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Dodgers 2014: Live. Breathe. Blue.


By Jon Weisman

Last year, the Dodgers offered “A Whole New Blue.” This year, the franchise is moving forward — to “Live. Breathe. Blue.”

That’s the advertising, marketing and digital campaign that will be incorporated across Los Angeles in 2014.

“Our new tagline encapsulates how each of our fans feel about the Dodgers organization,” Dodger executive vice president and chief marketing officer Lon Rosen said. “We feel it is a natural evolution of last year’s slogan, ‘A Whole New Blue. “The Dodgers have given and will continue to give our fans reasons to believe in the team during the 2014 season.”

“Live. Breathe. Blue.” was created in partnership with Walton Isaacson, the club’s advertising agency.


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  1. “Our new tagline encapsulates how each of our fans feel about the Dodgers organization,

    Ironic since most of us STH are pissed about this new “ticket-less” only option being thrust upon us without communicating it before hand.

  2. Are we sure that it is a “ticket-less” ONLY option? Or will we still be receiving our regular ticket books and have the option to also use electronic tickets?

  3. Are shirts available with the LBB tagline?

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