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Dodgers open 2015 season at home April 6


Jill Weisleder/Los Angeles Dodgers

2015 scheduleBy Jon Weisman

Hopefully celebrating a World Series title, the Dodgers are scheduled to open the 2015 Major League season at home against San Diego on Monday, April 6.

The Opening Day comes more than two weeks later and a hemisphere further north than the 2014 season opener, March 22 in Australia. It’s the latest Opening Day for the Dodgers since 2009.

The Dodgers will bookend their 2015 season by also ending it at home against San Diego, on Sunday, October 6.

Jackie Robinson Day on April 15 will bring the Dodgers back home after a rare absence this year. They will play Seattle, as teams from the American League West becomes the Dodgers’ opponents on the 2015 interleague slate.

Los Angeles will be on the road for Mothers’ Day on May 10, but home for Memorial Day on May 25 against the Braves, Fathers’ Day on June 21 against the Giants and for Independence Day on July 4 against the Mets.

One of the Dodgers’ longest roadtrips is a 10-gamer from June 22-July 1 against the Cubs, Marlins and Diamondbacks. That’s followed by a 10-game homestand July 3-12 against the Mets, Phillies and Brewers, leading into the All-Star Break.  Then the Dodgers are on the road again for another 10 games, July 17-26, against the Nationals, Braves and Mets.

The Dodgers have 13 homestands in 2015, two more than this year’s 11. The opening and season-ending three-game series against the Padres are the only contests in two abbreviated homestands. There’s also a five-game homestand June 17-21 against the Rangers and Giants and July 28-August 2 against the A’s and Angels.

Los Angeles’ shortest roadtrip of the year is a three-gamer to Arizona, April 10-12.

In April, the Dodgers have four off days in the first four weeks of the season, but then play 29 of 31 days in May and 29 of 30 days in June. Then in the second half, the Dodgers have a nice sprinkle of off days in July, August and early September, but race to the finish with games on the final 17 days in a row.

Click on the image below to enlarge the 2015 Dodger schedule.

2015 schedule months



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  1. I see the AS Game is in Cincy, wonder when the Dodgers will ever host again? Have to think the Marlins (never have hosted and have a new park), Washington (yet to host one), Padres (PETCO has yet to host one), and Phillies (Citzen Bank yet to host one) get one before Dodgers do, and that’s just the NL teams.
    AL teams that make sense to get one soon are Tampa Bay (never hosted, but with that stadium who knows when), and Yankees (even though they hosted in 2008, the new Yankee Stadium has hosted one yet). Off the top of my head the next AL teams that have gone the longest without hosting are Oakland and Toronto.
    So I would guess it’ll be at least 10 more years before Dodgers host.

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