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Zack Greinke leaves game after four pitches

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By Jon Weisman

Zack Greinke was two pitches into his second batter of the game today at Camelback Ranch when Stan Conte and Don Mattingly had to come to the mound to check on him. After throwing two practice pitches, Greinke walked off the mound.

Vin Scully said Greinke seemed to be indicating something with his right leg or knee. After retiring leadoff batter Tony Campana on a fly ball, Greinke seemed to favor the leg on his first pitch to Cliff Pennington. He threw one more pitch before the visits to the mound happened.

Chris Withrow replaced Greinke. More details as they come …

Update: It’s a right calf issue.


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  1. At least we were treated to a cool Red Patterson story :)
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