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TWCSLA_Logo_loRESBy Jon Weisman

While SportsNet LA is set to air on Time Warner Cable when it launches February 25, it doesn’t mean that it won’t air on other distributors, such as DirecTV, Dish, AT&T U-verse, Cox, Verizon FiOS, Charter, Comcast. The network is actively seeking distribution of SportsNet LA with all of those providers.

If you’re eager to ensure that the 24/7 Dodgers channel airs on your home television, one click will take you somewhere to express that desire to your provider:

You’ll also find a Frequently Asked Questions answer page there.


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  1. Hi Jon –

    I just went to fill out the form for DirecTV, and it wouldn’t accept the submission unless I checked boxes accepting emails from Sportsnet LA and MLB. I’ll try again later in case the page is broken or inactive at this point – but I avoid marketing emails when possible.

    Really want the service on DirecTV – but I’d call them directly before allowing folks to bombard me with marketing materials.

  2. Jon Weisman

    Larry, we’ve tested it on our end and are not having that issue. Could you try again?

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    I guess SportsnetLA is not available in Brooklyn. Who knows? maybe someday.

  4. Folks in Southern California who believe they can simply sign up for MLB’s telecast of live games if their cable provider does not pick up SportsNet LA are in for a shock: These games are blacked out in the local markets. Only available on a tape-delayed basis. Don’t hesitate to call your cable provider now. Are you listening Cox Cable in South Orange County. Get off your butt and get on the ball and give us our DODGERS!

    • Unfortunately all our anger is misplaced. Dodgers sold everything to one provider creating a monopoly. Time Warner or Crime Warner paid so much for the rights that they need to charge way too much to recoup. All cable and sattelite providers are calling the TWC fee a ransom, and they are backing away for now. Hopefully the fee will come down enough for someone to start airing the Dodgers. But it will only happen when the price comes down. This whole mess was started by the Dodgers…no one else. Corporate Greeed.

  5. i need my dodgers but who services the cable.besides time warner. i’m racking my brain trying to get sportsnetla. i have u-verse and they act like i don’t what i’m talking about. what next.

  6. time warner doe’nt serve my zip code 91502

  7. Our cable provider is Verizon Fios and we definitely want to be able to receive all the Dodger games on Fios. Whatever it takes to make that happen would be appreciated.

    • Unfortunately all our anger is misplaced. Dodgers sold everything to one provider creating a monopoly. Time Warner or Crime Warner paid so much for the rights that they need to charge way too much to recoup. All cable and sattelite providers are calling the TWC fee a ransom, and they are backing away for now. Hopefully the fee will come down enough for someone to start airing the Dodgers. But it will only happen when the price comes down. This whole mess was started by the Dodgers…no one else. Corporate Greeed.

  8. I think that’s discussing to allow time Warner cable to do this to dodger fans or any sports fan for that matter. I will never subscribe to time Warner cable, and I think it should be a crime to strong arm other cable/ satellite company’s like time Warner cable is doing.

  9. time warner does not serve my area. only way to get dodgers on tv is with direct tv. love direct tv but if I have to I would go else where just to get my dodgers ben following dodgers since 1948 on radio . I NEED MY DODGERS

  10. come on ,we want or DODGERS!!!you are screwing hundreds of thousand ,of us iam one of them all we want is to watch or baseball team…we have no football,no,no dodgers to watch…wtf.

  11. Got up this morning @1am to watch my DODGERS on MLB network cause I have Direct TV…and it was blocked. WTF man how could time warner block out mlb network

  12. Time Warner sucks. We have had terrible service from them so we switched to Uverse which we have been very happy with. I read an article last week that they rank 15th out of the 16 major US cable companies in customer service, which is no surprise to me. Stop hijacking the Dodgers Time Warner, your reputation is only getting worse.

    • Unfortunately all our anger is misplaced. Dodgers sold everything to one provider creating a monopoly. Time Warner or Crime Warner paid so much for the rights that they need to charge way too much to recoup. All cable and sattelite providers are calling the TWC fee a ransom, and they are backing away for now. Hopefully the fee will come down enough for someone to start airing the Dodgers. But it will only happen when the price comes down. This whole mess was started by the Dodgers…no one else. Corporate Greeed.

  13. This is verry shamefull whats going on with the LA Dodgers and Time Warner, the Dodgers were interested on all the money TW was offering to them,they not for one moment think of all the problems this was going to cause for so many of their fans.,My dad is 83 yrs. old,he is and always has been a Dodger fan,but because of his age and other problems is no longer able to attend games and now even if he could would not be able to afford them !!! pertty soon no one wii be able to go and see them play their prices are too high,so i hope that the money that they received from TW will carry them as appossed to have had all of their loyal fans for ever, with this mess that they created just seems like the Dodger org.couldn’t have cared less about us their FANS!!!! and yes Time Warner !!! your service is NO GOOD !!!!

  14. This may be the end of baseball. As a teenager i heard Hollywood Stars on the radio. Then the Dodgers came to town and baseball got better and better as television spread the thrill of the game to millions of people. Even better was the day of high definition and DVR where we could put the game on hold and not miss a play or watch at a time more convenient. Now the Dodgers have been stolen from free and even cable t.v. Time Warner Cable demands that we must pay even more. Worse than that, the Sport Net L.A. will not allow the game to be recorded so my DVR is worthless. Fans of baseball who cannot go to the game because of the cost or infirmity are shut out of viewing more than a mere handfull of games. Why the Dodgers ever agreed to this horrible contract with Time Warner Cable is out of my understanding. Yes, I listened to the game on transistor radio. After all that progress in the television industry, I am back to square one. If my cable provider caves in to TWC demands, i will consider ending my cable contract.

  15. This is terrible my father is 80 yrs. old and all he cares about is watching the Dodgers play on TV he used to be able to watch it on local channels for free, now he can’t even watch it on his paid cable network Charter. That isn’t fair for someone who’s watched the Dodgers for over 40 yrs.

  16. What isn’t fair are people like me. I’m 200 miles away from Dodger stadium, blacked out from all games even when I’m willing to pay for MLB Extra Innings. The most frustrating part? I don’t get Time Warner in my area, even if I wished to switch from Direct TV. I’ve been a die hard Dodger fan for over 50 years when I lived down in L.A.. Win or lose I’m devoted!

  17. F Time Warner. f cable. I’m watching over the air digital TV the way it used to be and if the dodgers aren”t on, there will be NO baseball season. Take that you greedy self serving Time Warner chumps.

  18. I think we’re forgetting that Vin Scully is an institution that had kept baseball immensely popular by his color and commentary. He will be missed. Time Warner Cable decides to charge extra for their own Dodger channel. That means that Vin Scully will only be seen on KCAL, 9, Fox11 and maybe Channel 13…wait…those channels have removed baseball from their programming this year. Choices…? Less and less for the consumer who allows this megacorporatization of America’s once favorite pastime. SHAME on the greedy bastards and may it come back and slap them in the face for their idiocy.

    • Vin Scully is doing the games for Time Warner. It’s another huge reason for me to miss the Dodgers. Normally in any emails, letters, conversations, etc. I always add him to my plight. Thinking this is probably his last year disgusts me even more. As an 8 yr. old kid I would listen to him on the radio as I fell asleep, always telling my parents I wanted him to speak at my funeral because I knew I would RIP. Hey I was 8!! My son who’s now in his 30’s told me one day when he was around 6 he loved listening to Vin, he said his voice made him feel safe!!

    • Well said!!

  19. Corporations can be busted. People can’t Henry Ford said he needed a middle class to sell his cars to. Nowadays, there are replacements, robots and and workers overseas who will work for pennies on the dollar. Thanks to Citizens United which gives the same constitutional rights to to corporations that people have (or used to). They can do as damned as they please.. Amend the constitution, abolish Citizens United or we are heading straight down the road to a corporate plutocracy. Whether or not you think the corporations are evil is beside the point…bottom line…profits and more profits. Has anybody noticed the arrogance of Madison Avenue lately, a recent national TV news network has NOT removed its ad:;”We don’t make the news, we OWN the news” I almost fell down when I heard that.Well they don’t own the airwaves . Where in blazes did they get that idea? The airwaves are OURS as Americans and it’s time to show them we mean business by taking their business away. And if baseball is a casualty, then we are truly living in sad times.

  20. Top of 9th, one out. Camera on Dodger dugout. Mr. Scully says ‘they’re all wearing their tobogans.’ They are wearing touques.

  21. Like so many others, I am elderly and loved watching Dodger games. I have to wonder if Magic Johnson and his co-owners even considered all of the fans who are not able to attend games. TWC is not a worthy cable provider; in my opinion, and it is a shame that the Dodgers limited themselves this way in the face of all the fan support they have received. Now here we are in mid-April and there is no way for us to watch the games. Is it true that even if we pay for Sports Net LA there are many games “blacked out”? Wow, what a huge mistake the LA Dodgers made.

    • Yes Brenda it is true, you will be blacked out, especially living in the LA area. I started calling in Feb to Direct TV, our Satellite provider, telling them I would support and be willing to pay the extra cost if they made a deal with Time Warner. I have been so frustrated with all this that I’ve almost given up hope. ALMOST!! I have been a die hard Dodger fan for over 50 years, growing up in the LA area. I now live almost 200 miles away, do not have access to TWC and am still blacked out when the Dodgers are played on some networks. We would totally be blacked out if we were to pay for MLB Extra Innings on TV or Internet. When I first started all my calling, letters, emails, research, etc. I called TW. I couldn’t understand how they could black us out since they were not providers in our area and I didn’t have the option to switch if I wanted to. Plus, the fact they were adding our area, the Central Valley as part of the LA blackout area. I didn’t and still don’t understand that. Since then we have been able to watch 2 full games on the MLB Network, although my sister who lives in the LA area, was blacked out.
      What I most recently found out when I called Direct TV and told the person I wanted to talk to someone with “clout”, which he didn’t understand! I said “You know, somebody that has the answers to these questions, somebody’s that’s attending the meetings with TW. The President, Vice President, not somebody, sorry like him who just answers the phone.” You have to remember by now I’m 3 months in, I’m missing games, Vinny, tired of the same yak, yak, yak, with no results. This was also the day after I heard DTV walked away from TW after a deal was almost made. I was then connected to Millie. After speaking to her she told me DTV did not end the negotiations. What TW wanted DTV to do was to charge ALL their customers for the new Dodger station. I have said from the beginning that I would never agree to this as it was not fair to customers and I would be apposed to it, as I still am. So, as I still wait impatiently along with everyone else, I too am at a lost. Millie said we should be contacting the Dodgers, I’ve done that also. For what? I don’t have an answer.

  22. Not only do we not have access to games on TV on the Central Coast, the new radio affiliate is the same one that broadcasts Cal Poly sports. Calls to the station to complain are met with a “we are trying to do about 130 games” response. What complete baloney. ALL games MUST be broadcast on any radio affiliate! I am personally BOYCOTTING ANY business that advertises on this station. When the only thing you understand is money, you certainly will see none of mine-Pismo Bruce

  23. I am certain the Dodgers will look back at this deal as the biggest mistake ever made regarding loyal True Blue fans. I know they are happy with their bank account now being 8.3 billion richer (over time) , but money does not buy fans. We wont ever forget what this new Dodger ownership did to us. I wish we could somehow get the word out to completely boycott at least two at home games. I mean an almost empty ball park. I would love to hear Vinny talk about that on the radio. No one would ever forget that, especially the Dodger accountants. Just remember Dodgers must take complete blame for this. They should have spread the broadcasting rights among a few cable/satellite providers, not just one. They made their bed, now they must sleep in it. Lets try to create a couple home game boycotts. Might just get their attention.

    • I totally agree with you Nancy. Actually, being naive I guess and not wanting to believe it, when I realized the Dodgers were involved, I know, duh, I was crushed!! Not wanting to believe the Dodgers obviously didn’t care about their fans was heartbreaking. I said it years ago, when the O’Malley

      • Sorry got a phone call and messed up. To continue…when the O’Malley’s sold the Dodgers I immediately said there goes the family atmosphere, they’ve now become a business. I understand this. In order to compete in the world of today’s sports you have to, but now to do this to your fans without a thought as to the effect it’s going to have on them, fans that have stood by you, win or lose it’s become very selfish on their part and again heartbreaking. Believe me I have not only been angry buy have cried over this frustration. It’s the one thing both my husband and I look forward to year after year. My son recently moved to Seattle but through his parents devotion he too has remained a fan along with his 7 year old son. Yes, can we say generations? It all started with my father over 60 years ago and it continues.

      • What Kim says epitomizes Dodger Blue. This is not just a business, Dodgers are an integral part of all our lifes. We can’t wait for the season to begin. It’s a huge part of what summer is all about Vinny’s soothing voice and the smell of some Farmer John Ham or Hot Dogs in the air (or whatever your fav is). Its family, it’s friends, it’s memories. it’s love. Without it, in the words of Steve Lyons, (another great loss to the team) I’m shattered.

        • Nancy we are so much on the page, it’s almost uncanny. Our feelings are so similar but I still feel helpless. One guy says we should boycott the games. I honestly don’t think that will have any impact whatsoever. If I thought hanging out near Dodger Stadium with written signs of our plight would have any impact, I’d be there in a moments notice. Season ticket holders are not going to give up their seats. My fathers company had season tickets primarily when clients came out of town. I did benefit from that as I was privileged to be at 1978 World Series game when Bobby Welch struck out Reggie Jackson. One memory I will never forget. What I still want even in my later years, more memories. They are priceless, it’s a connection you can have with total strangers. Just let me see a guy with a Dodger hat on waiting in line at a grocery store and the conversation naturally flows. More importantly it’s my conversations I have with my son and now beginning with my young grandson that I miss terribly.

  24. Steve Psycho Lyons the Heir Apparent announcer to Vinny was let go this year after nine glorious years.

  25. I cannot get time werner where I live. Now realizing the Dodgers are at fault for all this mess. I am completely disgusted!!!!! I am 81 years old and have been an avid fan for over 50 years—–I can’t believe I’m not able to see them play. Directv is dragging their feet—I would be willing to pay an extre $5.00 to get access to MY DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I believe we all would pay $5.00 more to watch the Dodgers. Unfortunately the Direct TV and the cable companies I spoke to stated that the price Time Warner is charging will cause those providers to charge $50.00 a person for that Dodger channel.Hopefully, the price will come down as time goes on.

      • Hi Nancy, when I called TW their plan that included the LA Dodger station was $49.95. That included their basic programing, which I wasn’t interested in knowing, I only wanted to know what package included the Dodger station. I could tell she was reluctant to tell me since I am not able to get their service. The real killer? My brother lives in the area, has TW but not a baseball fan! He has not been charged for the new Dodger station, assuming he’s been an ongoing customer for years. In the mean time he his 2 sisters, devote Dodger fans who are going crazy because we can’t get them! Rumors from the beginning, whether true or not, Direct TV would charge $5.00-6.00 a month. Crap I pay $5.00 a month for my dogs to watch Dog TV! I also know signing a contract for Dog TV and Dodger Net TV isn’t even in comparison to the dollar amount for the Dodger station. Direct TV wants to be cautious before signing, making sure they have there fan base. As I’ve said in the past, win or lose I’m in for life. But, for those that may drop it if they have a bad season or drop it on the off season, maybe that’s a concern. I get the Nfl ticket every year, a costly $300 a season but once the games are over, that’s it. Once you sign up, your in for the long haul, you have no choice you can’t cancel. I know because the Miami Dolphins have broken my heart year after year!

  26. I’ll try to be as brief as I can here…

    I grew up in L.A., and was eight when the Dodgers departed Brooklyn and arrived to stay. The newly ordained Los Angeles Dodgers became my passion from the first time I saw them live. (1958, L.A. Coliseum vs. the Cincinnati Reds). The Dodgers lost, but it didn’t matter … I was hooked for life.

    A large part of that was directly due to Vin Scully (and, to a lesser extent, Jerry Doggett). Come the spring and summer every year, I’d usually go to sleep smiling, my bulky transistor radio reassuringly close to my pillow. All was right with the world with Vin calling the games in such lilting, sing-song-like tones . That WAS baseball to me. Scully’s anecdotes, observations and asides both entertained and taught me how to appreciate the game, along with the players and events from an earlier time.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like … what had long since become a firmly entrenched institution in Los Angeles suddenly being jerked away rudely. And make no mistake … it’s all in the name of greed. Strip away the blather and BS from both TW and the Dodgers, and there’s your bottom line.

    Frankly, were I still living there, I’d be furious at the team’s ownership every bit as much as the cable provider. It ain’t fair and it ain’t right for both of ’em to make Dodger fans the unwilling pawns in their fight to take advantage of ’em. It puts the paying customer in a position where they MUST accept the outrageously exorbitant fees TW (and the Dodgers) arrogantly believe they’re entitled to receive. There is no recourse that I can see.

    I hate to rub salt into the wound, but I’ll tell ya … up here in western Canada, between TSN and Sportsnet Pacific, we’re getting a fairly respectable number of Dodger games on the tube. (The former carries the ESPN games while SN picks up random local telecasts), Over the course of the season, I’d estimate the average is somewhere between one and four Dodger games per week. It’s not each and every week, mind you, but over the course of a season that’s more-or-less how it works out.

    For instance, we saw last night’s home victory against Cincinnati. (Sweet revenge for that loss in ’58!) We’re getting Thursday’s game vs. Pittsburgh, as well as Sunday night’s ESPN game against that same team. That’s followed up by next week’s Monday – Wednesday night games against the White Sox.

    The point being that there’s something very, very wrong if we here, some 1,300 miles away, are able to see the Dodgers semi-regularly at no extra charge. Yet, the loyal fans at home can’t. That’s clearly a travesty. But make no mistake: there are no good guys to be found here whatsoever. What you have are millionaire/billionaire owners in an avaricious dispute with a billion-dollar corporation … and it’s all in the name of personal gain. Those Dodger fans taking the hit in the dispute don’t much matter to them except as a tool to damage the other guys.

    In the negotiations, Magic and his partners didn’t appear to treat the fans with the fairness and respect they deserve. There seems to have been minimal consideration of the fans, many of whom have been devoted to the Dodgers since the team came to town a lifetime ago. Were the owners genuinely interested in looking out for the interests of the paying customer, they’d have rejected ANY agreement with TW that didn’t balance the profit incentive with acceptable business practices. In which case, they are every bit as much in the wrong as the media giant.

    I really do feel for you guys.

  27. I must really applaud Direct and the other cable complains for protecting their customers and not rolling over from the higher charges that TW, The Sports Network and the Dodgers want to extort from the entire audience wither they will be watching a Dodgers games or not. If someone wants to watch a Dodger game they should be able to watch the game and pay for it at what ever rate the Dodgers and their networks want to charge. But people not wanting to watch or pay for the Dodgers should not have to pay. Ala Cart or pay per view is a win-win for all except the Dodgers and their network. Keep up the good work Direct, Charter, Verizon and even Comcast for not caving in, I will pay the extra for the Dodgers if reasonable but don’t want to pay when not watching them. Is this unreasonable?

  28. Dodgers and Time Warner are the “boogiemen” in this scenario. Dodgers: Shame on you for cutting the Time Warner deal without thinking about the fans. Not only are the fans being shortchanged, but the Dodgers, in the long run, are losing since the fans can’t see them, and Dodger popularity has waned. Time Warner: Shame on you for rudely holding millions of So Cal Dodger fans hostage – I, too, will NEVER switch to TWC after this!
    Angelo and Beth Costanza, July 28, 2014.

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