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Stan Kasten named LASC Sports Executive of the Year


Dodger president and CEO Stan Kasten has been named 2013 Sports Executive of the Year by the Los Angeles Sports Council, which will present him with the honor during the ninth annual L.A. Sports Awards March 5 at the Beverly Hilton.

Kasten was honored for his work helping to mold the Dodgers into a National League Championship Series team in only his second year with the franchise.

“He has helped to re-energize the team’s fan base and re-establish the Dodgers as one of the leading brands in all of team sports, with a team built for long-term success on and off the field,” the LASC said.

Prime Ticket will televise the L.A. Sports Awards on March 14, and through Friday, you can vote on the top moment of the year. The event raises money to further the LASC mission of promoting economic development through sports in greater Los Angeles.

In addition, Kasten has joined the board of directors for the LA84 Foundation, which serves as a key funder for youth athletics in Southern California.


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  1. oldbrooklynfan

    I remember early last season, Stan Kasten walking around Citi Field like he was lost.
    This was before the team got hot. My friend and I stopped hin for an autograph. He seemed really worried about the team.

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