July coverInside JulyBy Jon Weisman

We’re overflowing with great stuff in the July edition of Dodger Insider magazine — our biggest issue yet this year — on sale beginning today throughout the ballpark and now on its way to subscribers.

Our cover package focuses on Yasiel Puig and looks at how he is maturing as a ballplayer even as he keeps the kid inside him alive. But also among the more than 25 pieces in Dodger Insider are a detailed look at Josh Beckett’s remarkable return from 2013 surgery, follow-ups on the no-hitters by Beckett and Clayton Kershaw, an inside-the-room view of the Dodgers’ 2014 draft and the return of Dee Gordon and Brandon League from challenging 2013 seasons.

There are also several historical pieces, including a fun spotlight on Dodger All-Star history, as well as Dixie Walker’s journey from “The People’s Cherce” to the people’s pariah, only to return years later as team batting coach.

We also have some terrific photos, including a 12-shot spread of Gordon stealing second that almost presents like a flip book. So make sure you get you hands on a copy, either at the ballpark or by going to dodgers.com/magazine. And – the digital version of the issue should be posted today.