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The Giants and Dodgers, 30 years ago

By Jon Weisman

In 1984, KTTV Channel 11 took this look at the history of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry. Among the incidents that don’t get as much attention these days are the 1971 brawl that had echoes of the famous Juan Marichal-Johnny Roseboro calamity, with Mays and Marichal once again pivotal figures, and a 1978 outfield collision at Candlestick Park that triggered a bizarre finish.

For what it’s worth, the next batter after that 1971 brawl, Willie Davis, hit a two-run home run.

Here’s a more recent picture of Elaine Perkins, who introduces the video above.


Dodgers on Clayton Kershaw


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  1. I remember being 11 years old and watching that brawl and thinking he’s (Marichal) trying to kill our player

    Looks like no KTTV or any other local over the air channel for fact will be carrying the Dodgers anymore…good thing I hooked up my mom’s house with Directv last week

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