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Dodgers on Clayton Kershaw


By Jon Weisman

Dodger President and CEO Stan Kasten on negotiations with Clayton Kershaw: “I am hopeful that by Friday morning we will have an announcement.”


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  1. PAY HIM WHAT HE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There is a handful of players that deserve his respect for the game. LAST OF A DYING BREED………………….

  3. Rumored to be done.

  4. dodger88

    Done deal – $215 million for 7 years with an opt-out option after 5 years.

  5. Done! 7 years. After 5 opt out option. 30 million a year makes him the highest paid athlete in the U.S. currently.

  6. If any player deserves it–and none does–CK does. End of discussion.

  7. Good for Kersh…Good for the Dodgers…love this deal

  8. enchantedbeaver

    The money they pay professionals now is almost abstract and no longer has any meaning to the average Joe. Seems like a win for both parties.

    Most athletes you’d have to wonder about, but given its Kersh I’m sure a ton of his salary will go to a greater good.

  9. Great deal for Dodgers. You get a great pitcher + a better human being. What he is doing for the kids in Africa has no price.

  10. considering that he is the best, and he generates income for the Dodgers, and he give so much to others, I guess it’s a fair deal

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