point out, Vin Scully is your co-worker! That must be pretty exciting. This is a tremendous thing. Good luck with the new gig, and hearty congratulations from the Oregon branch of the Weisman/Dodgers fan club.

  41. NoahUCLA

    Congrats Jon!! Good luck. I guess they are shopping Kemp so they can afford you. I put your value at 7 years 200 million, at least!!

  42. Wow, fantastic news! Congratulations Jon, you undoubtedly deserve it! Hopefully you are given a place to keep writing your great insights into the Dodgers along with all your other duties. We’ll miss your personal interactions here, though I guess we’ll just have to bug you more on twitter then. Again, congrats.

  43. Congratulations, Jon! I mean this in all sincerity: the Dodgers hiring you is one more sign that this new ownership is a smart and good-hearted group, exactly the sort of people I’d like to see running my favorite team. My only regret is the loss of this wonderful blog. Best of luck!

  44. cdbavg400

    As one of your readers since the Toaster days, I give you a heartfelt congratulations. You truly deserve it!

  45. 68elcamino427

    Congrats Jon. The Dodgers have improved by adding you to their staff.
    They got lucky the day they met you.

  46. Jon, as someone who has been reading Dodger Thoughts for closer to 11 years than 11 minutes — ;-) — I congratulate you on an exciting new opportunity, and the Dodgers on an excellent hire. No matter what form your work takes, I’ll look forward to keeping up with it.

  47. BlueInLA

    Congrats from a long time lurker (going back to the pre-Toaster days, even!)

    Here’s the official Dodger press release:

  48. Hollywood_Joe

    Sorry Orel, Haren, and Guerro – Jon working for the Dodgers is the news this offseason that makes me the happiest

    all the best to you my friend, you are now in the place where you always belonged!

  49. Dave Pomerantz

    Congrats, Jon!

  50. Joanna Casey

    This is wonderful!!! Congratulations!

  51. package206

    Hey Jon, congrats on the new job! Now can you find out when Kershaw will sign an extension?

  52. picksrme

    Couldn’t be happier and reaffirms that the Dodgers are once again a first class organization.
    Good to see good things happen to good people

  53. Tim Caballero

    Congrats, Jon! I don’t think the Dodgers could have picked a more passionate and knowledgeable person for the role. Like many others, I’ll miss your outside, independent voice, but also looking forward to seeing what you can do in this new role. Best of luck!

  54. danreines

    Jon, this is a dream opportunity — congratulations to you and to the Dodgers. Just… just fantastic!

  55. West Coast Ram

    Great news for Jon but it is with sadness that I noticed today that Tony Jackson is no longer writing his Dodger blog dodgerscribe. What will we do if anymore independent sites go under, we will be forced to ESPNLA?

  56. KT

    Just read this on MSTI Jon…congratulations

  57. NPOT (new post over there) at Elysian Fields.

  58. WBBsAs

    Congratulations to you, Jon, but I will miss Dodger Thoughts even in the relatively attenuated version of the last year or so.

  59. Congratulations Jon. I hope this turns out to be everything you want it to be.

  60. John_from_Aus

    Congratulations, the excitement is like a child getting a job at a candy store :)

  61. Bruce Brooks

    This really is “The Best of Dodger Thoughts”. Congratulations. From the Toaster to Chavez Ravine. So glad you made it to The Show.

  62. Strike4

    John, how exciting. I was thinking your move analogous to Nomar or other homeys finally coming to the Dodgers. But your odyssey makes me think more of the WSC quote “I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour…” I’d love to shake your hand in congratulations and in confidence for your future, but I’d also love to shake the hand of whoever in the Dodger organization had the foresight to make this happen. Please tell them thank you from one of those who feel another Dodger family member is coming home.

  63. Benzojones

    What a great opportunity…. and it couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  64. Puig Power

    Congratulations, Jon! Very happy for you and if the term “you deserve it” isn’t played out yet, it’s certainly appropriate. The time of Weisman has come, and it feels good.

  65. DodgerNole66

    Wow. Congratulations Jon. You have certainly earned this one. As someone who once had the opportunity to work for the Dodger Blue circa 1988-1991(remember my Dodgertown memories you posted back in the Toaster days), I can only say it was a dream come true to work for my favorite sports team. (I was bragging just this weekend about my being in Gibson’s Big Game Hunter poster–see pitcher in cage in white uni).

    I’m certain you will take your excellence in the writing craft to new heights and I wish you all the best in the world. Alas, I will miss your passionate ponderings on this site.

    Say hi to Vinny for all of us.

  66. Shawn Coyne

    This is incredible. Congrats Jon!

  67. Thanks, everyone. Whirlwind day. See you soon at my new locale … thanks for bearing with me all these years, through all these changes.

    • KT

      It was our pleasure definitely…my daughter (whom you met) is so happy for you

    • foul tip

      To add to my earlier congrats, no one ever deserved this more.

  68. michaelgreenlasvegas

    The smartest move the Dodgers have made since … I can’t think of one, at least since hiring Vin in 1950!

  69. Go_Bears

    Wow, Jon. Congratulations. This is fantastic. I somehow feel like I accomplished something just to see you take this step. This might sound weird coming from a virtual stranger, but I’m enormously proud of you. Well deserved, and long overdue. Best wishes and great good luck with this gig. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving.

  70. andYouandI

    Congrats Jon.

  71. Derek_TC

    Very happy for you Jon!

  72. JonnyTAFKAJ

    Congratulations, Jon!

    An opportunity of a lifetime.

    Go for it! :-)

  73. KT

    For those of you thinking of migrating over to MSTI here are a few words of advice so that they don’t think you are a troll and you fit in easier:
    1) get an avatar (picture) to go along with your new name
    2) let them know you are migrating from here
    3) there are a lot of inside jokes and some people will come across as rude…they have very few rules and they are not posted like here
    4) Don’t take anything personal

    • KT

      oh and there is this to help with the inside jokes

    • berkowit28

      Or avoid all that and come over to True Blue LA:

      It’s the most active Dodgers site and has a decent proportion of people who came over from Dodger Thoughts in an earlier incarnation (LAT and ESPN) when it was difficult to comment at DT. The articles, mostly by Eric Stephen, are straight, and frequent. The comments are mostly all-inclusive (a lot of OT comments) and welcoming. Not too much insider talk, just a bit.

      • KT

        Eric writes well but it’s mostly boring over there in my opinion…I was on both sites at the same time last year and was felt more welcome by the folks at MSTI…just my opinion…not trying to recruit

        • dalegribel

          Mike’s articles on MSTI are fine, but the posters are too far out there for me. I’ll probably stay with Elysian Fields, TBLA, and continue to follow Jon on Twitter.

  74. 14hodges

    Jon, I am SO happy for you! My three children have been born since I began reading your site, and I have thoroughly enjoyed these seven years. I feel like you are an e-friend whose perspective I really appreciate and respect; my husband and my dad know your name because I cite you regularly when we’re talking about the Dodgers and sometimes when we’re talking about other topics. I hope this new change will be a wonderful one for you and for your family. Love and respect from North Carolina.

  75. PatOConnor

    Fantastic news. Best of luck working at Chavez Ravine. Hope you get a view of the hills.

  76. dodgerway

    Congratulations Jon! So very happy for you. The Dodgers hired the right person for the job.

  77. leekfink

    People are saying that this is your dream job, and I think that’s false. I suspect your dream job is not an office in Chavez Ravine, but rather like Center Field. But this is a close second. Congratulations. Wow.

  78. chris nelson

    Congratulations. I started reading over in the toaster days and have always followed along though I have only engaged in conversation sporadically. I really appreciate your approach and I am sure that the Dodgers will benefit from having you on board.

  79. Bumsrap

    I generally want for others what they want for themselves and your change from writing about the Dodgers as an avocation to a vocation, from hobby to primary activity as you said is absolutely awesome. Jon, I add my truly heartfelt congratulations.

  80. henly

    DUDE! terrific news! What a great opportunity. Congratulations man. Looking forward to it

  81. GoDodgersFromWisconsin

    You lucky so-and-so. Congratuations!

  82. 75Dodger

    Fantastic news Jon! Too often, hard work (and quality work) goes unrewarded, but I’m happy to see that’s not the case for you. What a great pickup for the Dodgers! I’ll miss Dodger Thoughts, but I’m glad its demise is due to your job with the Dodgers. Good luck with your new work!

  83. Cleareye

    This stinks!

    It should have been me.

    Hope you clean up the website a bit more. Good luck from a Dodger fan since 1947.

  84. Spence

    Congrats on your dream job. I think you have the job that every other blogger in the Dodger sphere wants.

  85. Jon, can’t you persuade your new employers that you desperately need to tweet something like the following, and they should make it so?

    “Kershaw has signed a lifetime deal with the Dodgers for $280 million direct pay with another $20 million going to his charity in $2M per year increments for 10 years.”

    • foul tip

      Link, just look what you opened the door to….

      The familiar names here will know that I sometimes come up with unusual comments, OT or maybe even a bit OTW (off the wall).

      So, the following is what can happen when there’s not much real baseball news and I think about Clayton situation (a bit too much time on my hands at the time)…

      FROM: Crown Prince Neddus P.Colletique, Central African Republic of Nigerian Swahili

      TO: The Hon Clayton Kershaw, Esq.,Los Angeles, USA

      SUBJECT: Your diplomat kourier has arriven at LAX with the first of your winnings

      As Nigerian royal prince in charge of financil matter, it is my high honor to give you great noos from our governmunt. Pleeze to bee advised your e-mail has won $300 million USA dollars in our nashional lottery. To bee pade in seven (7) equal paymentz over seven (7) years.

      So you now kno longer will neede a contract to hurl for your Los Angeles Dodgers. Now you can hurl just as a hobbie. And we are certain you will want to just hurl after receiving this notice.

      Also pleeze bee advised my former business associate Frankrupt McTort asks your assistance in re-acquiring certain funds of $2.1 Billyun USD he ,um, relocated here in Nigeria for getaway,um, tax porpoises, especially now that he has no need for additional housing.

      He will of course share this $2.1 Billyun USD equally with you for your utmost valuable helpp. Your only cost will be a good faith paymint of $100 Mil USD to this office, of course reimbursible from your lottery winnings.

      We arr sure this great newz will brighten your day immezurably and make you want to hurl even more.

      Pleez do not share this great news with anyone other than this officz as this matter must be kept in utmosst konfidence due to dishonest personz who try to pray upon successful personz such az you.

      You will of cource understand the need to get back to me immediately so that wee can get your payment to you without deelay. Our diplomat kourier may get loney–um, lonely–at the airrport & have to reeturn here if hee does not heer from you within three (3) daze.

      I am sure these arrangements to get this windfall to you will be most satisfactory and you will simply send the $100 mil USD straitaway to this office, so no need to contact me personilly.

      But if you just must, my personal phone is BR 549 867 5309 for your konfidenshul and immedjut use. However, pleeze be aware there may be issues with some kalls getting thru due to teknukul diffikultys.

      With kindust personal regards,

      Crown Prince Neddus P Colletique

  86. 41

    Jon, All the best to you. They are fortunate to have you. Some of your best observations were your occasional comments on life. I hope you do plenty of writing of all kinds, with plenty of time left to spend with your family. Good luck down the road! Bill

  87. Bob_in_Vegas

    Write on and on and on, Jon!

    Since ’tis the season, it’s apropos to suggest yours is a wonderful life . . . I can only imagine how you felt, listening to Vin Scully all your baseball life, then working with him! As George Bailey would say, “Hot dog!”

  88. Tommy Naccarato

    Congratulations Jon. A job you were always destined for–and it would have taken idiot not to know you wouldn’t have been working for the Blue sooner or later.

    This is the first time I posted to this site–always avoiding it simply because of the differing of opinions regarding of the team and how it got personal. I haven’t even typed the name Dodger Thoughts into my address bar of my browser in more then two years!

    I just wanted to make sure you got my congratulations and also say that ultimately, I was right! There is no denying that now! ;)

  89. package206

    Hey Jon
    Since you are an employee of the Dodgers, could you find out why their webpage is all screwed up??

  90. berkowit28

    Will you be closing down Dodger Thoughts, or keeping it open for occasional musings? I can’t imagine that the musings could include information on the Dodgers to which you are privy by virtue of your job, and in fact anything which you are able to disclose will be found somewhere on and not here. I can imagine you having a blog for thoughts on anything *not* to do with the Dodgers, but then it really should be renamed if you can’t ever express a Dodger-related thought that you haven’t already published on

    I suppose you’re thinking this over, in any stolen moments you might have from your job, and will let us know in good time. I’m just wondering if you’ll do that here, and if I should keep this tab open in my browser. I look forward to instructions and information.

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