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Dodgers win one but lose two

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By Jon Weisman

Led by four times on base apiece by Yasiel Puig and Adrian Gonalez, the Dodgers survived two sixth-inning home runs by the Mets to win going away in New York tonight, 9-4. But it was a costly day.

First was the news of the altercation between Miguel Olivo and Alex Guerrero during their Triple-A game today, a fight that left Guerrero in surgery to repair his ear, according to Ken Gurnick of

Then came Juan Uribe’s ninth-inning re-injury of his hamstring while running out a double.

It’s a painful turn of events for several reasons, only one of them being that Guerrero was on fire with Albuquerque, leading the Pacific Coast League with a 1.152 OPS, and was beginning to be tested out at other positions besides second base.


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  1. I liked having the luxury of two major league ready catchers in AAA in case of injury. We should be down to Fed Ex by the end of the day. It is time to release Olivo. I don’t care what the incident was about, biting an ear of a teammate is unacceptable behavior. I expect the Dodgers to take a stand and release him today. If Uribe goes on the DL as expected, we should call up Guerrero and let him show if he is ready to help the big club. Not sure if Hanley moves to third and Guerrero plays short, but Dee stays at second and the left side can be figured out.

  2. 14hodges

    I read the article at the link about Guerrero. I’m not sure I understand his situation. They said that “there was no injury suffered that would keep a player off the field,” but then said that “there were indications that Guerrero could be out a month or longer.” What does this combination mean?

    • Jon Weisman

      I think essentially it means information was still being gathered.

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