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Remembering Nomonia

A nice look back at Hideo Nomo’s career is provided by Jay Jaffe at, serving as a reminder of Nomo’s importance as a cross-continent pioneer.


Letter to season-ticket holders, 2005


The next big move – going to work for the Blue


  1. Bob_Hendley

    Nice of Jaffe to do that.

  2. jim hitchcock

    The perfect antidote after daylong snow;

    ordering ST tickets at Camelback.

    • WBBsAs

      When I left Punta Arenas at 1:30 p.m., it was 45° F. In Santiago tonight, it’s 79° F. What a difference three hours makes.

      • Bob_Hendley

        Looking it up, I am surprised to see that even in winter Punta Areas doesn’t get all that cold on average. I guess that’s the effect of the sea.

        • WBBsAs

          It’s not so windy in winter, either. It was really cold there at times the last few days, though, and we even had a couple snow flurries.

  3. foul tip

    Water under the bridge dept. with Beli exit. But pretty sure original story about it read that he was late for “work” at times. Doesn’t seem to be there now. But this fits with the idea there might be more to his exit than just inconsistency, and maybe creating more bullpen budget for Wilson.

    Anybody buy the idea the Dodgers need to create salary room in the pen–or anywhere else?

    Interesting phrasing……late for “work”….but then I guess MLB is work for players, and others.

    • NoahUCLA

      I feel like he was always pitching on borrowed time between the visa issues, cocaine issues, driving issues and general lackadaisical attitude. He has a nasty sinker, but after last season and his increased price tag (in terms of value, not necessarily what they can afford), I think they finally feel like they can justify letting him go.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Seemed to me that Donnie kept throwing him out there in his usual slot, when Withrow had already shown to be a viable replacement. Assuming we get Wilson back, no matter how much money you have doesn’t make sense to up the salary of a guy being pushed back in the rotation and taking up the slot for a younger arm.

    • dalegribel

      I kind saw him suffering from Scott Proctor syndrome. Though he didn’t get as much overuse, he was certainly trotted out in several different type of situations and became the reliever of choice a bit too often. I was down on his performance for almost all of 2013, so I’m not sad to see him go.

  4. Bumsrap

    If Seattle wants to spend lots of money on Cano and Cano won’t sign with them, might they trade for expensive Dodger players that would help them and free up enough payroll for the Dodgers to go after Cano themselves?

  5. BenjaminMiracord

    Does the Brian Wilson signing cost the Dodgers a daft pick?

    • thescrounger

      No, his “former team”, the Dodgers had not made him a “qualifying offer”. Think about it. Another perspective: If they had made him a qualifying offer and then resigned him, they would have got their own draft pick back.

  6. foul tip

    Kinda off the wall dept……

    ‘Let Dec. 3 forever be known as Chico Salmon Day, in honor of the peripatetic late infielder who played seven different positions for seven different organizations, not including the Marlboro Smokers, his winter league team in Panama that was managed by a man named Winston.

    “That’s a true story, as is the one that Salmon was so afraid of ghosts he slept with the lights on, a towel jammed under the door and chewing gum stuffed in the keyhole. Salmon, who died in 2000, was born on Dec. 3 and Tuesday would have been his 73rd birthday.”

    Reminds me of stories about Jose Cardenal, who once refused to play because his eyelids were stuck. Another time he begged off playing bc crickets had kept him awake all night. Another story has him, in the minors, chasing a pitcher who regularly hit him with a switchblade after it happened once too often–the pitcher disappearing over the CF wall.

  7. foul tip

    FWIW. No intent just to come in and drop bombs, but why would this be so? Or more likely a writer just honking his horn?

    “But as Cafardo (of the Boston Globe) points out, the Dodgers are so desperate to get rid of Kemp that they’re willing to eat some of his salary to do so.”

    “Are so desperate”?…….

    • dalegribel

      The Red Sox have nothing the Dodgers need to offer back. Unless Colletti overvalues Middlebrooks. (Please no!)

  8. NoahUCLA

    10 million for one year with a player option for another 9-10 million for Wilson. That’s a lot of money for even a closer, but he’s one of the best available and he’s willing to take 2 instead of 3 years.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Beach boy gives us a hometown discount.

      • foul tip

        Lot more confidence-inspiring to see him heading out in the 8th instead of Beli.

        Upgrade city, which already was the situation by end of 2013 season.

        IF he’s anywhere near what he was in 2013.

  9. JonnyTAFKAJ

    So glad to see that our Dodgers have reached an agreement with Brian Wilson.
    Watching all this stuff with Cano makes me think of ‘ridiculous contracts – past’…
    Mo Vaughn, Albert Pujols, A-Rod, and the list goes on and on….
    Funny. Having jettisoned Ellis ( I believe ) and signing an unproven Cuban player, I still never sat here thinking that the Dodgers should pay for Cano. Sure, he’s an amazing talent. However, if I were Ned, I would be out there trying to fill our remaining holes (2B, 3B, middle relief, 5th starter) with players who are “just this side of their potentially big pay day” as I believe that the same player operating under this dynamic will give you more than a player who’s just been paid. It’s simply human nature. It’s not 100% true all of the time, but, in general, it’s how I feel. Happy Holidays!

  10. thescrounger

    So glad that Cano signed with Seattle.
    1. There are owners even more stupid than our ex.
    2. Partly because of his new choice of agent, my impression of Cano is that he is a great baseball player but I have seen sticks and stones that were smarter.
    3. The Yankees will be, ah, unhappy.
    4. Cano will hate it in Seattle.
    5. Seattle has handicapped themselves for the next 10 years.
    6. In a year or two someone can get a bargain on Cano as Seattle realizes their mistake and eats a whole lot of money.
    In a negative note, I sure hope Kemp doesn’t get traded, especially to Boston.

    • JonnyTAFKAJ

      Funny thing is… I hear the same thing with the Cano signing as I did with the Beltre signing…

      “He doesn’t really want to play in Seattle. He’s going because that’s where the money is.”
      (- a good number of baseball commentators have been saying this)

  11. Hello all… Not sure about you, but I’m beginning to get the nervous sweats about 3B. The empty box on the depth chart makes me wonder.

    • thescrounger

      I wonder if Seattle getting Cano might make them more inclined to trade Kyle Seager to the Dodgers? Who do the Dodgers have that Seattle wants?

      • dalegribel

        Seattle has one outfielder that started 60 games in the outfield last year: Michael Saunders. The Dodgers might have something they need, more than want.

        • Samododger

          I guess Trayvon Robinson turned out to not be Ken Griffey Jr. Jr.

        • Bumsrap

          Seattle needs a couple of outfielders not named Kemp or Puig or Pederson.

  12. Samododger

    So happy to see dodgers did not sign Cano.

    But, does this open the Yankee’s wallets–or wheelbarrows, in this case–for Clayton?

    Sign the Claw now. Every other deal the Dodgers make this off-season would be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic if they fail to re-sign the best pitcher in a generation.

    • I wonder, and this is based on nothing, if Mr. Kershaw would be more impressed by an organization’s commitment to some kind of social work rather than the number of zeroes after the number 3 on an offer sheet. Obviously it’s a balance, but based on what we read about him I think that’s as important. Does New York do that? I don’t know.

  13. NoahUCLA

    They will sign Clayton. I think the truth is that Clayton doesn’t quite know yet what he wants. I think the Dodgers would be willing to give him 300 million for a lifetime contract, or 210 million for 7 years, or anywhere in between, but Clayton isn’t sure whether he wants to never enter free agency for his whole career.

  14. Spence

    If Cano is worth 10/240 at age 31, then Kershaw is worth at least $300+ if he’s signing at age 25

  15. foul tip

    Old friend Hiroki back to NYY, 1/16. Beltran to them too, 3/45.

    • WBBsAs

      The Yanquis deserve Beltran’s declining years, but not Kuroda’s continuing excellence.

      • foul tip

        He’s actually done better for them than for the Dodgers, despite his rough patch near ’13 season end. This in the tougher-to-pitch-in AL East and its hitters’ parks.

        Pretty fair analysis of his year and overall MLB performance in the following, which points out that his rough patch had more to do with defense behind him than decline in his pitching.

  16. foul tip

    Good analysis/recap of Wilson/Jansen/relievers/Ned the Giver of Generous Reliever Contracts.

    Tho the generosity in Beard’s case appears to be much wiser than others. BW also is backup closer insurance if needed.

    Which let’s hope he isn’t bc that would mean issues with Kenley. Unless Kenley just needs a rest. Which could be a good thing bc it would mean many save chances due to the team being ahead often.

    Which also means enough already.

    • Bob_Hendley

      JP Howell seems likely to get something generous as well, particularly give Paco’s late season performance. Garcia will get a good look in ST, but gotta think that Ned will be looking to have another southpaw in the system as security. Perhaps Scotty will get another look-see.

      • foul tip

        From what I’ve seen the team wants Howell back but so far has balked at the 3 years he wants. Ned may have seen the light about 3 year contracts for relievers–or Kasten may have shone it in his eyes. Whichever, good.

        Elbert recently was given a year extension but won’t be available until after the All-Star break. And who knows with him health-wise? But the team wasn’t anxious to cut ties with a power lefty arm who could really help–IF he’s right.

        Another Dodger blog,, one not too well known but which mostly does decent work, had this recent post on him:

        But highly likely Ned will get his paws on at least one additional lefty reliever.

  17. foul tip

    Among hoped-for things Ned does at the winter meetings–

    Package League and cash and if needed some other combos of player/s & money to somebody for something decent, preferably to include at least one decent LH reliever.

    Bite the bullet on the rest of that atrocious League contract, put it in the rear view mirror.
    League has a live arm when right but seems to be right about one of every 3 or 4 times out. A younger arm to take his place would be nice, from outside the Dodger organization or within.

    Hopefully Ned realizes he caught lightning in a bottle with Uribear’s third year and won’t let hopes for better results from League years 2 & 3 get in the way and wind up keeping him.

    Just like in business, hope is not a winning strategy in baseball.

    I hope NOT (maybe a winning strategy in this case) to see a kept League cost the Dodgers a game or more bc a contract decision was made in his case and not a good baseball decision.

    • thescrounger

      Considering that Seattle now has Cano (heh, heh), you think they might trade the recently signed Willie Bloomquist for the return of League? He really fits our bench well.

      • foul tip

        Go for it, while they’re in the mood to make more moves. (How’s that for unintended alliteration?) They could re-acquire their former All-Star closer, he said sarcastically.

        The Dodgers could throw in some adhesive tape, Gatorade, and beachballs, maybe even some Dodger Dogs. And maybe even an audiotape of Vin calling a game, if Seattle plays hardball.

        Heck, I’ll even throw in the coon that had been living under my house before I managed to evict him. He bit the deputy who served his papers. But, you do what you have to.

        • foul tip

          In a slightly more serious vein, the exchange you started here a couple days ago about Seager that led to mention of the Mariners’ serious outfielder shortage could have possibilities.

          Wonder if they’d even remotely consider moving Seager for OF help PLUS League and maybe doing more?

          OF help not named Puig, Kemp, or Pederson, as someone said. That leaves Crawford, Ethier, Van Slyke, & Buss on the 40 man and who knows in the minors.

          • foul tip

            Edit: checked around a bit and Mariner lineup lefty heavy. So unlikely fit for Ethier or Crawford. Van Slyke, however…..

  18. thescrounger

    Well, Tony Jackson has made it official, he’s out of the Baseball Blog business. Having hardly posted at all since the playoffs, I doubt anyone was surprised. I’ve always liked his writing but I always felt he didn’t really enjoy it or he would have written more than he did. Good luck to him in whatever he does. There are some great opportunities for Dodger Blog writers out there since he is gone and Jon also writes little, I’m left with only MSTI, MLBR, and Chad Moriyama for my daily fix. Anyone here wants to start a blog, I’ll definitely check it out. Warning: You have to be a 365 day a year baseball fan and love to talk about it, doing it for relatively meager pay is not enough.

    • foul tip

      I check those blogs too, fairly often, along with TBLA on occasion. TBLA posts the most volume of any Dodger blog. No doubt you know about it and just didn’t mention.

      Another I found earlier this year which usually does a decent job and posts often is

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