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Orel Hershiser’s postseason stumble

What pitcher blew a lead in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series against the Cardinals, then blew another lead in his very next postseason game — during a Cy Young-winning season?

Orel Hershiser.

– Jon Weisman


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  1. The opener against the Mets in the 1988 NLCS was a bitter pill to swallow. Having lost to the Mets 10 out of 11 games that season meant the Dodgers HAD to get a good start in the opener. They had their #1 starter and NL Cy Young Award winner Orel Hersheiser on the mound for that game…. The Dodgers held a slim lead going into the ninth inning as I recall, and Hersheiser was cruising. Before you could turn your head, the Mets had tied the game, and had Gary Carter hitting with two out…. Carter hit a broken bat cheapo bloop single to center to put the Mets on top… that’s my memory of the game. I was heartbroken as the Dodgers lost and was utterly convinced they would now lose the series. The rest is history… they came back from that devastating loss and won the series in 7 against the Mets…. I lived in NY and was talking to my cousin in LA who told me not to lose hope…. I bet him the Dodgers would not make the World Series. By the Dodges winning the NLCS, this meant, I lost my bet with my cousin, and was obligated to buy us tickets for the opener against Oakland in LA. In case you don’t remember, that’s the game Kirk Gibson hit his monumental home run…. I was there, and I will never forget it…. Crazy how things worked out….

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