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Vin Scully will go to Australia

Los Angeles Dodgers Vin Scully is Grand Marshall of the Rose ParadeBy Jon Weisman

Good news from Up Over about Down Under …

Vin Scully told Steve Dilbeck of Dodgers Now that he will be in Sydney for the Dodgers’ Opening Series against the Diamondbacks in Australia.

… “They asked me to go because they’re the first games to be broadcast by Time Warner,” Scully said. “So I said, `Sure, I’ll go.’ ”

Scully said he would be in Phoenix Feb. 25 when the Dodgers’ regional sports network makes its debut and then broadcast the first spring games the next two days. He said he would return for one game against the San Francisco Giants on March 9 and return one week later for the final game in Phoenix, March16 against the Colorado Rockies before the team takes off for Sydney.

The Dodgers then return home to play an exhibition Freeway Series against the Angels, and Scully will broadcast the games March 27-28 at Dodger Stadium. That’s a lot of work and travel for the 86-year-old broadcaster.

“With ESPN doing the season opener in San Diego followed by an off day, so I’ll get two days off and should be fine,” he said. “I do love it, so I’ll give it a shot.” …


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  1. trublu4ever

    Awesome news!

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  3. Remember, send flowers and candy to Sandi Scully. She’s the one he asks if it’s ok to do this sort of thing. By the way, I think we’re safe because Vin has said in the past that he loves to go to the hardware store and that he’s a total klutz. Put it together. If he’s home more, he might do more of that and their home might not be left standing. So she’s got to keep sending him to work!

  4. Has any agreement been made between Nexstar and Cox Cable to televise Dodger Games this season. I am so upset about last two seasons not being televised, is there hope thi season? I am a 50 fan of Vin Scully and the Dodgers, sees unfair. Greed is an awful thing Time Warner.

  5. I apologize for the misspelled words, have a keyboard that does not know how to spell correctly.

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