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So many runs, so little time: Division title in sight for high-scoring Dodgers

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By Jon Weisman

Is this what life is like as a Colorado Rockies fan?

The average score of the 10 games on the Dodgers’ last regular-season roadtrip of 2014 was 7-6.

Despite beginning their travels with a shutout loss at San Francisco, the Dodgers scored 75 runs in the 10 games, averaging an ungodly 8.3 runs per game over their past nine, culminating in today’s 8-5 victory at Chicago.

The Dodgers, who reduced their magic number for clinching the National League West to four, went 6-4 on the trip and ended up gaining ground over the 10 games on San Francisco, which trailed San Diego, 1-0 3-0 5-0, in the sixth inning today.

If the Giants can’t rally, the Dodgers could clinch a tie for the NL West title as soon as Monday.

Dodger pitching allowed 62 runs on the trip and struggled almost the entire past week. In today’s game, Jamey Wright and Carlos Frias combined to allow four runs in their five innings, before some stability was brought in by a largely marginalized source: Chris Perez retired all four batters he faced and was rewarded with his first victory of 2014. Perez has pitched seven innings in September and allowed no runs on two hits while walking four and striking out nine with a 0.00 ERA.

Paco Rodriguez followed by retiring both batters he faced to bridge the Dodgers to Pedro Baez (who allowed a solo home run) and Kenley Jansen, who allowed a walk and a double but then set down the Cubs’ No. 2-4 hitters.

But again, the Dodger bats carried the day. Matt Kemp went 4 for 5 with four RBI and his 15th home run since the All-Star Break — that’s one every four games. Yasiel Puig went 2 for 5 with four runs and managed to avoid breaking his ankle on an aborted slide into second base midgame.


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  1. What’s the deal with Puig’s incompetence with sliding into bases? The guy dives all over the outfield with the greatest of grace and coordination, but he has to be the worst base slider in the history of baseball. I’ve never seen so many variations of failing to slide, trying to stop in the middle of a slide, sliding too late, over sliding the base, injuring his thumb sliding into first, and all kinds of awkward maneuvers that put some body part in serious jeopardy. Isn’t there someone on the coaching staff that can teach him to slide properly?

    • You would think Davey Lopes would have influence there. Hopefully it won’t take a broken leg for him to fix his mistake.

      • oldbrooklynfan

        I’m amazed at the fact, that although he seems to be in terrific pain all the time after a bad slide or an unbelievable defensive play, he always recovers. Thank goodness or that.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Now that the Padres have swept the Giants and the Dodgers need a win against the Giants to clinch a tie, it looks like we’re going to make it. If not it’ll be a mighty sad start to a wild card playoff game.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

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