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Tweets from the Dodger caravan

By Jon Weisman

Today’s the day a bunch of current Dodgers join the team’s Pitching in the Community Caravan (presented by State Farm). You can follow along on Twitter, but I’ll update this post periodically with Josh Tucker’s tweets from the scene.

Guerra Puig


Dodgers 2014: Live. Breathe. Blue.


In case you missed it: Chad Billingsley progressing


  1. Jon, do you have any idea when single game opening tix will be make available, if at all? The ticket site this am said it was “unavailable” and “sold out” — even before 10:00 am. I’ve not missed an opening day for 22 years and it has gotten harder each year – but never before was it sold out before the ticket sales even started. Tx for any info you can share with loyal fans.

  2. wow, well that really is a change. Opening Day has been one of those rare unifying experiences in LA. No longer. Sad…but perhaps inevitable.

    • Jon Weisman

      Well, to be fair, I don’t think it’s any less unifying … the crowd total is the same and there were always people who couldn’t get tickets. The main difference is more people buying into the whole season.

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