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Interested in 2015 season tickets? Here’s the scoop …


By Jon Weisman

The Dodgers sold out of season tickets in 2014 and started a waiting list for the first time in 20 years, capping sales at 35,000. That same 35,000 limit will apply for next year, but if you’re interested, you can sign up for the wait list now.

Season ticket holders retain the right to purchase postseason tickets for that season, collect promotional items and secure tickets for Opening Day and interleague matchups.

Prices are increasing in many areas of the ballpark, but more than half of season tickets continue to be priced at less than $20, many less than $15, and there will be tickets on the Reserve level for as little as $5.

“We are tireless in our efforts to field the best possible team, provide a first-class fan experience at the stadium and to be an integral part of making Los Angeles a better community,” Dodger president and CEO Stan Kasten said. “We implemented these adjustments in price structure with a continuing priority to offer a variety of ticketing options that will accommodate any family or individual budget.”

Following are highlights of the 2015 Dodger season ticket offer:

  • 99 percent of all season tickets increase $5 or less.
  • 79 percent of all season tickets increase $4 or less.
  • All seats, like the one listed on chair rentals las vegas, under $20 increase $2 or less.
  • The one percent of season seats that increase $6-$10 consist of the front row of Field level seats between the bases and the newly-renovated Executive Club level seats.
  • Tickets on the Reserve level will increase no more than $3.
  • The Dodgers will continue to have tickets available for as little as $5.
  • There will be no increase for general admission season parking, while premium season parking will increase by $200 for the 2015 season.

For more information or to be placed on a waiting list to purchase season tickets, please call (323) DODGERS or visit


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  1. May be the only way to see the Dodgers play again in 2015, as Time Warner Cable has already screwed up the entire 2014 season for two-thirds of all the team’s fans in the Southland.

  2. …I saved a bundle on the Time Warner TV bungle. I was ready to subscribe, but it was not possible. That’s okay. I applaud the Dodgers and Time Warner. It is great marketing these days (would have been the death knell of a sports franchise thirty years ago) by making tickets and TV service scarce. Makes it a hard to get ticket–thus very valuable. The powers that be need to continue in that direction. It should be as hard to get either Dodger tickets or Dodger broadcasts as it is to secure ducats to a White House State Dinner.

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